We’ve talked a bit about coffee on this podcast and by we of course, I mean me you don’t do the talking on this podcast You do the listening but this is another coffee related episode.

Let’s get to it your Daily Lex So you may recall I began doing my coffee drinking during the pandemic I was sent a Keurig and started using it while our team was in the process of getting acquired by Amazon and I You know learned it to really like it.

I just do some milk I do flavored coffees because I am what I am and I typically like a cinnamon or a chocolate flavored coffee But I’m open other flavors as well.

Anyway, I realized during the summer the same issue I had with tea that I hate iced tea iced tea is disgusting, but I was a longtime tea drinker but sometimes in peak hot days the idea of diving into a a Hot tea was totally unbearable to me.

I just did it anyway, but with coffee.

I was like, well, you know people drink iced coffee Maybe I can figure this out So, you know I try to I put a glass filled with ice cubes put it on the Keurig and then quickly realized I have to put in Less coffee, you know, you get the 8 10 or 12 ounces, I guess from my Keurig I guess I have to put in less coffee use the 8 ounce variety option To avoid the cup getting too full to put in some milk if I’m gonna have it filled with ice as well fine no big deal, but I was doing that and Then Lauren noticed that I was doing this so she got me a a cold brewer for some event over the past year I don’t know if it was Father’s Day or a birthday Hanukkah something but it was I guess it was probably around Hanukkah time because I Didn’t use it right away because I don’t need iced coffee when it’s not hot so It was only recently time to use it and when I was busting it out to get things set up and learn how to use It I saw that there was a slight fracture on the the lid handle And so I contacted the company this emerge keep that one.

We’re gonna send you a whole new one I was like great because the only reason I written to them was because it clearly had arrived that way having never been used So they sent me a replacement The first time I used it, you know, I’m measuring everything because they had very specific things you know use 75 grams of grounds and put in 1.1 liters of water and Brew for 8 to 12 hours, whatever.

So I followed all the instructions and it worked out.

Well, it was not bitter It was good coffee.

I enjoyed it, but it’s not that much coffee You know because I often use reusable curried cups K cups and I know you know it’s like I use one of these scoops and it fills up the thing and that’s a cup of coffee, but To get about I don’t know somewhere between three and four cups of iced coffee.

I used what could have been around ten or Maybe maybe more than ten scoops Which is what the instructions say to do that cold brew is stronger.

And so it uses more grounds So long as I go this is this is wasteful.

I should have gotten this for you This uses too much since your your old method was working for you.

I was like, well, this is better cold brew coffee, whatever so Um, I was making a second batch and I said this time i’m not going to measure now if you know me Which I guess you do from many episodes of this podcast that was hard for me to not measure it because i’m going to follow You know instructions and especially with food prep Especially with things like coffee where I will never truly feel like an expert It it pained me to not follow the instructions like, you know, i’m just gonna fill up this giant filter with grounds And i’m just gonna fill up the water and i’m gonna knowingly put in more water than i’m supposed to which is what I did um, however while I was scooping in the coffee grounds this time I uh Something happened like it was a cough or something like I did I had some involuntary movement for a moment And that movement caused me to spill just a tiny bit of grounds into the actual Pitcher as opposed to going through the funnel and into the filter area So I knew as it was brewing that I had some grounds in there didn’t know what to do I mentioned this to Lauren this morning and Lauren to her credit had a really good idea.

She’s like well Because I was asking her this morning after she finished brewing If we had some sieve like thing that I could use to filter out the the loose grounds There weren’t many grounds in there, but there were there, you know, there was there was a measurable amount There was a detectable amount of grounds and I wasn’t looking forward to that And I was like, do we have any sieve type thing and she’s like, yeah I mean ideally you’d pour it all into something else and then you could just pour it right back through the filter again And that’ll get the loose grounds And I thought that was a smart idea and I was like well I know that I happen to have another pitcher that’s exactly the same size since they had you know Their whole replacement thing.

So anyway, I don’t want anybody to worry I have Re-filtered very briefly the coffee to get through all the extra excess grounds And I did have to endure using that broken plastic lid But it was a good thing I hadn’t thrown it away because that picture came in handy I haven’t had the coffee, but maybe there’s i’m trying to do a little folding work The iced coffee is right next to my microphone right now.

We’re going to do a real-time test Yeah, despite the fact that I put in more water I still think it’s pretty good um You know put in more water as I was doing the brewing.

I mean, it’s It’s uh, it’s clearly better than when i’m just icing hot coffee instantly Uh, this is this is a better thing.

They say that you know, the actual cold brew process Um removes bitterness and does other positive things and i’m feeling it.

It’s pretty good.

Anyway, it’s a monday Um, I know some of you who don’t follow me aggressively on every single platform might be wondering what happened with the audition on saturday It went well I scored a call back in the room, which was exciting And they did let me use the puppet and i’ll let you know how the callback goes after it happens Which is tuesday and then it’ll probably be even more days till you know, I hear anything lex