Some days I record this show early in the morning and then I’m done for the day other days I don’t record it early in the morning and it happens morning morning morning Sometimes I don’t record it early and then all day.

I’m like, when am I gonna do it?

And there’s like added weird pressure.

When will your daily Lex happen?

I don’t know why there’s pressure It doesn’t matter you listen once a day.

Some people listen right when it comes out some people listen later.

It’s fine It comes out when it comes out, but it was weird because today I was stressing.

What am I gonna do it?

What is it gonna be about?

I literally still don’t know what’s gonna be about but I’ll figure it out after we hear the theme song so let’s hear the theme song your Daily Lex I think maybe I talk about the theme song too much.

I think maybe sometimes I get a little too excited I’m like, hey, let’s mention the theme song again, but it’s fine I just think it’s funny to have a podcast that’s this short that has a theme song that takes up several seconds on it you get anyway, I’m looking at my list of topics and yeah, so I talked yesterday about the the Eiffel Tower tour and waking up in the middle of the night or at 2 in the morning to book those tickets and being unsuccessful and Then being unsuccessful of falling back asleep for way too long So last night I was really tired and I said to my kids after I put them to bed that I was gonna go to bed Lauren was out fine So I’m getting ready to go to bed and I don’t know one of the things I’ve noticed as you get older It just takes longer and longer to get ready for bed all the different things you do and how long they all take fine and somehow at some point yesterday, I read some article about How there’s a finite number of families in the world where there’s a genetic a genetically passed down malady wherein Sometimes they can have a problem where they get bad insomnia and they get such bad insomnia That it’s got some name that I don’t remember because I didn’t read the article that attentively But an insomnia that is incurable where they cannot sleep and then eventually they lose their minds and die I was like, well, that’s not gonna be me because I’m really tired then I Went to sleep probably I was in bed around 1005 which was early for me And Yeah, then what happened was I couldn’t fall asleep.

So then I started to get stressed.

What if I have the thing?

What if I’m never gonna fall asleep again?

What if I’m gonna die?

I’m super tired Why am I not falling asleep?

Probably didn’t fall asleep because I had three coffees during the day because I was so freakin tired But I did allow myself to get a little bit stressed about that and then fell asleep Fell asleep knowing that my sister Abby and Israel probably wasn’t gonna be able to buy the Eiffel Tower tickets for us Because we had had so much trouble trying to do it ourselves during the day.

I had read online on some review site that There’s a trick where if you set your device’s time zone to Paris Then the system opens up tickets for you sooner because apparently the browser is looking at your Time settings your date and time setting and turn out that that was true But even then when we saw some time slots available and tried to book it by the time we finished attempting to book it at midnight Paris time It didn’t or at faked midnight Paris time by some random guy Didn’t or at faked midnight Paris time by setting our clocks at it they would get used up to like other people were on to the same trick we were basically and They got you People checked out before we checked out.

We were trying to check out as fast as humanly possible So I wrote to Abby who was asleep at this point saying hey, you’re gonna try in the morning It’s probably not gonna work.

Here’s all the things we did A little after midnight Eastern Time whatever time that was in Israel.

I can’t do the math anymore Abby tried and apparently had success if she couldn’t get it to work on a computer, but she got it to work on her phone Checked out got us the tickets.

Wonderful So the good news is we’re gonna go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Nobody has to worry But so yesterday morning, you know I was sleep in the family room because that’s where I’d moved which I never ever do I had moved there since I couldn’t fall asleep What I heard kids in the kitchen I text them.

Hey, just you know, I’m in the kitchen Don’t freak out when I or I’m in the family room.

Don’t freak out when I stand up So Sierra sees me a little bit later.

She’s like why couldn’t you sleep?

And I’m like, I was so excited about Arlo Who’s Arlo you might ask if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook?

You might have seen a photo of him in the past day or two Arlo is adorable.

He’s orange.

He’s furry and he’s cute I’ve mentioned I’m auditioning for Avenue Q and who knows this could be a chronicling of my failing to get cast in that show which is very possible in fact, but I’m really working hard on the audition and This all relates to what I’m talking about here because I had showed my kids.

Hey, although I’ve been practicing with puppets I’ve been practicing with kid puppets.

I want a grown-up puppet Not that the puppet itself is a grown-up but that it fits a grown-up hand and body a little bit better So I ordered one and I showed my kids.

Hey guess who’s coming tomorrow?

I have ordered this puppet and I showed him this furry orange monster and One of my kids asked does he have a name?

I said yes, these are low and he’s like the son I never had which Liam did not find as funny as I did But so we were describing Arlo as a kid So today I posted a pictures of all four of my kids I mean Liam’s here and Arlo and so when Sierra’s like why couldn’t you sleep?

I was like, well, it’s just so excited about Arlo’s arrival and it was a pretty good joke yesterday.

That’s my point but I’ve been practicing a lot with Arlo since he arrived yesterday and In fact as I talk about this audition this could be a whole episode but instead I’ll make it happen about 20 to 30 seconds at most The audition is an audition where you you know, seeing your 32 bars of a song then if you’re called back They’re gonna teach you some light puppeteering and test you on that But you don’t have to be a puppeteering expert thing is I am a puppeteering expert So I am thinking of bringing a puppet bringing Arlo to my audition.

That’s a little bit extra It’s a little bit of a thing But I might do it because he got to stand out and I’m the better puppeteer than the other folks They’re gonna get so who knows, you know, who doesn’t know Lex?