I noted throughout the day that I hadn’t yet recorded your daily lex and I kept thinking to myself Well, I’ll get to it later.

I’ll do it later.

I’ll do it some other time Then I got to a point where I was like Jesus pretty late to record your daily lex Do I record it now or do I just skip a day?

I could skip a day most people won’t even notice then I was thinking yeah, I’ll probably just skip today But that was like, you know what?

No, there’s your daily lex obligation and there’s not an obligation It’s a self-set obligation if I can’t do it, I won’t do it But the thing is I can do it I have a few minutes of downtime and a few minutes of downtime was the alternate title for this exact podcast.

So let’s do the thing your Daily Lex No one in the world has heard the theme song to this podcast more than I have so My topic for today is alarms specifically burglar ones not clock ones Although I will say I hate alarm clock.

I particularly hate that classic alarm clock sound that I won’t play the real one there because of how much I hate it When it shows up in a TV commercial or a TV show or a movie I think it’s cruel and wrong and I think they shouldn’t be allowed to do it They shouldn’t be allowed to play that song in fiction that sound in fiction.

I Rarely need an alarm clock because I’m good at just waking up I wake up before my alarm goes off if I have an alarm set at all about 90% of the time If I’m getting up extra early to go to the airport saying then yeah, I need an alarm clock But most of the time I don’t need one.

Anyway, that’s not the kind of alarm I’m talking about So, please don’t listen anything.

I said for the previous.

I don’t know 40 seconds or so, but we’ll talk about burglar alarms.

I grew up with one Burglar alarm parented me.

No, I grew up with a burglar alarm and we always said it.

Here’s the code It’s just getting can’t take a code because my parents still use the same code But you know if you were leaving the house you set the alarm for me leaving the house you set the alarm for away which activates all the Motion detectors and everything and if you were staying home you set the alarm for stay Not you know while you were home during the day but if you were home at night, if you were going to bed you put the alarm on stay mode, which means ignore the Motion detectors But you know still signal the alarm if you know a door opens and with burglar alarm systems You can set certain doors to like be instant Emergency right like some most doors if it’s a main entrance to the house, you’re gonna have an alarm panel You’re there and so you tell the alarm Hey Give me 30 or 60 seconds or whatever it is to turn off the alarm before you go crazy and then certain doors like maybe it’s The basement door the back door you would never use that as a main house entry So if you enter through that door if somebody opens that door and the alarm is on, you know Go off right away kind of thing.

So anyway, I’ve always grown up with alarm.

I I I like the alarm and it just occurs to me now as I get to this point in the narrative That’s not exactly the topic of this episode, but now it is So we set the alarm 97% of the time There’s the rare occasional night where we forget to set it But it is pretty rare and anytime that happens and when I say we forget to it’s it’s my wife who forgets but And you know in any time that I know that that has happened I will say hey, did anybody get murdered last night and typically nobody has which is good There had been some break-ins in my neighborhood not too too long ago.

So we upped our alarm game Got some extra cameras and stuff so that Amazon and the local police and we could see what was going on around our house The break-ins people actually did go into homes that were occupied while people were asleep They were looking specifically for car keys because it was a car thievery gang The neighborhood, you know reacted poorly.

I think I’ve discussed some of this on this podcast, but Yeah, there was you know calls to arms of the sort of hey, should we hire a Local security force to monitor our area extra by driving around it a couple times at night And some people were like, yes, we absolutely should do that and other sane people and you’re like, no There’s no point to doing that There have been no other break-ins since that one night when there were three break-ins and it’ll probably happen again at some point But that’s why I have an alarm and it’s why I have the cameras It’s also you know, why I have cars that are harder to steal because they constantly report their location to me and to Elon Musk Yeah, so all of this alarm context was to get into babysitting stories because Sierra had a babysitting gig yesterday.

She’s got more babysitting gigs tomorrow The pandemic robbed her of some babysitting opportunities and she loves getting to be a babysitter And it got me thinking about times when I was both babysat and when I was a babysitter and so I’ll share those stories tomorrow Who knows what time that episode will come out?

Maybe it’ll come out in five minutes.

They probably won’t But yeah Anyway, I hope your Tuesday was good since you’re getting this later in the day if you listen to a day of and if you listen To it delayed I hope you don’t get annoyed at the fact that I always talk about the specific day of the week It is even though that’s not the day you’re listening to it.


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