I don’t want to oversell anything, but today we are absolutely going to be discussing one of the great debates of our time.

So let’s get right into it.

Your Daily Lex.

I ordered lunch today.

When I was ordering I got a sandwich.

I put fries in as a side because it suggested it and then I said, hey, I’ll take a Diet Coke too.

And then I was like, you know what?

I don’t need the fries.

I’m going to take the fries out.

And then Grubhub was like, well, now you’re below the cost to get free delivery.

So it’s going to cost more than if you added those fries back on.

And I debated, I could add a second soda or I could get the fries.

The second soda was probably overall the smarter move, but I didn’t do that.

I said, okay, I’ll add in the fries.

The food arrives and it’s the wrong soda.

Whereas I have ordered a Diet Coke, they have given me a can of Coke.

The sandwich was bad.

I did not eat most of the sandwich, I ate half the sandwich and then I gave up because it was not enjoyable in any way.

Then I was like, hmm, I guess the fries are at least good.

So I ate the fries.

They were good.

They were not quite warm enough, but they were good.

And then I was just staring at the soda that I won’t drink because I just, I can’t drink a regular full fat Coke.

I want my Coke with more chemicals, not with more sugar.

And I’m staring at this Coke and finally I’m like, you know what?

I ordered a Diet Coke.

They had options.

I went to the Diet Coke check box.

This is their mistake, not mine.

So this is the perennial question.

Do you complain about getting the wrong beverage?

I don’t think it costs the restaurant extra, right?

Because I mean, I guess it costs them the cost of the soda, but they said they sold me the wrong soda.

So I did go back to Grubhub and said, Hey, it was the wrong soda.

And so I got my $1 and 50 cents back plus the 10 cents of tax that was associated with it.

I threw away half the sandwich.

I’m okay with it, but I’m just curious.

Would you do the same?

Would you go back and say, Hey, wrong soda folks.

If I ordered a Diet Coke and they gave me that Pepsi, I’m not batting an eyelash.

Even if they give me a Diet Sprite, honestly, even if they give me a bottle of water, I can handle that.

That wouldn’t be great.

That’d be pretty lame, but I would tolerate him.

But instead they gave me a beverage I can’t drink.

Like I just, I won’t drink a regular Coke.

It’s crazy, crazy for me.

So yeah, I felt some guilt, but I still think it was like, not just acceptable, but honestly the right thing to do.

I have to look at their frigging things.

I also have to learn how to blacklist restaurants on GrubHub because I need to never order from this place again because it was not good.

I was also late.

Let’s, let’s just put that out there.

But I didn’t complain about the lateness.

I didn’t complain that I didn’t like the sandwich.

I just complained that, Hey, this soda was the wrong soda.

So hopefully that’s okay.

Hopefully you’re not judging me for that too harshly.

And if you are judging me for that partially, that’s really mean.

So you should know that don’t judge people so harshly.

It’s not kind.

I also watched a movie this week in anticipation of a podcast that’s launching soon, whose theme song you can actually hear on the, the Lex album.

The internet’s out.

That’s a podcast called Sorkin in it.

And I’ll talk more about it when the show is really available.

But for now, just trust that it’s me and the internet’s own Brian Warren watching the films of Aaron Sorkin, hence the name Sorkin in it.

And boy, it’s, it’s quite a treat to go from a less good Sorkin written movies to better written Sorkin written movies.

And I’ve done that this week, which is a, it’s a nice change, man.

Slogging through a bad movie is tough.

I try really, and I’m not good at this, but I try to abandon entertainment that I’m not enjoying, right?

If you’re reading a book, that’s not good.

You can stop reading the book.

If you don’t like the movie, you can stop the movie.

You don’t like the TV show.

You can stop watching the TV show.

It’s hard sometimes.

But yeah, somewhere between that sunk cost fallacy and being pot committed to mix analogies, I guess.

And there was a movie that I had to watch for the podcast where, you know what?

I kept watching it because of the podcast.

And if I weren’t doing the podcast, I think I probably would have given up.

I like to believe that as I’m saying it, I’m like, what I, it was Aaron Sorkin and all these good, I’m being coy about which movie is which.

So as not to spoil the podcast that’ll be coming out soon.

But man, it was, it was tough to get through.

And I think I, I do believe that I would have stopped.

I’m like, you know what?

This is too stupid.

This is not Aaron Sorkin enough and I don’t like it.

So there you go.

Stay tuned to the podcast when that comes out.

I mean, not this, but you can stay tuned to this podcast too, but staying tuned to this one won’t get you the other one, but it’ll at least be a place where I can tell you about the other one when it comes out.

Anyway, you’re welcome for a highly organized and intellectual episode of your daily Lex.

Would you have gotten a refund on the soda and a happy Thursday?

No, it’s a day that starts with T and ends with Y, but it is not Thursday.

So happy to Larves day Lex.