You guys I’m tired and it’s Francis fault Your Daily Lex At the end of June families go to France and Booking various things we’re gonna do Disneyland Paris and we’re gonna tour Paris for for several days as a family and And one of the things unsurprisingly that we want to do is go up the Eiffel Tower and you can buy skip the line tickets For the Eiffel Tower you can buy them in two ways You can buy them from third-party websites that resell them at a markup or you can buy them directly from the Eiffel Tower not from The tower itself.

It doesn’t have arms which makes it really hard for it to vend tickets But you know the Eiffel Tower website lets you buy those tickets 60 days in advance There are a small number of tickets that you go all the way to the top and then a larger number that lets you go to the mid-level and whatever so the first day I wanted to do ahead on my calendar and By the time I went to the website at around 6 30 in the morning Eastern Time The tickets to go all the way to the top for the day.

I wanted were sold out no problem, I realized the time zone and Was like, okay.

Let me go on at a 6 p.m.

Eastern Time This same day, which will be midnight in France So it’ll be tomorrow and I can look then and I wasn’t alone in this theory because the site was really Laboring under the weight of so many people but the tickets didn’t become available for the next day at that time Apparently the cutover wasn’t at midnight.

So I did some googling and saw oh it happens at 8 o’clock in the morning 8 o’clock in the morning France time 2 o’clock in the morning in the East Coast I was like, well, we’re only in Paris a finite number of days.

I want to go to these passes I’m going to go over the five of these tickets.

So let me do it Let me set my alarm for 1 58 a.m.

And I’ll get up I’ll have my phone already on the website and I’ll do it and the website does not let you like pre save things like you’ve Got to do quite a series of clicks or taps or whatever fine As I’m going to sleep.

I’m like, ah, I should have asked my sister who lives in Israel But my sister who lives in Israel was still asleep at that moment So I didn’t want to ask then I say hey, can you do this when you wake up or whatever like dumb too late?

Alarm goes off at 1 58.

I wake up bust out the phone and It’s 1 58 cell and it’s already available, which I realize as it’s happening.

Oh my god.

It didn’t take over at 2 a.m It took it took over at some time earlier I don’t know when sometime between 11 p.m When I last checked and 2 a.m.

The the new tickets became available for the following day.

So I Go through the process.

I can buy tickets for the family to go all the way to the top.

However The only available slide is 10 30 p.m.

Paris time, which seems crazy.

So I didn’t do it I have now emailed my sister or it actually texted with my sister and hopefully my sister is really able to do this for me Maybe I asked her to start checking a couple hours at a time So so but basically between 11 and 2 Eastern which is a more convenient time in Israel where it’s one hour ahead of France I can’t keep doing this math for you.

You get it.

But so it was 2 a.m.

I was still very tired I’ll continue the overshare.

I got up to pee because once you’re awake, why not right?

No, I agree.

I’m gonna go back to sleep But it’s one of the things where I just could not get comfortable.

I I really like to have my head on the pillow in a Certain way I cannot explain what that way is and there’s more than one of these ways But like once I get my head in that perfect pillow spot, it’s lovely and I’m ready to fall asleep But every once in a while, I’m in that situation.

I I get that my head in the right position, but then I just start hearing like the beating of my heart Tweaks my ear in a way that’s very amplified because of my ears against the pillow I don’t know explain this better.

Maybe some of you experience this but like it’s just like Oh Unpleasant I don’t listen to it.

So I’m moving around trying to get comfortable trying to fall asleep and I’m not falling asleep Like no big deal.

It’s two o’clock in the morning.

I’m gonna fall asleep.

No problem.

Now, it’s 220 now.

It’s 240 at three o’clock, I’m like basically, I was like F this and get the F does not stand for Friedman or Friedman so high Abandoned the bed and they go down to the family room This is not a thing that I do But I was like I often fall asleep on the couch watching TV Could I fall asleep on the couch and not watching TV and the answer was yes eventually But between 158 and probably around 330 I didn’t sleep And then you know my older to start coming down to get ready for school starting around 6 to start really eating breakfast before school and That was not enough sleep for me for the night.

I’ve also had very very very little coffee today I made a coffee and then just barely started sipping it yet.

I don’t know exactly why that is I’m too tired to drink it.

But anyway, I’m very tired and I do blame France You pause to France a trace to be usually Demand oh sure.

I don’t know today yesterday tomorrow.

I think France is always stupid I don’t actually think that but right now I think that you get it.

Anyway, happy Wednesday Take a nap Lex