Let’s talk about my giant head.

Your Daily Lex.

I’m not talking about ego.

My ego is normal size.

I’m talking about my actual head.

For years, as you may know, as a regular listener of this podcast, I always wore hats when I was outside in the sun because the sun was a migraine trigger for me.

Now that I take shots, I have to pick up my next shot at the old CVS.

Now that I take the shots, I don’t need the headache medicine the same way.


I need the…

My plan was to edit that whole breakdown of my brain out, but I played it back and was like, nope, it stays.

I don’t need the hats in the summer as much.

When I would buy hats, I needed to buy very large hats.

Typically, XXXL hats.

XL, by the way, also how you pronounce Lex backwards.

But I have to buy large hats because I have a giant physical giant head.

And this meant that I couldn’t really wear baseball caps.

Like if you got a baseball cap, that was a giveaway or you know, a bar by Mitzvah or you’re at a ball.

Like they don’t fit my head.

Even the adjustable ones, like just didn’t work on my head because my head was too big.

One time I was at a Lids in a mall with some extra time.

Lids being that hat store that you see in many malls.

And I was mentioning this to the person there looking at some Eagles hats.

They’re like, oh, no, we have we have ones for giant head weirdos like yourself.

And they hooked me up with a giant baseball cap and it totally fit.

And I was like, yeah, I’ll buy him.

I mean, it’s a football baseball cap, but you get it.

So they’re like, yeah, buy this one.

So I did.

And it fits and I wear it sometimes.

And I is a great hat.

And, you know, they want you to fill out their kiosk, you know, put in your name and your email.

It’s L L L at Lex Friedman dot com.

And I put all that stuff in and got my receipt.

And ever since, for years, I get other people’s receipts from Lids for a long time.

I didn’t know why it was happening.

I was like, oh, somebody is attempting some weird scam.

Like I’m supposed to call the number in this e-receipt and I’ll be like, hey, I need a refund.

Well, it’s a credit card number.

Like it’s a dumb old scam.

So I don’t know.

But then over time, I realized, wait a second, these are there’s no scam here.

These are real Lids receipts from people buying hats and they’re simply typing in L L into the machine.

And then it’s like auto populating my email address.

Like, yeah, whatever.

That’s me.

Because nobody needs it.

Nobody cares.


So the is dumb.

But I started getting people’s receipts and sometimes I’ll get, you know, a couple of months.

Sometimes I’ll go many months.

Even I feel like a year without getting it.

But today’s topic is this because five minutes before I started recording, I got a receipt.

This one is from New Orleans, Louisiana.

And this customer who is LL bought a New Orleans Saints NFL hat, actually bought two of them for 32 bucks a piece and got one of them.


No, got both of them.



I got the word.

It just says Embra with a dot.

I got there.

They got them embroidered at $12 a piece.

Then because they buy a lot of hats there, they had a discount.

9.45% sales tax.

New Orleans.

Good Lord.

The total purchase of these hats, this person just bought minutes ago in New Orleans.

Total cost was just shy of 80 bucks.

And it was 7703.

They paid 803 and got $3 in change.

So good stuff.

So I get these receipts.

At some point I wrote to Lids support.

I was like, hey, Lids, I get this stuff all the time.

They’re not mine.

I can’t really do anything abusive with all these people’s hat purchases.

But I also don’t care about these people’s hat purchases.

Could we fix this?

And this caused a lot of confusion on the Lids side.

They’re like, wait, you didn’t buy these hats?

I’m like, well, if you look, here’s a day when I bought hats in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

And then the next day I bought hats, you know, in Tallahassee, Florida.

It’s not me.

And you can see that no two purchases ever taken place in the same store.

It’s just people typing in LL.

And they’re like, so it was a lot of confusion.

Eventually, they’re like, ah, we think we got it.

We’ve cleared you out of the system.

And I believed it because, again, these don’t happen that often.

And it didn’t happen for a couple months.

But now here we are again with another Lids receipt.

Anyway, it’s Friday.

I hope you have a great weekend planned.

And I might go to an alpaca farm.

I don’t know.

You got to find stuff to do on spring break.

You get it.

Anyway, happy weekend.

And if you buy hats at Lids, please don’t put in LL as your name.

Because I don’t care about your stupid hats.