Welcome back to your daily Lex.

It’s the only podcast you’re listening to right now Your Daily Lex Well, hello and happy Monday March 27th, let’s talk about escape rooms I was in an escape room over the weekend and when we first arrived there guys like We’re there before our friends We were going with him you guys like hey just so you know You’ve picked the hardest room like the room area in is the the room we’ve chosen is the most difficult one to escape from It’s got the least story the most puzzles very few people solve it So if you want to change that’s okay, and I was like well now that it was the hardest one Why would I want to change of course?

I’m gonna do the worst one and our friends hadn’t arrived as they get there and say hey This is what they said my buddy Dan’s like yeah, of course That’s the one we want to do like we want to do the hard one Which is exactly what we did But like once you know, that’s the most difficult one anything else you’re gonna feel like you didn’t really You know achieve a victory all you did was solve one of the easy rooms or the not hardest room so we go to the Houdini themed room and I Love a good escape room.

I don’t like escape rooms where they have to like they’re watching you And then when you trigger something they tell you Okay, now that you did that you have to do this or it’s like you solved a thing So they push a button to trigger the next thing like I like it when it’s practical I unlocked this so now I can get to this That’s how this room was and we’re going through it and you know when we first get in there I do appreciate that moment where and especially in this room, which was pretty sparse There was no indication of what to do and then like I mean there also was right there was no any game was you?

But when I looked at the clock, I realized I could open the clock and in there would be the first clue And we’re going through it a pretty good clip and we’re solving stuff and there’s a button you can push for hints And this was a fairly low budget escape room complex So they in some they can watch you the whole time where they can send you clues via a screen where they’re sending messages But in this one, you know, you press a button it buzzes the front desk and they come to it.

I’ll be out so At one point we’re a little stuck We press the button and then when the camera like actually no, we’ve we figured it out.

We’re gonna keep going no hint We keep going eventually we push the button again now we do need it and the woman comes in She’s like I didn’t really understand this part when I was learning this room But you have to look at certain specific things and what she was saying made no sense It was clear.

She also didn’t know what she was talking about, but it truly made no sense So we get nowhere and eventually buzz her back in I get more details and then she really starts filling it out and Later, we have to push for a third hint We don’t want to push further in because really the first two heads have been the same hint because we didn’t understand it the first Time I didn’t really understand the second that we still got nowhere with it So we press it and she’s like wait, don’t you guys have this deck of cards?

I’m like, no, just like oh that means we didn’t set the room up correctly The reason her hint well in part her first hint made no sense because she didn’t know what you were talking about Would she admit it?

Then when she had a little bit more detail, she had read something that told her how to give this hint better It still didn’t make any sense because we didn’t have a clue that we needed because it hadn’t been in the prior thing where it Was supposed to be they hadn’t set the room properly.

So we get that sorted whatever we do escape the room.

Here’s the thing they told us As we’re going in there’s this bonus crate and if you solve everything else you can go into the crate and that’s like the master level But that’s not escaping.

You’ve already escaped the room if you get to the thing prior So we with time to spare we we hit the escape situation, but now we want to get into this great Trunk, let’s call it a trunk.

So we get into the trunk.

You got to pick a lock You got to do a variety of things and that took three or four minutes post running out of time There was 50 minutes on the clock They did pause it while dealing with the fact that they hadn’t set one thing properly we didn’t do anything during that time, but so We escaped the room, but then we did not you know solve the bonus thing within the 50 minutes That’s like a few extra minutes.

So my buddy Dan was like, hmm, we didn’t we didn’t really escape I’m like, no, we totally escaped it.

We did we did everything that was required to escape We could have left and said proudly we escaped but we only did not since we had this, you know the bonus opportunity, which I think we did just fine on and Really?

Although you could say, you know, we Even with the pause we ran out of time We used so much time attempting to solve a thing that we didn’t have enough information to solve like so much time We probably spent 12 minutes of 50 on this one thing which made no sense.

But anyway, I like a good escape room.

I I Don’t like escape rooms with strangers I don’t like I don’t think anybody needs to take charge in an escape room But people need to divide and conquer you need to confidently say, all right I’m on this thing you guys work on that one and then if people get stuck you just got a trade and move on whatever but it was a good escape room we escaped it and And frankly, I even think that we should get credit for solving the whole friggin thing because you know of that lost time It’s fine.

I wasn’t mad.

I was annoyed but I wasn’t mad But yeah, that’s that’s my story about escape rooms.

There’s no escaping the fact that this is a great daily podcast.

Happy Monday Lex