It’s everybody’s favorite, one of those times when I have a short window of time during which I can record this podcast, and so I’ve got to talk quickly and get it done quickly.

So here we go.

It’s time for today’s episode of Your Daily Lex.

I was looking at my list of topics in my special note for Your Daily Lex topics, and I was thinking how I need to repopulate that doc, because the episode topics that are left are so many.

I don’t know if I can get a full episode of that.

And then I remembered as I was looking at it, wait a second, I have to talk about something else on this episode.

I have to talk about my new podcast, Sorkin in it, which I mentioned yesterday would be a topic today.

So a couple of things about Sorkin in it.

Basically, I don’t remember exactly what it was that Casey List had tweeted or posted on Mastodon, I should say.

And when he tooted over there, something about it reminded me of, oh, you know what?

That was me live rewinding instead of editing.

But so it was over text and I had sent Casey, man, I wish I could really give you the full source of this conversation.

But anyway, it involved the Butterball hotline scene from the West Wing, which is great.

I think I posted about it and then I sent him a link to the post in a different conversation we were having.

But anyway, I sent him the Butterball hotline scene from the West Wing.

I was like, this is a great scene.

He’s like, I’ve actually never seen that show.

And I was like, oh, my gosh, Casey, we should watch the West Wing for a podcast.

You and me will do a rewatch podcast, even though the West Wing Weekly already exists.

You and I will do a West Wing rewatch podcast.

And Casey was like, nah.

But we were talking about this both in iMessage and on Mastodon and other folks started writing to me about how I should definitely do that podcast with Casey and then how I should do other Sorkin related podcasts with them.

And my pal Brian Warren and I were talking about this.

And at first we were like, let’s do Sports Night because that’s a much smaller commitment than the West Wing.

West Wing, 140 something episodes or I made that number up, but it’s around there and already has a podcast dedicated to it.

So let’s do Sports Night.

There were two problems with doing a Sports Night podcast with Brian.

Problem the first, it’s not available for streaming anywhere.

It has been available for streaming at times, but it is currently not available for streaming.

And I am opposed to doing a podcast about a TV show if that podcast isn’t readily available on one of the major streaming services because people won’t watch along with you and then it’s no good.

Problem the second, my pal Dan Morin loves Sports Night.

I think it’s one of his absolute favorite shows and he would be crestfallen and brokenhearted.

Both of those adjectives were I to do a podcast about Sports Night without him.

But of course, Dan couldn’t mind at all if I did a podcast about Aaron Sorkin’s movies with my pal Brian.

Just kidding.

Dan hated it.

No, he didn’t hate it at all.

But Dan gave me some sass, some comic well-earned sass via text and Slack and discord and basically every means where Dan and I communicate, he was like, I can’t believe you’re doing this without me, Friedman.

And I just have to keep reminding him that when Jason Snell left the Clockwise podcast to Dan and Dan needed a new co-host, he didn’t even ask me.

He went straight to Micah.

Micah’s a great co-host for that show, but I felt the same hurt yet understanding that Dan feels because it’s not personal in any way.

It’s not a mean thing in any way.

Dan should podcast with whomever he wants to podcast for each podcast.

As should I.

I love podcasting with Dan.

That’s why I have at least four shows that I do on the regular to different degrees of regular with Dan.

That would be the rebound, not playing with Lex and Dan, which we’re recording later today.

Friendly competition, my game show and inconceivable his game show.

So I feel overall fine, but yeah, it was funny.

So anyway, one day maybe we’ll watch sports night.

Maybe, maybe Dan will join a second season of Sorkin in it.

But anyway, Sorkin in it is a podcast where Brian and I are watching the films of Aaron Sorkin.

He’s written more movies than you might realize.

And the question is, are they all great?

The answer is no.

Are some of them great?

Oh yes.

But the list of movies has been, you know, we started with, we’re going in chronological order.

So we’ve watched a few good men, Malice, the American president, Charlie Wilson’s war.

He’s also got the social network, Moneyball, Steve Jobs, Charlie’s game trial, the Chicago seven and being the Ricardo’s.

I have warm feelings about many of the movies.

I haven’t seen some of those movies at all.

Um, and uh, some I’ve now seen and do not like.

Uh, but it’s, it’s interesting cause we’re chronicling the, uh, Aaron’s journey as a writer.

Um, and you know, also noting Aaron’s work and tropes that we catch in these movies and it’s, it’s been fun.

It’s a good time.

So Sorkin in it, uh, is available wherever you get your podcasts, particularly in this podcast app right now.

If you’re listening in a podcast app, which you are, unless you’re my parents were listening on a web browser, but sorting in it, uh, for true podcast listeners, go get it.

And, uh, we’ll close out this episode with its theme song, which I don’t remember if I’ve ever shared on this podcast, but anyway, so we’re going to check it out and a happy Wednesday.

Everybody is sorting it in, walking and talking.

Please take just a minute.

It’s a podcast Aaron’s sorting hate about all the films he’s written today.

Sorkin in it.