A lot of you had very nice things to say about the new album, so thank you for that.

That was very kind to see.

Let’s talk more about feedback and other albums that I don’t have anything to do with.

Your Daily Lex.

Very special gratitude to a couple of you who mentioned that you really liked the remixed version of the, or the remastered version of the Your Daily Lex theme song.

Because those of you who actually can notice it and appreciate it, that’s pretty cool, my dear friends.

But yeah, lots of nice comments on the new album.

And anytime I’ve released an album, because I guess I’ve now done it three times, you immediately start hearing things that you wish you had done differently.

And this one especially features a bunch of songs that I wrote 15 years ago in some cases.

And so yeah, those are artifacts of their time, which is fine in its own way.

But I am thinking about a new album where I’m writing and recording the song specifically for it, that’ll be fun.

And if you’re wondering, is he actually making any money from those albums?

Yes, I’m going to retire on my music.

That’s not true.

Anyway, I got a couple emails yesterday, or messages on Masset on both.

But I did have somebody who reached out very, very kindly and said, I just thought I’d let you know that I think you’re so cool.

The internet’s out, which is both an album and a song, prompted this.

To me, it feels like a good encapsulation of your coolness.

Needless to say, I enjoyed it.

So my weekdays would feel incomplete without your dilly lax.


So a very nice message.

So thank you to Ben who said that.

And it’s always nice to get compliments when it’s actually meant for me and not for the other guy whose name is similar.

I am sending out my Fridman link quite a bit because I had somebody write to me yesterday saying, Hey, I have some questions for you about AI.

I’d love to talk.

Huge crush, by the way.

Writing to a person you don’t know and saying to them that you have a huge crush on them is weird.

So I don’t know.

Person, hold yourself in higher regard.

Megan Trainor is a singer who I don’t know why I like so much, but I do know.

I think she writes great songs.

I think she’s funny and I think she has really, really good songwriting skills.

She does a lot of stuff that’s an homage to kind of do up 50s and 60s rock and chord progressions, and I appreciate it.

On her new album, actually only on the deluxe edition of her new album, she has a song called Mother and I am obsessed with this song, which also samples Mr.


Do do do do do do do do do do do do in case you don’t, Mr.


But I don’t know.

I think she’s really talented and I like that song a lot.

I like her a lot.

So it’s it’s interesting to me that although I do think that she is funny, I think that she is both a good and terrible song lyricist.

And here’s why I say this in the song Mother, which I mentioned, and I believe and I’m not hip to this, but I believe that when Megan sings that she is your mother, she doesn’t mean that she’s literally your mother.

I think it’s like a metaphorical mother.

I think it’s like a slang mother.

That means like she’s the boss, but that’s not what she says.

She’s on your mother.

But the chorus, which opens the song and then and surprisingly, as of course, as it repeats a lot, she says, I’m your mother.

You listen to me.

Stop all that mansplaining.

No one’s listening.

So if you’re paying attention there, which she’s telling you to do, she attempts to rhyme.

You listen to me with no one’s listening.

Like it is very clearly meant to be a rhyme in the structure of the song because it goes, tell me he gave you permission to speak.

I’m your mother.

You listen to me.

I’ll grant you speak and me as a, you know, a close enough rhyme, not even a slay rhyme.

Like it’s it’s nearly there.

It’s not a rhyme, but it’s close.

It’s rhyme adjacent.

But you listen to me to no one’s listening, man.

Oh man, that’s we all deserve better and we all can do better.

And the thing that annoys me is it’s still a great freaking song.

Do you know how much it bothers me to have a great freaking song that has a crap rhyme like that?

It bothers me a lot.

That’s how much now, you know, one other topic in the minute we have remaining approximately before I choose to end this episode tomorrow as I record this today is Tuesday.

Tomorrow will be Wednesday tomorrow.

Um, did I say the right things?

I say today is Tuesday.

Tomorrow we will say today’s Tuesday.

Today will be Wednesday.

Hopefully I said the right thing.

I’m too busy to rewind and check.

But so, uh, tomorrow I’m giving a talk and usually when I give a talk, I like to do slides.

I’m going to make slides.

I like to use keynote.

I make slides that don’t really have words on them.

They have like a single image that reflects in some way what I’m talking about.

And um, you know, it’s typically there’s some sense of humor involved in there, right?

There’s some comedy in many slides in terms of how it relates to what I’m talking about.

But I decided this time, this is my, uh, second time talking to this company.

A second of four talks that we gave this year.

I said at this time, I’m not going to do the slides because we do slides over zoom.

Uh, you have to share your screen and it makes the video of you really small.

And I think that’s odd.

Um, so I decided to say, I’m not going to do slides.

And I thought about different ways I could do it.

Um, I could do like a picture and picture style thing and, you know, figure out a way to hack the video together so I could feed in video where I have me and, uh, a thing, or I could use virtual backgrounds.

You know, it’s just going to be me.

And I think that’s going to be a challenge.

Like I’m, I’m using a teleprompter because I have no notes to work from for this one.

Uh, the way you can when, when you’re using slides.

Um, but, uh, it’s, you know, I can’t move around and command a stage.

I’ve got to stay in one place so my camera can keep seeing me.

So we’ll see how it goes.

I may have made a huge mistake, but we’ll find out anyway.

Enjoy your Tuesday.


Thanks for watching.