: Rizz Being the grownup. Kids today. Slay. Plus a SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE. Transcript

: Yes, But I Don't Give A 💩 I went to the ER on Saturday. I’m fine now. Transcript

: It'll Be Fine I wasn’t sure what to talk about today. So I talked about many things. Rehearsals. Set …

: Steak Your Claim I have no beef with steak. Transcript

: Two minutes and 45 seconds of despair, followed by puns This episode is exactly what the title would have you believe.

: Simply Babbling The topics: TV, teaching, and other stuff. Transcript

: Tech Support A tech support journey that — so far! — went well. Transcript

: If You Build It, They Will Bear It Arizona owed me money. I got it. Transcript

: Take Three A long drive. Father’s Day. And an animal encounter. Transcript

: I Lived The good news, I didn’t die. Even of embarrassment. Transcript

: Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Transcript

: Mouth A service appointment. A dentist appointment. Transcript

: Weaponized YDL You can use the knowledge you gain about my life from this podcast against me. But I can also use …

: The Cat's Out of the Bag First rehearsal down. Hot choreo rehearsal on the agenda for today. No sweat. (Yes sweat.) …

: Which Is Why... A busy weekend ends. Apple Intelligence gets revealed. A school year wraps up… almost. …

: Do You Need a Break? The awkwardness of being the center of attention. Transcript

: Just In Time A delightful magic show. Airport oddities. And more. Transcript

: Scripts, F-Bombs, and Elevators Live from Pittsburgh, it’s Your Daily Lex. Transcript

: Subverting Expectations as a Service You know my favorite thing to do with expectations? Why, subvert them, of course. Transcript

: Bugging Me I have a bug. Ugh. A bug. Transcript

: Friend of the Lex The games people play. (They’re sometimes mine!) Transcript

: Good Fish About that improv gig. Sorta. Transcript

: Email I send emails. Transcript

: I'm Sure They're Fine I don’t believe in jinxing, but still. Transcript

: We Don't Need Roads I have an objection to a nice thing. Transcript

: Exposed! Sorry for yesterday’s audio. Today’s is PROBABLY better? Transcript

: Hose on First An app release celebration! And I got hosed. Transcript

: The Real Future Lex Friedman Past me takes care of future me. And here’s a Logic session musician sampler. Transcript

: The Games People Play Procrastination, surprisingly difficult features, and movie time.

: My Podcaster is an Alien A story about an author and elementary school. And aliens. Transcript

: The Best Accept no substitutes. Also a story about a substitute. Also rambling. Transcript

: Wait — Saturday?! Now I’m dropping Saturday night episodes? What is even happening anymore?! Anyway, updates on …

: Human Powered I went to the doctor’s office, briefly. I had two odd encounters.

: Alexander Friedmanton I am not throwing away my chance to reference throwing away my shot. Transcript

: After Dark It’s Your Daily Lex… but at night. Transcript

: Obligatory YDL This pod’s for you. You know who you are. Also a story about Carl and Ruth Shapiro. Transcript

: The Pun Is Mightier The overdue pun story. There aren’t TOO many puns in this episode, I promise. (Even ignoring …

: Almost a Story I share some stuff and almost share other stuff. Very exciting. Transcript

: What Am I Even Talking About? The perennial question of Your Daily Lex, distilled. Transcript

: Adults Only Drama. Music. And headspace. Those are the topics. Transcript

: Ted Brokaw I am confused throughout this episode. Perhaps you will be, too. Transcript

: Nintendo Land A Wii U miracle. Transcript

: Wile E. Coyote and Me I’m back from giving a talk in Philly. Transcript

: Try THAT, Larry David Here’s a story about my treadmill. Transcript

: Hair Ya Go I had a bad haircut experience. Transcript

: Spam, Spam, Earthquakes, and Spam Quakes and spam. Kinda like the title suggests. Transcript

: Back From School I missed a few days! Blame the games, not the player. Oh, and blame colleges. Transcript

: Thanks, Nerds! A variety of Apple nerds have been helpful to me over the past few days. Thanks, (fellow) nerds! …

: You Wanna Control the Rules? On games and lucky accidents and rules. Transcript

: Thoughts on Brunch Be the mimosa you want to see in the world. Transcript

: Madonna But Lex I’m going to admit something scary. Transcript

: What the Hell Lex’s hobbies amuse him. Because now he spends downtime clicking random words. Also, …

: Sleep Nose More Sleep mask! Nose ouchies! Games! And the song 73. Transcript

: Games, Planes, and Songs One of the joys of being a consultant is having crazypants days like this one. Transcript

: Earning My Stripe(s) Integrating with a payment processor directly is always painful. Plus a song where I needed to …

: Listen To My Podcast A late-night episode. I added subscriptions to my daily word games! Plus a song about a podcast. …

: The Eye of the Doggo Cody’s visit to the doggy eye doctor. And annoying detours. (By the way, I still got there on …

: Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over I pre-ordered a car that’s not out for a very long time. And then I had a slightly …

: Lexicogs and Google Maps I missed an episode! I made a new game! And here’s a love song to GPS. Transcript

: Annoyances Cold opens. Annoyances. Emails. Auditions — but not my own! And the song “In Store” from …

: Post Show Blues The end of Misery. Fan encounters. Pee breaks. And another track from new album. Transcript

: Driving Mr. Taft Speed-through. Driving. And the 27th president of the USA. Transcript

: Leap Day Happy Leap Day! I’m proud of my kids. And let’s dive into my new album “A …

: The Feb 28 Episode It’s the episode for Feb 28! Which includes my plans for Feb 29 and beyond! Wooooo! Transcript

: Oofber An Uber story I don’t think I’ve told before. On the podcast, I mean. Transcript

: All New Stories Sometimes I repeat myself. Not this time! Transcript

: The Film Festival Two stories about cars. Transcript

: Not About Love Stop the show! And my upcoming album has a name. Transcript

: Semantics A chair, a stool, a bench, Panama. Also: Name my album? Transcript

: WTF with Lex Friedman One story about Marc Maron. Two stories about Marc Maron. Three stories about Marc Maron. Transcript

: Falling In Love A high bed. A big fall. Weak legs. Acting. Transcript

: Free Lunch (Take 2) Here’s a fixed version of today’s episode about my lunch with Michael Eisner. The audio …

: Free Lunch That time I had lunch with Michael Eisner. Transcript

: Non-Sequitur Machine A story about my brother-in-law Slavvy. And Myke Hurley. Transcript

: Al's well that ends well Some Al stories. Transcript

: Wanna Bet? I made money on the Super Bowl. I’m an incredible sports bettor. Transcript

: Bee and Rap The Spelling Bee. And Freestyle Friday! (Random words: Outlet. Draw. Bad. Nomination. Concrete. …

: Falling Up Falling! Bruises! Acting! Apple Watch! Being young! Jokes! This episode has it all. Or at least, all …

: Misery Business Drying my clothes. And learning my moves. And not killing anyone. Transcript

: Stuff and stuff A quick ep about stuff. That’s right. Transcript

: R1 Yes Hey, I got a new car! Transcript

: Poor Treatment Lex is waiting for a contractor. And he’s in a blinds bind. Transcript

: Funny As 💩 Lines! Blocking! Falling! And, of course, swearing! Transcript

: Zzz A major snoring update. (Spoiler: I’m… cured?) Transcript

: Ah! Cappella! Lex had a nostalgic a cappella weekend. Transcript

: The Eyes Have It I don’t need reading glasses. You’ll never guess why. Transcript

: The Best One Fiddler updates! Sierra successes! And the best song! Transcript

: If I Were A Tevye Tevye callbacks went well last night. Now comes the waiting. Transcript

: Wasn't It Yesterday When They Were Small I got to spend a ton of time with Sierra yesterday. And had an audition. And cried. Good stuff. …

: Breaking Up Is Easy To Do On laughing in performances, not laughing in performances, and not buying VisionPro. Transcript

: TAG (Thursdays Are Great) More on snow days. Stratego. Plans. School. 7/8. Transcript

: Snow Days Snowy driving. School delays. Steak followup. Weekends. Transcript

: I Can Take A Hint This episode is about the MIT Puzzle Hunt, and my puzzle philosophy. It also includes a song about …

: Spur Attic Last night, we heard something in our attic. Transcript

: Stormy Story We survived the great New Jersey storm of 2024. Some of us slept extra. Transcript

: Misery of Beards Followup on snoring. Misery rehearsals. Beards. A bus song. Transcript

: Buzzzworthy I hope this episode isn’t a snore. Transcript

: Tropical Contacts Bye I had a first today! And also, here’s a song about Planes. Transcript

: Drinking. And driving. (Not together.) On calendars, cruise ship drinks, and the Liam & Lex song “Cars.” Transcript

: Lines and Freddie I gotta learn my lines. And you gotta hear For Freddie. Transcript

: New Year, New Us All about my winter vacation. And Liam’s new album. And COVID. Transcript

: Morph Edits On editing and “morph” the verb. Transcript

: The Grumpy One Some updates on Elf and medication. Transcript

: Don't Sweat(er) It You can’t always bat 1000 with gift giving. But you can get close! Transcript

: THC 40 minutes from freedom. And a new holiday classic. Transcript

: Duty Free Today, no jury duty. What a gift. Speaking of gifts… Transcript

: Law'ng Day Day one of jury duty is in the books! Transcript

: Summonseseseses Just two frustrations to discuss today, in no particular order.

: The Best Wing I just watched a series finale with Liam. Now I’m feeling feelings. Transcript

: Hit AND Run? In THIS Economy? I visited the police today. Then I left. Transcript

: Show Times Shows, kids, and cars. Transcript

: My Retold Experience Liam’s MRE; Elf’s opening. Transcript

: Nothing To Sneeze At A technology episode! At first. But then it gets a bit… nosy. Transcript

: Clothes For Renovations The art or science or hot mess of the quick change. Transcript

: My Daily Lex I didn’t skimp on my run. And eight years ago, I helped someone write a song. Transcript

: Scary Will my kids want to see Misery? And other topics. Transcript

: Theater People Theater people are bonkers. Transcript

: Dance Dance Elocution Grrrr. Argggggh. Grumpiness. Also, joy. Transcript

: Duty An episode about Elf, auditions, memorization, and jury duty. Transcript

: I'm Not Elijah Alternate title: Is there anything else I can help you with? This episode is a slow build but you …

: Another Magician I’m spending more time in Logic than ever. And my name’s not LeL. Transcript

: Oh Complete's Sake On completionism and breaking that habit. Transcript

: Dance Time Huffing and puffing through a dance. Transcript

: Achilles Tendin' Something’s afoot. Including a vacation. Transcript

: Sus Bus My kids’ bus is in the news AGAIN. What is the opposite of yay? Oh, boo. Transcript

: Puzzled by Grumpiness Not everyone likes every puzzle. And they’d like me to know it. And that’s okay! But …

: Christmas Halloween When do Halloween decorations come down? Transcript

: Did It Start Yet? Liam had a colonoscopy. He did great. He’s still drunk. Transcript

: Driving Me Crazy Jane and Janet were normal humans, until they had a road rage incident and one shot the other. True …

: Weekend Update How was my weekend? Jam-packed. Transcript

: No Sweat. Yes Sweat. I’m sweaty. There was a driving test. And a run. And a spider. Transcript

: Dance, Lexy, Dance I have AT LEAST two left feet. And yelling to learn. Also, autocorrect wanted the title to be …

: Putting the can in candle I wax philosophical about candles. Transcript

: Angry Walter I still haven’t found it. But I will. Transcript

: HBWAY Happy birthday to a special friend. Also, talk of sleep, both intentional and accidental. Transcript

: Fine, Thanks Birthdays! New York City! Bagel shop weirdness! Transcript

: Side Hustles In which I recount things I do on the Internet. Transcript

: Manly About my trip to Six Flags with Liam. Also, this episode is brought to you by All Souls Lost by Dan …

: Bzzy Wknd I had a busy weekend. I packed as much of it into this podcast as I could. Transcript

: Normal Catchy Tune Writer’s block, lunch, and ChatGPT. Transcript

: 69.4 I average just shy of 70 episodes per year. And I’m sharing a few clarifications from …

: Few Regrets It’s episode 917! And it isn’t. Transcript

: Ticks Some parenting wins. And whiteboard wins. Transcript

: BF, LF, SF Who is the best pants? It’s confusing. Transcript

: Weirdo More on feeling guilty while dealing with contractors. In this case, because he’s really …

: Ref Lex Check my references because I’m making reference to reffing. Reflexively. Transcript

: The Internet Is Forlorn Lex had Internet issues. And contractor guilt. He still has one.

: Park de Triomphe A late-posted episode about parking garage policies and credit card graphics. Transcript

: The Glass Is Half Foot FOLLOW-UP on the foot and glass situation! Plus: I have a wealth of topics. Transcript

: Zzz About sleeping. And awakening. And glass. And this weekend. Transcript

: Connect For Thoughts on why I made Conlextions, which I believe I never refer to as Conlextions in this episode. …

: Audition Updates Finally, updates on auditions — and what’s happening for me in NJ theater this fall. …

: The Next Files New iPhone! Connections! Weekend plans! Transcript

: Scully's Fine A story about Mulder, Scully, and the Fox Network. But those are metaphors. Transcript

: A Different Beep A beeping story from the past. And a crappy bleeping situation. Transcript

: Beep! A dying detector. A sleepy kid. Unruly hair. And a dad. Transcript

: Calendar Stuff Lex was sleepy when he recorded this episode about calendaring. You can probably tell. Sorry. …

: Pranks For the Memories Some audition follow-up, and a story about a terribly evil prank that was not a prank. Transcript

: State of Being If I had to move to a state I’ve never lived in, where would I want to live? (Question …

: Buddy System Lex had to face a face decision, face to face. Transcript

: Bus. Event. Audition. This episode covers the bus (resolution!), the Apple Event (capitalism!), and auditions …

: Content Warning: Scattered 9/11 Thoughts I think the world suffered untreated PTSD. Transcript

: Re: Bus One more bus episode. For now. Transcript

: Late Night Thoughts On Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, and writing for late night. Transcript

: Back to Back to School Only one kid missed the bus. Transcript

: Bus Or Bust Back to school. Ish. It went… poorly. Transcript

: Let's Go Should Freestyle Friday become a thing? I’m honestly torn. Does anyone like this but me? …

: Lextra Lextra Hear All About It Work stuff! And Marko stuff. Transcript

: Hair Tips About my haircut and my next two auditions. Transcript

: Mullet Over The lost episode from yesterday. Almost. And a hairy situation. Transcript

: Hodge To The Power Of Podge Topics include cold brew coffee, Diet Coke (briefly), mis-delivered shoes, and cats. In the opposite …

: Not Eyeball Level Gross Today’s episode is about voiceovers and foot stuff. Transcript

: Oh My Laws The statute of limitations on these stories is probably up. Transcript

: Don't Grumble, Give a Whistle Thoughts on homework (opposed) and ref whistles (intrigued). Transcript

: Show's Over, Folks Some thoughts now that Avenue Q has con-Q-ded. Transcript

: Antsy Oh man. There were ants. Spoiler: There now aren’t ants.

: Theater People Lex complains about a hero, and then talks theater thoughts. Transcript

: Kid Stuff A rap followup (that isn’t rapped, but may leave you rapt). Plus, stuff about my kids. …

: Freestyle What if I just freestyle rapped for an episode? This. Transcript

: Body of Work Opening night! And second night! And body image issues! And forced audience participation! …

: Agent of Smooch It’s pseudo-opening night! Transcript

: Running Start Workouts and rehearsals. Basically, the story of my life. Transcript

: You Are Getting Sleepy My kids have nothing to apologize for. Transcript

: Chat Tee Hee Hee On AI chatbots and socks, I guess. Transcript

: Give My Regards Broadway show reviews. Plus name jokes. Transcript

: Look Man, No Hands Lex got direction. Tough direction. Also, the title is wordplay, not a typo. Sheesh. Transcript

: Three Car Stories Three stories about driving in college. Transcript

: Upleveling A story of Internet repair and technician friendship. And also, there are more of you than I …

: Ups and Downs The Internet is a problem. Transcript

: Weekend Update Camp dropoff! Performance Day! Dan! Theater nerds! Transcript

: Watch It It’s hard to buy a dumb digital watch in 2023. Transcript

: Inanimate Listen to me talk about rehearsing an inanimate objects. Enjoy how many times I ALMOST but not quite …

: Dance, Dance, Revolutions I can’t dance. Without a lot of practice. And even then. Transcript

: Tech Nostalgia A weekend of performances. Dragging Liam along. And the Handspring Visor. Transcript

: Well, Red Favorite colors and water parks. Transcript

: Friendly's Decadent Lex and Liam went to Friendly’s. Food was consumed. Transcript

: If I Were In Richmond A trip to Richmond with ComedySportz. And other fun things. Transcript

: (Not) For Rent Thoughts on improv, mostly! And measuring life… in laughs. Transcript

: Contact High A fresh story about contacts. It’s not gross. Transcript

: Wetzel's Podcast Two more stories from the drive to and from camp. Transcript

: I'm the Weird One An Avenue Q update! And the story of taking Ani to camp. Transcript

: Planes, powertrains, and automobiles Final France stories. Which are really airport stories. And mostly car stories. Transcript

: Mickey Doesn't Swear Disneyland Paris. Speaking of France, I had deja vu recording this episode, so sorry if I already …

: Sewer or Later More Paris stories, including Versailles and — of course — the Paris Sewer Museum. Transcript

: Zut Alors Lex is back from France! It’s a week of France stories! Merçi beacoup, I hear you cry!

: Much Adieu About Nothing Amazon annoyances. Red eye planning. And adieu for a week. Transcript

: Vive Le Printer A printer nearly derails this episode. But then we cover France. And music. Transcript

: The Bad Guys I went to the board of ed meeting. I’m glad I did. It sucked. Transcript

: Protect Trans Kids Lex is speaking at a Board of Education meeting tonight. Because, c’mon people. Transcript

: Holey Crap Lex’s office is cold. Hopefully Lex doesn’t HAVE one. Or worse. Transcript

: Coming Out For Air Today’s episode was recorded outside the home office, because it’s Contractors In The …

: Wiki Fortune Lex Friedman has a Wikipedia page. And he wants Pat Sajak’s job. Transcript

: Ache is Enough A weekend of performances. A morning of pain. Transcript

: It's A Fine Updates on Cody the dog, and Lex the human. Transcript

: Air Apparent Deep breaths. Or not. Transcript

: Apple of My Eyes On Apple’s announcements. And the air. And other stuff. Transcript

: Free Coke A story about a celebrity guest on a cruise ship. Transcript

: Direct Address A follow-up from Friday. And weekend updates. Also happy WWDC keynote day! Transcript

: Cussed Or More Service Customer service experiences. Plot twist: Good ones! Transcript

: Cool Cool Cool Hey, it’s summer weather! Cool! Hot! Neat! Transcript

: Pills, Pills, Pills On swallowing pills, distributing pills, and other pills that aren’t tough to swallow. …

: Room For Improv-Ment There’s improv. And there’s scripted shows. Sometimes, the twain shall meet. Transcript

: The Year of Lex on the Desktop I have various things in my office. Here are just a few of them. Transcript

: Thank Q The thrilling conclusion of a long-lasting YDL dramatic narrative! Transcript

: No Newsday Tuesday Audition updates! Plus a small amount of praise for myself. Transcript

: Octopus Should I make Sierra go to school this Friday? (PS: I’m @lexfri@hachyderm.io.) Transcript

: A Wrinkle More thoughts on wrinkles — both of clothing and faces. Transcript

: Ironing Bored How do you get wrinkles out? Does anyone iron anymore? Transcript

: Callback Updates on the callback! Spoiler: I don’t know anything yet, but… 😬 Transcript

: Not Not Playing Lex is watching a movie today. And attending a callback. Big day. Transcript

: Yes Filter On cold brew and a clever solution to a stupid problem. Transcript

: Puppet Master A dramatic arc on Your Daily Lex is reaching its most tension-laden point! Transcript

: Flights of Fancy Follow-up to yesterday’s plane story. This episode was executive produced by John Siracusa. …

: Plane and Simple A blast from the past! Sort of. A story about a thing that happened 13 years and a few days ago. …

: Two Tired My car is back! Also: More bus stop musings. Topics!

: Car Trouble Car trouble. Like I said. Transcript

: Sewer Jokes Stink Liam wants to go the Paris Sewer Museum. I’m less sure. Only Judge John Hodgman can decide. …

: Bus Shirt This episode is all about the bus shirt. It’s a thing. Transcript

: Introducing Sorkin' In It. Introducing Lex’s new podcast with Brian: Sorkin’ In It. It’s all about the films …

: Have a Seat On choosing your seats. Transcript

: Tipping Point Poker night logistics. Food delivery. Tipping. Transcript

: Table Daddy It’s poker night. Transcript

: Hi Arlo More on not sleeping, the Eiffel Tower, and new family member Arlo. Transcript

: [Yawn Emoji] Today’s tiredness is France’s fault. Transcript

: Starts With T Posing a pop problem. Transcript

: High Five On workout high fives, lunch, and what really matters.

: Bear Necessities One more story from the dermatologists office. And a story about a bear. Transcript

: The Office The dermatologist appointment is now a memory. But a memory worth sharing with you! Transcript

: Do Something Rash Dentists! Dermatologists! Teleprompters! Presentations! Transcript

: Mother Feedback on my album. Feedback on someone else’s album. And speaking sans slides. Transcript

: New Album Alert Yes, a new album alert! Featuring podcast theme songs, pop songs (the way I do them, anyway), and …

: It's A-Me, Movie Goer Lex reviews the Mario movie. And reviews movie reviews. And movie prices. And soda. Transcript

: Queue You This post is about Six C̶o̶l̶o̶r̶s̶ Flags. Transcript

: Just Sit On babysitters, alarms, and sitting through an alarm. Transcript

: Don't Be Alarmed On burglar alarms. Which is almost the correct topic for this episode. Transcript

: Wool and Good Lex visited an alpaca farm. Transcript

: Hats Off I’m under occasional hat attack. Transcript

: The Nerve On nerves before live shows and presentations. Transcript

: Fast One This is an episode about car holes.

: A Brush With the Tooth Exploring John Siracusa’s toothpaste rinsing nightmare. Transcript

: With the E I’m the real Lex Friedman. Transcript

: See Me A non-gross episode about eyes. Transcript

: SRO An all-audio episode of Your Daily Lex! Yes, that way, but also — another way! Transcript

: Bleuuughhhhuh Moment A non-story about Liam. Follow-up regarding Andy. And a contact lens story. Transcript

: Valentine's — Hey! This episode starts out about Valentine’s Day and ends with a mystery never to be solved — or …

: Esc On escape rooms and mystery solving. Transcript

: Or Not Tobe On podcasting about Aaron Sorkin shows, streaming, and improv. Transcript

: Let's Be Frank As the prophesy foretold: This episode is about beverages. Transcript

: Foods For Thoughts Couscous. Everything bagels. And, of course, blueberries.

: Pure Goad Thoughts on what was effectively a bonus Your Daily Lex in a different podcast’s paid feed.

: Need For Speed On enjoying not just podcasts, but also TV shows, at faster than 1x.

: Hodgepodge This episode is a hodgepodge. There’s no other way around it. Refunds. Clue. Luck. Big weeks. …

: Forty Smackers Character names. Early check-in fees. Spite. Follow-up.

: Word Blood Airplane stories! Don’t sleep on this one. Or me.

: LAWD? Have Mercy Lex let his kids drop out of something. They did a great job. At the dropping.

: Vegas, Baby, Vegas Lex went to Vegas. It was fine.

: Coffee Anon Follow up! On coffee and dessert.

: Nothing to Sneeze At Sneezes on screenses.

: Clothes Minded A few thoughts on clothing. Hope it doesn’t wear you down.

: Brace Yourself Lex wore braces three times.

: Like I Like My Coffee Coffee is for closers! And/or Your Daily Lex topics!

: To Toot Or Not To Toot Toot sweet. Or don’t toot. On choosing not to post for fear of … not much.

: In The Dark On how Lex used to go to sleep. And how he sleeps now.

: Detector Gadget Where there’s beep, there’s smoke. Well, smoke detectors, anyway.

: I Chew Chew Choose You On chewing gum. The act, not the gum variant.

: The Beat of His Own Drummer Liam turned 12! Lex talks fast! Birthday breakfasts!

: The Internet Is For Lex Some folks don’t talk about it when they plan to audition for a show. But Lex shares his …

: Weirdo There are things that make each of us weird. Here are some of mine — with an important caveat.

: Feet and Mirror Updates on staying warm in bed, with listener feedback! Also, a sad story with a twist ending about …

: Afoot Bed warmth. Cold feed. And other important topics.

: Voice Control Lex has thoughts on his own voice. How meta. This episode published early and will show up at the …

: Today and Today and Today Lex liked a book. And he didn’t break his email. Yay!

: Accidental Lex Podcast Here’s a story about Lex showing up on ANOTHER podcast. In name, not in presence. Also: New …

: Commuting Sentence Lex is doing something for the first time in three years.

: What I Take A review of the various things I put into my body. In terms of supplements and stuff, you sicko.

: Go Refs! I don’t want to talk about it. So here’s mostly other stuff.

: Pets I have a lot of pets, as you might have just guessed.

: So Many Death Stars Lex’s covid postive line is VERY FAINT. And why doesn’t he like Star Wars more?

: Nerves Hey, I found a thing that makes me nervous!

: Trash Talk On football trash talk, friends, and the Philadelphia Eagles. (Fly, Eagles, fly.)

: Tasteless I lost my sense of taste. It was sad. And I have banking woes.

: Gross Ugh. COVID-19. Still not a fan.

: Fever Dream I was worried this wouldn’t be a great episode of the podcast. I was right to be worried.

: Lex and Not Lex The results of Lex’s COVID test were: Negative! However…

: Two to Three Topics This episode covers three main topics: The Philadelphia Eagles, pithily. COVID, in brief. And …

: It's Hip To Do Squares On Super Bowl boxes, betting, and the lottery.

: Inspectors Ed and Harry: I don’t like you. Sorry. (Not sorry.)

: It's Time To Be Real Lex shares thoughts on the silly app BeReal.

: Bee Best Liam competed in the spelling bee. Spelling bees are awesome.

: Unsub It’s possible the email notifications I have enabled aren’t good for me.

: Neighborhood Watch The unarmed security guards in Lex’s development won’t protect Lex’s house. Or his …

: Song of the Technology Lex shares stories of computers singing to him.

: Ushered The Neon Light An episode that was planned to zig, but instead zags.

: Mystery Lex (finally!) participated in the MIT Mystery Hunt.

: The Kindle Swindler Luisa! Lex! Kindles! Tic-Tacs! Stuff!

: Pharmacy You Real Soon Pun follow-up that does and doesn’t suck. And a strep adventure.

: Puns of Steel Lex’s friends challenged him to write five puns in fifteen minutes based on a some …

: Icing on the Cake Lex experienced a first yesterday!

: Pay to Play Move fast and release things, I guess.

: Credit Where Due Lex just started his new business. Here’s how it’s going. And another idea.

: H2O No Water where there shouldn’t be water is the worst. The worst.

: 2023 and You and Me It’s 2023! Lex is back to work.

: The Book of Job New year, new Lex.

: Reconcilable Differences This very podcast was a topic on another (very) podcast.

: Infinite Loop I keep getting stuck in an infinite loop. Of GrubHub’s making.

: Lexmas How Lex spent his Christmas. And also, I sing to you. Again. You’re welcome.

: Lex Friedman Consulting Announcing Lex Friedman Consulting. And talking at an even more manic pace than usual. And thoughts …

: Please Continue To Hold Lex is on hold. You get to join him. It’s more fun than it sounds. (For you, not him.)

: Lex Friendman On friends far and near.

: Do Tread On Me Treadmill repair woes. And a brillaint customer service idea.

: Water with Dinner Someone let the Lex out in the rain.

: Bowled Over It’s toilet talk time. Buckle up.

: Need I Remind You On remembering things, reminders, and the like. An unintentionally chaotic episode.

: Wheely Exciting Lex is now an unlicensed driving instructor. Well, I guess he’s always been an unlicensed …

: You Look Nice Today On personal shopping and fashion.

: Mac Daddy Here’s how I set up a new Mac. And deal with a thing stuck in my throat. And rush through an …

: Losing Track Lex is fickle. Follow his train of thought. And join tonight’s free Samfund Celebration …

: Remember, Remember, The Sixth of December On dates and birthdays. Which are also dates.

: Improv Keys On piano mediocrity and me. And improv.

: Inside The House Paint! Confidence! Other topics! I recorded a while ago.

: No Flipping I’ve been having some hair struggles. I’m working on it.

: Cooties Cooties are the spice of life. That’s not quite right. It’ll make slightly more sense …

: This Just In On emceeing and news anchoring.

: 42 It’s Lex’s birthday.

: Getting the Banned Back Together Lex was banned from Twitter. Here’s the story.

: Can't Be Hateful, Gotta Be Grateful It’s Thanksgiving Day. I forgot one more important tradition.

: World Wide Web Wednesday Lex has some Thanksgiving traditions. And at least one he’d like to curb.

: Shameless Self-Promotion Monday Your Intermittent Lex is a thing that really exists. What a world.

: Stoic I recorded this episodes hours ago. I forgot to publish it. I think it was about Wordle.

: Truck Stop Good night. Don’t drive a truck.

: Don't Tread On Me On commuting, tech support, and a broken treadmill.

: Tooth Hurty A tale of two Liams. Actually, two tales of Liam.

: Turning This Car Around They say you can never go home. They lie. Let’s turn this car around.

: Doing Shots The heat is on. Or in. Anyway, this episode is about psyching myself up.

: Dry That On For Size It’s a tailer. A drycleaner. And a man with an incredible memory. Are you getting it?

: Professional Podcasters Lex works in podcasting. He should know better.

: New Now The temptations of the new thing.

: Uhhhhhh Lex wants to defeat a bad habit.

: Probably Worth Sharing Marko makes recipes. Lex makes theme songs.

: 5 instead of 7 Why Lex turned down a job years ago.

: Neat Meet and Greet Coffee time. Meet and greets. Brag brags.

: Weird YDL is famously known as a movie review podcast.

: Al's Well That Ends Well When one topic becomes three because: Life. Al, getting Boo’d, and eyeballs.

: Travel Baggage A thing about Lex that he wishes weren’t a thing.

: Lex vs. Lex Friedman. Not Fridman. Oy vey.

: Night and Daze Lex was a nice dad. Even though it didn’t rain. Or smoke. Or fire.

: Seacrest Run On Ryan Seacrest, commutes, and other famous people.

: Now You're Even Older Temperatures. Pageantry. Aging. And being a good neighbor.

: What Is Your Daily Lex? Seriously, what IS this show? Also, life imitates Wordle. Sort of.

: Hotel Stationary If you workout and don’t get credit for the workout, did you even workout? (Yes.)

: Travel Thoughts on work travel as a dad.

: Fast Talker Lex talks fast. That’s it, that’s what the episode’s about.

: Flag On The Play Why does Lex like football? Who knows?

: Travel Etc. Airplane food. TSA. Topics.

: Cleaning House Lex cleaned his office. And ate a lot.

: To Tell The Tooth Congrats to modern dentistry.

: Tomorrow's Album Today A dive into the other tracks from I Wrote This Album Tomorrow. Proud dad alert.

: Wake Up Let’s dive deeper into Wake Up, off the new album I Wrote This Album Tomorrow by Liam & …

: I Recorded This Podcast Today You probably already know about Lex’s new album with Liam. But here’s more behind the …

: Robot Or Not Lex rode in a robot vehicle! And today is also kind of a robot himself.

: Wi-Fly Airplane Wi-Fi, albums, hotels. The usual.

: I've Got The Power Lex had a dark experience at a hotel recently.

: Crushing It A story from several years ago about a crush. And also one more thing on redeyes.

: Too Hot Lex is hot. Hahaha. Not like that. I mean, also like that. Well, you decide.

: Seeing Red I appreciate your empathetic dread.

: I'm Just Having Some Fun Today’s episode is an extravaganza. If you trust the episode. Which I do.

: The Fix Is In I fix things, even when told they are unfixably broken.

: Up Guys The Wake On waking up kids, helping them sleep, and the circus.

: Short Tempers Lex read an article about people getting cosmetic leg lengthening surgeries. He votes… no.

: The New Album I make music with Liam.

: Game Day The games Lex plays every day.

: Bus or Bust Lex did something no one believed he could do. Busness as usual. (Not a typo.)

: Liquid Pro Quo Lex and liquids. They go together better than oil and water. Which are also liquids.

: Back to School Back to school. Americans vs. Brits. Audio. All in a single Your Daily Lex.

: Stubble Trouble They Might Be Giants have a song called “Why Did You Grow A Beard?” This episode is NOT …

: Falling Flat Lex got too tired after a wheely bad experience.

: How To Get Free Food Lex has a bright idea. Thanks to his listeners.

: Grounds For Dismissal Lex made coffee. With a Mr. Coffee! He was proud. And grossed out. #nofilter

: They Might Be Fanboys Lex saw They Might Be Giants twice in two days. He didn’t bother Flansburgh. At least, not in …

: Ifs, Ands, Butlers In this double-length-ish episode of YDL, Lex talks about conflicted feelings about over-the-top …

: Serious Baggage Lex is back! With travel stories!

: About Last Week Did you catch the AMAZING SECRET of last week’s episodes?

: Food For Thought Lex likes restaurants. Here’s why. The answer may shock you. (It won’t.)

: The Parking Kerfuffle When parking for the day isn’t a day at the park.

: Bright Ideas Lex worries about whether he has any?

: You're On Mute Some thoughts on how to handle video calls.

: Nice Haircut Lex got a haircut.

: IMB4U On vanity plates.

: Big Brain Energy On brains, syllables, and other important topics.

: Warren Piece Brian Warren wants me dead.

: Con Air Thoughts on hotels. And cats. And air conditioners.

: Look At This Dude Lex made people laugh by laughing. And took a flight. Not in that order.

: Holy Shirt On shirts. And shirtlessness. And Austin Powers, somehow.

: Life Advice and Follow-Up Continuing a stretch of excellent YDLs, here’s one about living a life without regrets. And …

: Getting Up To Speed On passing lane etiquette. And the finger, I guess.

: Subscribe and Save Lex talks about stuff. Shocking, I know.

: Braaaaaaiiiiiiinnnns Lex doesn’t want to lose his mind. (You can keep your “too late” joke to yourself. …

: He Ordered Pizza On restaurants, self-referentialism, bird droppings, and gratuity. Typical YDL fodder.

: Logistics and Lotions This is episode one of one. You don’t have to listen to other episodes to understand this one.

: Scott and Phil On misfired emails.

: Taking Direction Lex got offered help from a stranger. Which he appreciated. But not well enough.

: Boston Lex is in Boston with Liam. There will be ants.

: I Wonder If You Got a Notification About This Episode On notifications and potato chips. And work / life balance.

: Goofy Toe Lex recorded this episodes hours before publishing it, and then had to remember what it was about. …

: No Contact Contact Lex’s car is in the shop.

: Stickers Laptop stickers: Yay, nay, or what the hey?

: Legs Friedman Lex’s legs are tired. As is the rest of him.

: Shameless Friend Support Lex supports his friends. And goes to bed late and wakes up early. Anyway, check out Shameless …

: Reboot Reboot Reboot Reboot Reboot Lex had Internet troubles. And no spoilers, but this episode MAY contain a post-credits sequence.

: Please Clap Lex blanks on his topics, so instead we talk about self-promotion.

: The One Where I Talk About Friends Not the TV show. The concept of, you know, human friendship.

: Too Early Too Furious Lex was up early. The contractors were here early. Early.

: This Rocks About (the) School of Rock and letters to camp.

: Napkin Necklace Lex has thoughts about dentists. Not that he’s seen one recently. I mean, he has, but not, …

: Side Effects Lex is amused by his new medication.

: In Brief Actually, in boxers.

: Apple Not Apple It was once Lex’s job to write about Apple. Now it’s not. He loves both scenarios.

: Eye See You’ll be waiting with bated breath (not baited) for this episode’s topic. (Okay, …

: Cold Showers Hot days, cold showers, and sweat.

: Where There Isn't Smoke The story of a fresh visit from the fire department, and sleeplessness.

: Nobody Tell LinkedIn Lex doesn’t understand LinkedIn.

: Being Yourself — And Someone Else Lex babbles. More than usual. And then a special guest appearance.

: Laughing Stock That time Lex made John Mulaney laugh.

: Car and Driver On driving, camp, and coffee.

: Room For Improvment [sic] Lex talks about improv.

: Oops All Wasabi The episode has almost nothing to do with the title.

: Weird AI This episode is brought to you by artificial intelligence.

: Shower Thoughts Not that kind of shower thought. The other kind.

: Vegan Again Lex are vegan food. Again. Ugh.

: Planes And Trains Lex traveled by air. And train. And was a friendly brontosaurus.

: A Week Of Weirdness Lex isn’t gonna use his usual setup this week. It’s okay.

: Tap and They This is NOT a two topic Tuesday episode.

: Leaks and Lex Drip. Drip. Drip.

: Alik and Me A story about a guy named Alik and a guy named Billy.

: Topics The topic is topics. Meta.

: Iced, Iced Baby On iced coffee, chocolate milk, and peanut butter.

: Origin Stories Why Lex is lexfri.

: Joe Thoughts on coffee, tea, and beverage temperature.

: Hot For Internet Lex had a rough day, but today is looking better.

: Hose Your Daddy Lex got totally hosed.

: A Particular Set of Skills Come for the sharing of special skills. Stay for the horse galloping mouth-based Foley work.

: So Tired Lex had car trouble. Also, donate to good causes.

: Everything and Nothing Everything’s coming up bagels. Also sad stuff.

: Better Late Than Never On punctuality, humanity, and this podcast feed.

: Tornados and Other Weather On tornado warnings, meterology class, and radio names.

: The Internet's Out Lex talks about Internet outages.

: Here Comes Science Lex talks about science. And peeing. And food. Big day.

: We're Going Streaking Lex talks Wordle, the NY Times crossword, and others of that ilk.

: Sick Day Liam has COVID. And a song preview.

: The Art and The Artist Remember when you intentionally signed up for email lists?

: Shots and Headaches The Lex shots and headaches story. Even if you’ve read one of my tweetstorms on this, this is …

: Voices Past and Muppet Voices from our past. And from our Muppets.

: Music and Lyrics Reminding you to stay safe out there. Also, what should 11-year-olds sing about?

: TV Time We finished Lost. Now what?

: Peloton and Songs Why I Peloton daily. And how my brain works.

: Tipping Lex talks about tipping.

: Lost Lex got Lost.

: What a frustrating week in a frustrating year in a frustrating era of our lives. I think the US …

: Quarantine Lex is quarantined. So are you. Jeez.

: August 22, 2019: Custodial Account Lex appreciates the cleanliness the office custodian affords. Just not the implementation.

: August 21, 2019: A Delicate Balance Lex likes DIY projects. When they go well. Even if they\’re slower — or slightly worse — than …

: August 20, 2019: Happy Numbers You could listen to depressing podcasts to start your day. Or you could listen to this one.

: August 19, 2019: 927 Days It’s been 927 days since I released an episode of Your Daily Lex. Is there an important reason …

: February 3, 2017: Contacts Lex’s cleaning people got overzealous. Eye eye eye.

: Jan 20, 2017: Here We Go Again Lex records a YDL episode for the first time in 11 months. You are the beneficiary.

: Feb 23, 2016: Tray Bien Lex analyzes the pitfalls of airline trays and food. The food serving, not the food quality.

: January 28, 2016: Blood, Pain, and Air Travel Lex shares a story of blood, pain, and air travel.

: January 4, 2016: Moving Story Lex moved. Oh man.

: November 25, 2015: Thanksgiving Lex celebrates Thanksgiving\’s existence.

: November 20, 2015: Virgin Inspection Lex talks about a virgin inspection. Duh. It\’s in the title, people.

: November 10, 2015: Who Nose Lex has nose-related issues while in meetings. It\’s a problem.

: Nov 2, 2015: Holy Crap The Show Exists Lex went into the wilderness. He survived.

: October 14, 2015: Lex and Liam Lex and Liam talk, primarily about furniture, airlines, Spunky the Monkey, and nothing.

: September 25, 2015: Between Two Furnitures Lex has a couch. This is the true story.

: September 22, 2015: Not My Best Work Lex records an episode outside. Sorry.

: September 11, 2015: Let's Talk About Yesterday's Tie Lex wore a tie. He is mildly conflicted about it.

: August 28, 2015: Your Daily Jonathan Mann Lex wrote a song for Jonathan Mann, who rewrote that into another song for Jonathan Mann.

: August 11, 2015: Theme Songs Sometimes, Lex writes theme songs for other podcasts.

: August 4, 2015: On Script Lex performs the second-ever scripted episode of Your Daily Lex.

: August 1, 2015: Live From Podcast Movement with Chris Bannon Chris Bannon joins Lex on an episode taped live at Podcast Movement.

: July 30, 2015: Fort Worth While Lex went to Fort Worth. The experience if getting there stank on ice.

: July 24, 2015: Live from Earwolf Lex broadcasts from the Earwolf studio with Midroll CEO Adam Sachs. Recorded on the day that Midroll …

: July 8, 2015: Jurassic World and Inside Out Lex offers up movie reviews, sort of, for Inside Out and Jurassic World.

: July 6, 2015: Kiss Hello Lex is back! Talking about kisses and stuff.

: June 19, 2015: Brace Yourself Lex has a foot issue, and a dog issue. Dog feet are no problem.

: June 15, 2015: Word Picture Lex punched himself in the crotch. Good times. Not for him.

: June 5, 2015: Entrepreneur Magazine Lex was written up in Entrepreneur Magazine. Mistakes were made.

: June 3, 2015: The Famous Man Who Bought Me A Soda Lex tells the story of a famous man who bought him a soda. Just read the titles, people.

: May 28, 2015: Hair Lex got a haircut. It was weird.

: May 21, 2015: Your Daily Lex and Liam Lex talks about Cody getting neutered. Liam joins.

: May 17, 2015: Your Intermittent Lex Lex talks about Pitch Perfect 2, babysitters, and his friend.

: May 7, 2015: Stubble Trouble Lex discusses the tragedy of shaving a carefully cultivated stubble beard. Also, a surprising cameo …

: May 4, 2015: AirTran People stink at riding Newark Airport\’s AirTran.

: May 1, 2015: Bus or Bust Lex tells a story about the bus. And cookie cake.

: April 29, 2015: Snell is in the House Jason Snell visits Lex Friedman! But does he appear on this episode of Your Daily Lex? Only time …

: April 27, 2015: Watch, Fence, Etc Apple Watch. Invisible Fence. Shirts. So good.

: April 23, 2015: Watch This Lex has a sad-ish story about his Apple Watch.

: April 21, 2015: Your Daily Liam (Again) Liam joins Lex yet again, hawking t-shirts, talking Cody, and generally being entertaining.

: April 17, 2015: Slow Lady It\’s yesterday\’s episode, today! And go buy a damn shirt: teespring.com/lexfri

: April 16, 2015: Your Daily Shirt OMG YDL SHIRTS!

: April 15, 2015: Brad and I Lex talks. A lot.

: April 13, 2015: Let's Take It Outside Lex worked outside today. And he\’s getting an invisible fence. He thought you should know.

: April 10, 2015: Watch and Tea Lex bought an Apple Watch. Today he\’ll drink a lot of tea. Not Apple Tea. That would be good, …

: April 9, 2015: Ringtone Lex made a YDL ringtone. You\’re welcome.

: April 8, 2015: Rumplemeyer's Horseshoes Lex pays tribute to Stan Freberg.

: April 7, 2015: Hungry Like The Lex Lex is hungry. And he shares a song about hunger. And weight loss.

: April 6, 2015: Lexy Shades of Grey Gray hair, FaceTime, and parents: It\’s a podcast, people.

: April 1, 2015: Screw You, Danny Warning: In this episode, I say “effing a-hole” a lot, only not in that fun-looking …

: March 31, 2015: Let's Talk Tweets Lex talks tweets. Did you not read the episode title?

: March 24, 2015: On Retainer Lex talks about his retainers. It\’s more exciting than it sounds.

: March 23, 2015: Not About Lawrence Lex can do many things with one hand.

: March 18, 2015: The Door is a Dog Lex debates whether he should get a doggie door.

: March 16, 2015: South By South Lex It\’s the episode Lex meant to upload yesterday!

: March 11, 2015: Your Weekly Lex Sometimes weekly, never weakly.

: March 6, 2015: Special Guest Sierra Sierra joins Lex for a special episode.

: March 5, 2015: Snow, Dogs, TV Lex talks about snow, dogs, and TV. Typical episode.

: March 5, 2015: Snow, Dogs, TV Snow, dogs, and TV. Typical YDL.

: March 5, 2015: Snow. Dogs. TV. Lex is snowy. Well, his neighborhood his.

: March 4, 2015: Salads Lex had a salad for lunch. He\’s as surprised as you are.

: March 3, 2015: How We Say We're Sorry Lex complains about the weather, praises a television show, and gives a much-awaited dog update.

: February 27, 2015: The One With The Police Lex got a call from his alarm company. Then the police came to the house. Then the dog freaked right …

: February 24, 2015: Theme Song Lex talks about theme songs.

: February 19, 2015: Thirty Seconds Lex read some 30 second ads. He went to the vet. He has kids. Podcast gold!

: February 18, 2015: Big Cookie Lex has been lax. Plus he went to Houston. And still has a puppy.

: February 11, 2015: Your Ailing Lex Lex talks about his dog and his television.

: February 9, 2015: Big News Lex is speaking. And a dog is coming.

: February 6, 2015: Trivia Lex defeats TGI Fridays in every way imaginable.

: February 4, 2015: I Do Bring You Flowers Lex sent flowers. He\’s so proud.

: February 2, 2015: Jet Lag Lex has jet lag.

: January 26, 2015: The Land of Pod Lex is stuck in Israel an extra day. He was stuck on hold much longer.

: January 23, 2015: Your Daily Jason II Jason Snell again takes the helm of YDL while Lex is unavailable.

: January 21, 2015: State of the YDL Lex provides the State of the YDL.

: January 19, 2015: Home Work Lex has been working from home for a long, long time. There are consequences.

: January 15, 2015: Death Becomes Me Lex talks about death and other fun topics.

: Jan 13, 2015: The Athlete Lex discovers that he is an athlete. Also, he encounters darkness.

: January 9, 2015: Sun of a Gun Help Lex make a decision regarding his eyeballs and the sun.

: January 7, 2015: Live Music It\’s true! This episode of YDL includes live music. You\’re welcome!

: January 6, 2015: Seven Minutes Lex has seven minutes to record this episode. And his wife doesn\’t know the theme song.

: January 5, 2015: Oasis of Disaster Lex gets many texts from his car. And his bathroom got cleaned unexpectedly.

: December 30, 2014: Your Daily Liam Liam joins us again for the last episode of 2014.

: December 29, 2014: Ball Droppings It\’s almost 2015. How will you celebrate?

: December 24, 2014: We're All Gonna Die; Merry Christmas Lex watched Boyhood. And got sad.

: December 23, 2014: Wonderful Podcast Time Lex is simply having a wonderful podcast time.

: December 19, 2014: The 201st Episode Spectacular It\’s the 201st episode spectacular.

: December 18, 2014: Your Mother Lex went to Manhattan. He saw a cabbie give another cabbie very unusual advice.

: December 17, 2014: We'll Do It Live Tomorrow Lex scripts a show. This is what that sounds like.

: December 8, 2014: Programming Note Lex has a note. About programming. For this podcast, not computers. You know what he means.

: December 4, 2014: After Bath Liam once again joins Lex. Come for the insights, stay for Liam\’s cover of the YDL theme …

: December 2, 2014: Ripping a Jordan Cooper Lex asked his Twitter followers for a topic. That may have been a mistake.

: December 1, 2014: Leaf, Thanksgiving, Birthday Lex updates you on his Leaf, his Thanksgiving, and his birthday. The title was a clue, people.

: November 26, 2014: Turning Over a New Leaf Lex got a Nissan Leaf. After 14 or so hours of ownership, he\’s ready to review it for you.

: November 24, 2014: All About That Podcast Lex talks about All About That Bass. And other things.

: November 20, 2014: We Found the Roku Remote The Friedman family found its missing Roku remote. But did they solve the crime? Lex Friedman …

: November 19, 2014: Dr. Fake Name YDL tries a new format today, as host Lex Friedman continues to investigate the case of Lex …

: November 19, 2014: Dr. Fake Name YDL tries a new format today, as host Lex Friedman continues to investigate the case of Lex …

: November 18, 2014: Where is my Roku remote (v2) Seriously, where is it?

: November 17, 2014: The Museum Lex talks (briefly) about Serial. And then (longly) about rhyming words.

: November 14, 2014: Sriracha or Whatever Lex has no idea what this episode is about.

: November 13, 2014: The Mystery Train Lex tells the story of The Mystery Train. Which you probably could have deduced from the …

: November 12, 2014: Shake It Off Lex analyzes Shake It Off\’s bridge. Thanks to his wife Lauren for the help.

: November 10, 2015: The Last Pickle Lex is back from vacation. You\’re welcome!

: October 31, 2014: The Twenty Minute Episode With no episodes coming next week, Lex offers up this insanely long edition of YDL.

: October 30, 2014: Back in the US ER Lex wanted to release an episode of YDL yesterday, but the emergency room intervened. …

: October 30, 2014: Back in the US ER Lex didn\’t release an episode yesterday, because he took his wife to the ER. She\’s …

: October 27, 2014: Moxy Fruvous Lex wonders whether he can still listen to Moxy Fruvous, ethically speaking.

: October 24, 2014: Ebola or Mustard Lex retells the story of his harrowing journey into Manhattan to have dinner with Marko.

: October 22, 2014: Smell Unsmelled Lex talks about a characteristic of his personality, his hope that he\’s not alone, and a …

: October 21, 2014: Geezerly Lex is old. Very, very old.

: October 20, 2014: For Anya on Her Eighth Birthday Lex reads a letter he wrote to Anya on the occasion of her eighth birthday.

: October 16, 2014: Liam Returns Liam\’s back! On YDL! Hooray!

: October 15, 2014: Hair and Now Lex got a haircut. He\’s okay with it.

: October 13, 2015: Alphabetical in Every Way Lex knows things.

: October 10, 2014: Groceries Before Liquor Lex had experiences at the liquor store last night. You get to hear about them. Ain\’t …

: October 9, 2014: How I Met Their Mother Last time, Lex explained how he get proposed to by someone he didn\’t marry. Here\’s the …

: October 7, 2014: The Ballad of Eddie Lex tells the story of a woman who proposed to him. She is not his wife.

: October 6, 2014: Something That Rhymes With Lex Lex freestyle raps, without rapping.

: October 3, 2014: On Juggling Lex talks about juggling. Did the title not make this clear?

: October 2, 2014: I'm back After a few days off, and one Jason Snell pinch hit, Lex reclaims the microphone for YDL.

: October 1, 2014: Your Daily Jason Snell Jason takes the YDL helm since Lex has been a little busy.

: September 24, 2014: I'm Not Dieting Lex is not dieting. He swears. (He lies.)

: September 23, 2014: The Phoebe Controversy Lex shares his frustrations when television shows try too hard with unnecessary storylines or …

: September 22, 2014: The Phantom Podcast Lex is reading his daughter The Phantom Tollbooth. It\’s going okay.

: September 19, On Line with Marco Tabini Marco Tabini joins Lex to talk about people who wait in iPhone lines.

: September 18, 2014: Four Podcasts Lex counts his podcasts.

: September 17, 2014: Real Talk and Retirement Lex talks about retirement, iOS 8, and other stuff.

: September 16, 2014: I'm Not Mad As Hell Lex released an episode yesterday that left some people confused. Whoops!

: September 15, 2014: Podcast Network Lex refuses to spoil this episode, which you\’ll either love or hate. Or merely tolerate. But …

: September 12, 2014: How Guilty Should I Feel? Lex has moral quandaries regarding using restaurant coupons and freelancing for Macworld.

: September 11, 2014: Xbox Free60 Somebody sent Lex a free Xbox. Dreams DO come true!

: September 10, 2014: Scattered Macworld Thoughts A lot of great people got laid off at Macworld today. Lex is bummed.

: September 9, 2015: Apple Watch Watch Lex talks about the Apple Watch and the iPhone 6 and other stuff.

: September 8, 2014: Notoriously Punctual Lex\’s youngest makes a school prediction; Lex gets to Marco\’s house too early.

: September 5, 2014: No News Is Good News Lex talks about the news. Sort of.

: September 4, 2014: As My (Laughter) Husband Lex recounts his wedding day and his iPhone\’s near drowning.

: September 3, 2014: Last In, First Out Lex\’s email strategy sucks.

: September 2, 2014: A Controversial Opinion. Maybe. Lex maybe has a controversial opinion about nude photos.

: August 28, 2014: That Was Jeff Goldblum Lex talks about video game consoles and his voice and The BC-52s.

: August 27, 2014: V8 and Kindles Lex talks about V8 and Kindles. Do you even read the titles?

: August 27, 2014: The Beatles Featuring Pitbull Lex offers up a Kindle tip and a V8 analysis.

: August 26, 2014: Your Noisy Lex Lex records an episode while walking on his treadmill desk.

: August 25, 2014: Good Morning, 3am Lex has a friend who woke up at 3am to go running. That is not something Lex would ever do.

: August 22, 2014: Challah At Your Boy Lex closes the door on the beard conversation, and swears he won\’t go out for lunch today, …

: August 21, 2014: Lex Daily Your Lex follows-up on beard and lunch topics.

: August 20, 2014: Let's Do Lunch Lex wants to know what you do for lunch. Survey time!

: August 19, 2014: The Beard Lex has a beard. Temporarily. Also, he is sad regarding the news about Don Pardo.

: August 15, 2014: Keeping It Classy Lex does some followup and some complaining. Typical episode of the Lex Friedman Show With Lex …

: August 13, 2014: He's [Bleeping] The Holland Tunnel Lex talks about his Robin Williams memory of choice.

: August 12, 2014: Blacksmithery with Myke Hurley Myke Hurley joins Lex to talk about blacksmithery, podcasts, and other fun things.

: August 11, 2014: And Friends Lex talks about friends and podcast planning and the ice bucket challenge.

: August 8, 2014: Fake Encores are Terrible Lex loathes the fake encore. Now he talks about it for six-odd minutes.

: August 7, 2014: Secant Segments and Posteriors Lex goes on tangents and/or digressions. Thanks, Jason Snell! He is also bad at math. Lex, that is. …

: August 6, 2014: Luke Pressure and the Unflavored Dish Soap Band Lex is a glasses cleaning wizard. He wasn\’t always. And he can\’t explain it.

: August 5, 2014: John Siracusa was Wrong on the Internet Lex was right. John was wrong. The topic: dessert pizzas.

: August 4, 2014: Justing Dance Lex talks about Just Dance and other fun things.

: July 31: Return of a Very Special Guest Liam joins me again on YDL. You\’re welcome, world.

: July 30, 2014: Uber Lie Lex lied to an Uber driver. For a good cause. Sort of.

: July 29, 2014: Spot Check Adam Sachs joins Lex for a very special episode of Your Daily Lex.

: July 25, 2014: Your Daily Friedman Lex goes blind. Almost. Not really.

: July 24, 2014: Invent a Couch Lex helps a friend with a Mac problem. Sort of. And faults his couch for being too comfortable.

: July 23, 2014: I Thought You Should Know Lex talks about the downside of his pool\’s solar heater (he knows) and iPads and Kindles.

: July 21, 2014: The Case of the Missing Pizza Lex ate a pizza slice. Or maybe not.

: July 17, 2014: Uber Awesome Lex had an Uber experience like none other.

: July 15, 2014: Al and Gray Two topics today: “Weird Al” Yankovic\’s new album, and gray hair.

: July 14, 2014: King For a Day Lex got into the TSA Pre line AGAIN. He was the king of the airport.

: July 10, 2014: Why Did I Ask? Lex asked a question at a restaurant. That was his first mistake. But not his last.

: July 9, 2014: Our Daily Lex Let\’s talk about an expensive risk factor with his job.

: July 7, 2014: The Pool of the Rising Sun Lex\’s pool is heated by the sun and futility.

: July 3, 2014: Vegetarian Sympathizer Lex is definitely not a vegetarian. But he gets them.

: July 1, 2014: First World Soreness Lex has a first world problem. And sore muscles. It\’s been a tough couple days, folks.

: June 30, 2014: Turbulence Again Here\’s what Lex thinks about when his airplane hits turbulence.

: June 24, 2014: Talk Fast Lex — on take two of today\’s show — talks fast.

: June 23, 2014: I have three kids, people In the third and final part of a three-part series, one more Friedman kid joins the podcast.

: June 20, 2014: Oh Man, Another Kid Lex welcomes another kid onto the podcast. Jiminy.

: June 19, 2014: The Slightest of Pity Parties Lex holds a slight pity party for himself, because you all liked the Liam episode more than you like …

: June 18, 2014: Special Guest Liam Friedman Lex\’s three-year-old son Liam joins him on today\’s episode.

: June 17, 2014: Special Guest Julian Velard Lex welcomes musician and friend Julian Velard to the show to talk about JV\’s new album and …

: June 16, 2014: I'm Gonna Get You, Soccer Lex doesn\’t quite understand the appeal of soccer. And don\’t ask him to call it …

: June 14, 2014: An Open Letter to Myke Hurley Lex releases an unheard-of WEEKEND episode of Your Daily Lex. And it\’s an open letter to Myke …

: June 12, 2014: The Podcast That Never Ends Lex\’s son got caught in a loop.

: June 11, 2014: So Famous Lex is so, so, SO famous.* *Not really

: June 10, 2014: Warranty Lex only gets warranties on one significant purchase.

: June 9, 2014: Urinals Lex talks about urinals. Again. And also human nature.

: June 5, 2014: Sectional Healing Lex fought a sectional. And physics. And Lex won.

: June 4, 2014: Work It Lex tals about work, hard work, physical labor, and whatnot.

: June 3, 2014: Get Igloo Lex sells out, Idina Menzel style.

: June 2, 2014: There's a Wallet in my Pocket Lex has a wallet issue. Also, happy WWDC day!

: May 30, 2014: 101 Damnations Lex hits episode number 101. He talks about spelling. And highways. Of course.

: May 29, 2014: The 100th Episode Spectacular Your Daily Lex celebrates its 100th episode. In spectacular form.

: May 28, 2014: Mailboxes, Et Cetera Lex talks about bad ceremonial pitches and mailbox hooligans on the 99th episode of Your Daily Lex.

: May 27, 2014: The Real Memorial Day Here\’s how Lex celebrated Memorial Day. Sort of.

: The Whirling Dervish That Is My Son This is a story about an unexpected night out, my lack of enthusiasm for hockey, a condolence card, …

: May 22, 2014: Like I Am Lex makes a tech show. Briefly.

: May 20, 2014: Adult Themes There are a couple things most adults know how to do that Lex, you know, doesn\’t.

: May 19, 2014: Trailer Hitch Demagnetizers Lex doesn\’t know all the words to songs by bands he loves anymore. He grows up so fast.

: May 16, 2014: Bus or Bust Lex has to take the bus. Again. Here\’s his typical approach.

: May 15, 2014: Fat Eyes Lex is fat. And he has eyes. Hence the title of this episode.

: May 13, 2014: Cracks and Mattresses Lex needs to rotate his mattress. And he has a crack in his foundation.

: May 12, 2014: Scary Lex got scared.

: May 9, 2014: Special Guest Lex Friedman Lex Friedman joins Lex on today\’s episode of Your Daily Lex.

: May 8, 2014: Secrets You\’re going to need a backstory. I\’m happy to provide it.

: May 5, 2014: Drill, Lexy, Drill Lex built a desk. He\’s proud of himself.

: May 2, 2014: Deodorant and Airplane Mode Lex\’s favorite brand of deodorant got hit by the shrink ray. Oof.

: May 1, 2014: Birthdays and Sleep Happy birthday, if you listen to this podcast, and also it\’s your birthday. Let\’s talk …

: April 30, 2014: Gotta Get Down on Driveways Lex talks about driveways. You\’re welcome, America. And Your Daily Lex listeners.

: April 29, 2014: Now You're Older Still Lex is older than he\’s ever been. And now he\’s even older.

: April 28, 2014: Take the Cannoli Lex takes his kids to a family restaurant that features glorified murderers everywhere.

: April 25, 2014: Barely Bearable Lex and his family stayed at a hotel. It was unpleasant.

: April 24, 2014: The Glasses: Half-Full Lex may well need to start wearing glasses full time. This frustrates him.

: Lauren (Snell) and Low Expectations Lex gets help from Lauren (Snell)

: April 17, 2014: Bad News Bearers Lex dealt with bad news, and recovered. Sort of.

: April 15, 2014: Carpet vs. Rug Lex looks back fondly on yesterday\’s editing error, talks about interior design, and reveals …

: April 14, 2014: Perturbulence Lex is in Arizona. This episode was recorded outside. Please remain seated until the captain turns …

: April 11, 2014: A Modicum of Modesty Lex got naked with two women today. And now he\’s mad.

: April 10, 2014: When Kids Fly Lex likes flying alone. Flying with kids is… worse.

: April 9, 2014: Car Talk Lex podcasts from the car.

: April 8, 2014: Cause for Alarm Lex set off a burglar alarm at his in-law\’s house. Hilarity ensued, I guess.

: April 7, 2014: Lord of Legerdemain Lex talks about vanity, headphones, and magic camp.

: April 4, 2014: What the Hell, Man? Lex has family and friends in unimaginable situations. It affects today\’s show.

: April 3, 2014: Death, Taxes, Waiting Rooms Lex complains about waiting rooms. And taxes. Pure original YDL content.

: April 2, 2014: The Gist of Urology Lex overshares. You\’re welcome, America! (And Canada.)

: April 1, 2014: How I Met Your Finale With Depression [No Spoilers] Lex talks—again!—about how series finales leave him feeling sad. And other stuff.

: March 31, 2014: Brought to you by... Today\’s episode of Your Daily Lex has a real sponsor! And a fake sponsor: Overtiredness.

: March 27, 2014: Awkward Adjacent Lex talks about topics for this show, improvisational comedy, and adjectives.

: March 26, 2014: Recording, Voices, and Bald Heads Lex talks about his recording process, his voice, and shaved heads.

: March 25, 2014: Spoiler Alert Lex gt spoiled. He doesn\’t always mind spoilers, but he minded this one.

: March 24, 2014: What I Need Lex shares insights about the joints in his hands, along with his love of desserts.

: March 21, 2014: Jet Lag, Uber, and the CIA Lex battles jet lag and crazy people.

: March 19, 2014: My Eyes Betray Me Lex can\’t see. He\’s also kind of an outsider at NSConf.

: March 18, 2014: In the Zone Lex battles time zones. Time zones win.

: March 17, 2014: Crotchety Lex opts out at the TSA. And this time, things got VERY personal.

: March 14, 2014: The Non-Creepy Bug Counter Encounter Lex met a podcast listener in person. It wasn\’t creepy, until he figured out what his Twitter …

: March 13, 2014: That's Entertainment (Center) Lex\’s furniture installation did not go off without a hitch. Or a couple of hitches. …

: March 12, 2014: But Weight, There's More Lex is counting his calories. Again. Dammit.

: March 11, 2014: Despair, Furniture, and the President of the United States Lex liked Barack Obama\’s appearance on Between Two Ferns—but not necessarily for all the …

: March 10, 2014: Oh, The Things I Could Cure Lex imagines what he\’d do with retirement money.

: March 7, 2014: My daughter-in-law the truck Lex\’s son is interested in marrying a truck.

: March 6, 2014: Crowdsourced Topics Lex turns to Twitter for topic advice. Hilarity ensues. Or something.

: March 5, 2014: The Tale of the HoJo's Vending Machine Lex stayed at a Howard Johnson. The HoJo had an unusual vending machine.

: March 4, 2014: Voiceover Lex is heard on Sirius/XM satellite radio. All the time.

: March 3, 2014: You're on Fire (Truck) Lex talks about the Twitter experiment, a birthday party, a firetruck, and more.

: Feb 28, 2014: Yo. Lex wants your help for an experiment. Also, he recommends a TV show.

: Feb 27, 2014: A Close Shave Lex is kind of known, in certain circles, for his old-fashioned way of shaving. But he\’s a …

: Feb 26, 2014: Do Alto Mice Lex has a reminder that he can\’t figure out. Thanks, Siri. Also, he has Notification Center …

: Feb 25, 2014: See What I Mean Lex got LASIK in 2003.

: Feb 24, 2014: Preferences Chocolate? Vanilla? Boxers? Briefs? Lex has preferences. Now you know some of them.

: Feb 21, 2014: Assistant to the Regional Manager Lex has an assistant. And a season finale. But not of this show.

: Feb 20, 2014: The Cars Are Out Lex made up some lullabies. This was a mistake.

: Feb 19, 2014: Pranks for the Memories Lex and Lauren are in a prank war. Lex likes prank wars.

: Feb 18, 2014: Escape the Blender Lex talks about conducting job interviews.

: Feb 17, 2014: Do I Not Bleed? Lex is very late with today\’s episode. But NO ONE NOTICED.

: Feb 14, 2014: I Don't Own A Snowblower Lex doesn\’t own a snowblower. And he\’s taking suggestions on where to live.

: Feb 13, 2014: Your Daily Shower Lex showers every day. And other observations.

: Feb 12, 2014: Devastatingly Handsome Lex wishes he were Clooney-level handsome.

: Feb 11, 2014: "Weird Al" Yankovic Lex discusses the first two times he met “Weird Al” Yankovic, along with his affections …

: Feb 10, 2014: That Part of My Brain Lex talks about a couple iPhone games he likes, and why he likes them, and also how he\’s not …

: Feb 7, 2014: What Are We Thinking? Lex doesn\’t know what anyone\’s really thinking. And special guest Dan Moren drops by.

: Feb 6, 2014: Bus Stuff Lex talks about jobs, meta-topics, and the school bus stop.

: Feb 5, 2014: I Love M.S. Lex realizes another thing he likes about his job. He wasn\’t expecting it.

: Feb 4, 2014: Kiss and Tell Lex kissed the neighbor.

: Feb 3, 2014: Super Bore Lex didn\’t enjoy the Super Bowl. But he did enjoy scaring the crap out of his wife, mostly …

: Jan 31, 2014: Penn Lex is feeling a little better! Except he also dealt with Ticketmaster, so you know, not perfect.

: Jan 30, 2014: Things I Think There are some things Lex thinks every single day. Here are a few of them.

: Jan 29, 2014: Sasser of Cable Lex once again attempted to cut the cord and cancel his television service. Here\’s what …

: Jan 28, 2014: Cleaning Lady Guilt You need to decide where and how to spend your disposable income. Lex\’s family spends some of …

: Jan 27, 2014: Booze boos Lex thinks maybe he should drink more. But he doesn\’t quite know how.

: Jan 24, 2014: The News on Cracked This daily podcast reminds Lex of another daily show he used to host.

: Jan 23, 2014: The City is Cold Lex had to leave the house. That\’s never a good thing.

: Jan 22, 2014: Wind Chill Out Lex shares his thoughts on the ambiguity of the temperature, along with celebrity sightings.

: Jan 21, 2014: United We Fall Lex flew United. Or tried to, anyway.

: Jan 17, 2014: Lots of Podcasts Lex has many podcasts. This is one of them.

: Jan 16, 2014: The Back Side of Water “I want to tell you a bit about the worst pain I ever had.” Also: New theme song!

: Jan 15, 2014: Seat Back and Relax Lex shares his strong opinion on airplane civility.

: Buffet Etiquette Last weekend, Lex attended a brunch buffet. He was reminded of the important rules of buffet …

: Jan 13, 2014: A Matter of Taste Lex doesn\’t drink coffee. There\’s a reason: He\’s a supertaster.

: Jan 10, 2014: Old and Better Lex isn\’t as hard on himself as he used to be. That\’s not a weird euphemism, either.

: Jan 9 2013: Sick Of It Lex is sick. He complains. You listen.

: Jan 8, 2014: Shmarco Polo Lex talks about electricity, his failure to master tools, and podcast advice he received from a few …

: Jan 7, 2014: Work Release Lex wraps up the story of his working life to date.

: Jan 6, 2014: A Jason Snelltacular Jason Snell joins Lex to discuss the next chapter in the ongoing saga of Lex\’s work history.

: Jan 3, 2014: On The Job Lex shares more of his work history. We\’re building to something.

: Jan 2, 2014: Work It Lex debuts an alternate theme song, and shares some of his work history.

: Jan 1, 2014: Party Like It's 2013 Lex wishes you a great 2014, and talks about how parents of young kids ring in the new year.

: Dec 31, 2013: Footballderdash On the last episode of 2013, Lex tries to understand why he cares about football, and frets about …

: Dec 30, 2013: Great Scott! Scott McNulty joins Lex for a discussion about entertainment, free time, and Scott McNulty.

: Dec 27, 2013: What About Dave? Wait, if Lex is doing a new, daily podcast, is that somehow meant as a personal affront to Dave? Get …

: Dec 26, 2013 It\’s the debut episode of Your Daily Lex. Lex talks about what the podcast is, and shares how …