It’s a me movie reviewer.

Your daily Lex.

Yeah we like to marry a movie.

Saw it with the whole fam yesterday and really enjoyed it.

We’ve been observing Passover here so at the movie theater we got popcorn and candy and that was how we ended our Passover of you know missing good food.

But I really liked the movie and it got me thinking about when you see a movie with expectations.

So I’m not one of those people who like objects to trailers or they put all the good parts of the movie in the trailer like that’s not my thing.

It’s much more I want to know what a movie is about.

I want to evaluate whether it’s a movie I want to see.

And man there were trailers for a lot of movies I don’t want to see.

21 minutes of trailers.

But sometimes you can go in with your expectations wrong.

In this case I had mostly read reviews of people not liking this Mary Brothers movie and then people who I know like Nintendo and like Mario.

And yes I know I say Mario the way you don’t want me to say Mario.

You want me to say Mario because you’re weird.

But anyway people also because that’s how he says it.

But he’s fake.

So at any rate Mario fans liked the movie and then like critics didn’t like the movie.

But when I was you know seeing all these negative reviews I was like this might not be any good.

But it was great.

It was really funny and it rewarded you know Mario fandom awareness of the games and storylines and all those things.

And with like very well done inside jokes or Easter eggs hidden things that were like not super well hidden so that you could notice all of them and be proud of yourself.

But still not like shoved down the face people who wouldn’t get them all.

I don’t know.

I thought it was really good.

And I was thinking about like when I saw everything everywhere all at once I saw it after it had been super hyped up.

Maybe Oscar win but still super hyped up and people were talking about how amazing and incredible it was.

And I watched it on an airplane which is maybe part of the problem but I thought it was fine.

I don’t think it was bad.

I think it was great.

I thought it was somewhere between fine and good.

And I know that is not a popular opinion on that movie because people really love that movie.

But I think I went in again with expectations that were maybe too high.

Like if somebody told you hey you should check out the Your Daily Likes podcast.

It’s fantastic.

It’s maybe the greatest podcast of all time.

In this one case yes the podcast would live up to it because this is Your Daily Likes we’re talking about.

I mean come on people.

I did a lot of weird voices in there.

But in general though if something comes in super hyped it’s hard to live up to those expectations.

I can read those words.

So I think I just said I can read those words because this is a fully scripted podcast which you can tell from how well crafted all my thoughts, sentences and logic are.

But yeah anyway I liked it so that’s my recommendation.

I didn’t think it was the world’s greatest movie of all time so I’m trying not to over set your expectations but I really enjoyed that movie and I’m glad we saw it.

And we bought one large popcorn, then one kids thing which was like a small popcorn and a drink and a little bag of candy and then five individual candies and a diet soda for me which I was nervous about because I didn’t want to have to pee during the movie and spent $68.90 on that food.

That’s separate from the cost of the tickets which was over $100 for the five of us to go see the movie prior to getting the food.

But we had a bunch of movie theater gift cards that we hadn’t used in eons.

That we’ve had for eons I guess and had never used.

And so we used those.

But man so expensive.

And I was just you know I’m not even going to look at the prices of this stupid food.

We’re just going to buy it because we’re doing this as a family outing.

We never go to the movies.

The last time the five of us went to a movie was I don’t even know when.

It was certainly pre-pandemic.

We never ever do it.

And we also kind of you know this was our Passover break celebration.

It was fine.

It was fine.

It was too expensive and it’s annoying.

And like Ani especially loves to go to the movies.

Loves to go to the movies at the movie theater.

And I’m like but we have this great theater in our basement and we can do it up down there and it’ll be wonderful.

And we can you know watch movies in the comfort of our own home and pause it if you have to pee.

This was the big stress of getting the Diet Coke.

I knew I wanted the Diet Coke and it was actually Coke Zero so I apologize.

But I knew I wanted that Coke Zero for two reasons.

One we were getting the popcorn and popcorn is going to make me thirsty and two it’s nighttime because we saw it was an eight o’clock showing that began at 821 and it’s dark and I’m an old man and I was like man that extra bolt bolt jolt that extra jolt of caffeine.

I know I could figure out the word eventually would help but I was I was scared the whole time of what if I have to pee during the movie because I would not miss the movie but I would then be very uncomfortable.

So I drank it slowly started late in the film waited waited till all the popcorn was gone waited till I was at max thirst and then I was like slow sipping throughout finishing it right near the ending of the movie.

Then the movie ended and you know there’s a an early post credits moment and then we’re gonna now it’s just like scrolling credit names and so we’re like okay we can probably start to get up and then Lauren Googles you know is there a.

An additional post credit scene and the internet said yes but she didn’t want to look to see what that scene was lest we get spoiled and it was very dumb it was not in any way worth waiting.

So that’s my review everything everywhere all at once is okay.

But it’s okay 6.