To podcast or not to podcast?

That is the question.

I mean, obviously I podcast, but to do another podcast, should I, shouldn’t I?

We’ll find out.

Your Daily Lex.

First of all, when I said to be here or to podcast or not to podcast, it reminded me of, you know, I’ve done improv for a long time.

I think I first was doing improv at a summer camp and I was pretty young, but, uh, we would do a lot of, um, world’s worst, which is a short form improv game where, you know, you get the suggestion of what you’re going to be the world’s worst.


So maybe you’re going to be the world’s worst, you know, juggler and the world’s worst juggler.

And then people to step out game.

So somebody steps out from the line and it’s like, maybe they’re miming one ball or they’re miming dropping everything.

I’m not saying this is great improv, but, um, we would very frequently, uh, have some kind of ongoing runner of a joke, even between the improv workshops, um, where it would be, uh, the world’s worst actors saying Tobe or not Tobe, uh, or, uh, maybe they were in the wrong room.

So it was world’s worst doctor, Tobe or not Tobe.

I’m sorry, wrong room.

I don’t exactly remember why it started or what happened, but that phrase Tobe or not Tobe is in my head roughly 20% of the time.

So I thought you should know.

So, um, my friend Casey had suggested to somebody, maybe me that, uh, they should bask in their wrongness and be wrong.

And so I had asked Casey if, uh, he was intentionally referencing the West wing and he said he was not, he had never seen the West wing.

So I had sent him the butterball hotline thing.

And then I posted on Mastodon about it.

Uh, just the funny scene in West wing history as far as I’m concerned.

And, um, you know, then somebody asked when are Casey and Lex going to do their West wing rewatch podcast.

And there obviously is already a great West wing rewatch podcast called the West wing weekly.

And, uh, it’s a good one.

Uh, Josh Molina and, uh, Rishikesh here way hosted that one.

And, uh, but so, you know, I’d rewatch the show, even though I’m in the middle of watching it with Liam, I’d rewatch that show with Casey for the purposes of making the podcast.

And, uh, but Casey has no interest in watching the show.

He’s like, I don’t have the time.


But various other people, um, were like, Oh, this podcast should still exist.

You should do it.

Uh, and my pal, Brian friend of the program, Brian Warren was like, I’ll do that with you.

And so then we were talking about what a big commitment that would be.

And, you know, maybe you start with sports night since that’s just 45 episodes.

I think about the fact that my good friend and yours, Dan Morin, uh, loves that show.

And so he’d be sad not to be on that podcast, but Dan and I also do a lot of podcasts together.

And I, I loved him to pieces, but I, uh, uh, you know, if Brian had approached me on this one, I was thinking, well, what would it look like for me to, what would it look like for me and Brian to do a sports night rewatch podcast?

And we were throwing around title ideas and concepts.

I was asking, um, uh, chat GBT for some good names for the show.

It did not have much.

Um, and then I realized that sports night’s not streaming anywhere.

And I think that for a rewatch podcast to be successful, uh, people have to be able to watch along with you and people would not necessarily want to pay to buy, um, the two seasons of sports night to watch.

They would want it on a streaming service.

They already had access to it right now.

It’s not streaming anywhere.

So I was like, well, what about studio 60, which is not as good as shown necessarily.

Uh, it’s also not streaming anywhere.

So my real question is what’s going on with these dreamers.

The newsroom is dreaming, but does anybody want to rewatch the newsroom?

I mean, I’ll rewatch it one day.

I’m sure, but it’s just, it doesn’t have the, doesn’t have the charm, let’s say of a sports night or a West wing or even a studio 60, which didn’t quite have charm, but it was charm adjacent.

Um, I mean, it was charm adjacent adjacent.

It was adjacent to trauma Jason.

You get what that means.

You understand.

So anyway, at some point I think it’d be fun to podcast with my buddy Brian, cause I’ve never podcasted with my buddy Brian.

Um, so we’ll see maybe one day.

Uh, also I did a really big workout this morning for a week day, right?

Usually I’m doing a 30 minute ride and then some strength and stretching classes.

Uh, but today at a 45 minute ride, and that’s, that’s significantly longer than a 30 minute ride.

It’s about 50% longer than a 30 minute ride for my money.

And, uh, man, I was not dead afterwards.

I felt fine afterwards and burned.

I don’t know, some obscene amount of calories.

In fact, let’s look it up live according to the Peloton app.

Um, and if you can’t trust the Peloton app, who or what can you trust as far as I’m concerned, but according to that app, which they change all the time.

So I’m taking more taps that I would otherwise need.

I burned 738 calories on my, uh, 16 mile bike ride this morning and I didn’t go anywhere other than my basement.

Anyway, it’s Friday.

We did it.

We made it.

Congratulations to all of us.

Uh, and, uh, I thought about sharing my West wing theme on this episode, but I’m sure it’s been in a pre-or a pre-or a previous slash prior episode of your daily life.

So I guess I won’t put it on here, but man, I do have some good lyrics and Liam and I sing them every time we watch a new episode of the West wing and experience Casey might never get to have happy weekend.

Everybody Lex.