Listener feedback and I have a new album out Your daily Lex Listen I don’t know how attentively you listen, I don’t know how compressed You’re hearing this mp3 of the podcast episode But that is even the remastered version of the your daily Lex theme song which is the lead-off track on my new album Before I get deeper into the new album I should say I mentioned or debated on this show the fact that I often end each episode by saying well Happy Tuesday or happy Thursday.

It’s typically related to whatever day that we currently is today For example, that would be Monday.

And so my my friend Brian Hamilton wrote to me and they said They typically listen to podcasts Exclusively on weekdays like they take a break on weekends fine.

But what that means is Brian wrote When I catch up and listen to Friday’s episode on Monday I get sad when you wish everyone a great Friday and a great weekend So that that made me feel bad But then Brian’s final line was now I make sure to listen to Friday’s episode day of so there you go if if you are suffering the same problem Brian is do what they do and Listen to Friday’s on Friday so that you don’t have to get a weekend wish that you don’t want But yeah, as I mentioned at the outset, I have a new album out.

It’s called the Internet’s out Why do I have an album out?

I don’t know.

I don’t know Why do I have an album out?

I don’t know because I got so frustrated by that Lex Fridman situation that I wrote that Lex Fridman song about how I’m the real Lex Friedman which you heard on this show a week ago or so and When I did that I was like, you know, I have so many songs that I’ve recorded over the years I should assemble some and put them on an album, which I did I Had to choose which songs to include in which songs not to I have some songs that I’m really proud of Melodically, but I’m not proud of lyrically so I didn’t put them on actually, honestly I’m proud of them lyrically, but the lyrics for various reasons don’t about And then I have some songs that are like more kids songs, even though I didn’t write them with Liam I wrote them when Liam was a baby And those didn’t make sense.

But so I put together this collection You can see it at Lex Friedman comm slash internet.

The Internet’s out is the second song on the album and there’s a really good song Supposing that if the internet were out, what if it were not just out but out to dinner?

That’s also one of the rare songs in the modern era to include the word gallivanting which indeed it does But so it’s got songs about I don’t know Kelly Clarkson theme songs to podcasts that don’t even exist yet Although they will exist soon when we start releasing them songs about Three day weekends and these are bizarre songs to be clear some of them and Yeah, so I I don’t know if you’re if you’re into my schtick and the things I do you’ll probably like it It’s available on all the streaming platforms.

I Think I mentioned the Internet’s out which is also a track on the album and I really do like that one I also really like a song called I forgot and I forgot is like a song From a guy on his deathbed and years ago.

He had prepared what he wanted to say on said deathbed But now when it’s time and the clock is ticking the real biological clock is ticking You can’t remember those words.

So yeah good stuff and maybe maybe the best song on the album is the one with the weirdest title And that’s quite an accomplishment on this album But there’s a song called orange versus lager about the competition between those two words over which one is harder to rhyme I’m very proud of the way that song sounds if you don’t feel like streaming all of them And you just want to hear previews of everything.

I did that at Lex Friedman comm slash internet.

So there you go This is not a money-making endeavor.

This is a bringing joy to myself and hopefully to others Endeavor, so feel free to listen.

It does also include the final track track 18 is your daily ringer Because the music subscription services won’t let you submit a song called your daily ringtone Because they don’t want you to submit ringtones.

So it’s your daily ringer, which is the your daily Lex theme song But a ringtone version with slightly changed lyrics So feel free to use that for when people call you assuming you keep your sounds on which nobody I know really does Anyway, it is a beautiful Monday here in the US tomorrow is the day of the competition In the US tomorrow is tax day.

So I hope you’ve taken care of that and I hope your taxes are low Maybe even refunds you deserve it because that’s who you are.

So Lex Friedman comm slash internet It includes an already remastered version of I’m the real Lex Friedman from the version that got released as a single last week Because that’s how we do here at you know, Lex Friedman LLC.

I was gonna say incorporated, but I am an LLC So you get it.

Anyway, it’s a Monday unless you’re Brian in which case it’s not but no matter what oh, it’s a great day You’ve earned it.

You deserve it.

And yeah, check out my album if that’s your thing Lex