I’m not nervous, you’re nervous.

I’m actually at this moment not super nervous, but I do have callbacks tonight for Avenue Q.

And it’s the kind of thing where you can’t prep everything.

Right, like, first of all, I don’t know what they’re doing at callbacks.

Am I gonna be singing songs?

Am I gonna be doing dialogue, reading scenes like they’ve given us no prep?

So that’s fun, but you can’t rehearse, even if I knew, hey, you’re gonna be singing songs that Trekky Monster sings.

You can’t practice that too many times because that’s, it’s pretty aggressive on your voice.

And I can do some things to make it be less aggressive on my voice, but I also don’t wanna blow it out.

So anyway, I’ve got that in the back of my head all day.

But you know what’s in the front of my head?


♪ Your Daily Lex ♪ I developed a reputation on the internet many years ago.

Boy, this story could go a lot of ways just from that opening.

But many of my friends are very prominent on the Incomparable Podcast Network and the Incomparable flagship show.

It was about movies a lot of the time.

Not always, but a lot.

And I was kind of infamous in that crowd of friendly nerds for not having seen many movies.

The hashtag and tagline that would be bandied about was Lex hasn’t seen it.

I think Jason Snell was the creator of Lex hasn’t seen it as a meme of sorts.

Because there were many movies I hadn’t seen.

Especially because although I think I absolutely am a part of nerd culture and like nerdy things, there’s certain kinds of nerdy things that have just never been my cup of tea.

The Star Wars and Star Trek universes.

I was pluralizing Star Trek there, and now it’s like, man, so the Star Wars and Star Trek universes, let’s say it that way instead.

And like Lord of the Rings, even Harry Potter, role-playing games, those things just aren’t for me.

I don’t object to other people enjoying them.

I just know that they’re not for me.

And a lot of it comes down to, I’m just not a huge fan of fantasy.

I like sci-fi just fine.

I don’t like certain kinds of fantasy.

And my description of this certainly rankles people in my family, specifically Ani, who doesn’t quite agree with this assessment.

But I once had a deal with Lauren where she was gonna read a book I recommended, and I was gonna read the first Harry Potter book, which I did.

And my complaint is basically like, you get into the, oh no, we’re in this unsolvable, no way out scenario.

Oh, I know, we’ll cast the unsolvable, no way out scenario reversing spell.

It’s like, okay, great.

There’s not a lot of drama there for me.

It’s just, it doesn’t do it for me, it’s fine.

But so, as Jason kept talking about Lex hasn’t seen it, and that became a popular thing amongst a certain group of podcasting nerds online, I had the idea many years ago, hey, what if I did a podcast where I watched these movies that I hadn’t seen?

And I call it Lex Hasn’t Seen It.

And I was talking to my buddy Dan, Dan Warren about this, and he’s like, you should do that with me.

And I’m like, Lex hasn’t seen it with Dan?

And he’s like, no, you can’t call it Lex Hasn’t Seen It with Dan.

But that concept eventually became not playing with Lex and Dan.

I bring that all up because we’re recording an episode this week.

And I guess I’m debating if I’m okay spoiling the movie that we’ll be watching for that episode.

I’m gonna go with I won’t spoil it.

But so, on not playing, the way the show has really shaken out, we sometimes watch movies that neither of us has seen, but that we think most people in the world have seen, or most movie watching people have seen at least.

And other times we take turns showing each other movies that one of us has seen, but the other has not.

Sometimes the seasons are themed.

In fact, I saw all the Star Wars movies, thanks to Dan, doing a season of that with me.

We subjected both of ourselves to the entire Fast and the Furious franchise.

Man, it’s just not for me.

And we’ve watched all kinds of movies.

There was a season where I made Dan watch a bunch of sports movies.

He showed me Die Hard.

I showed him UHF.

We each have our roles to play.

But so, today we’re watching a movie that I have zero anticipation for.

I still, although I don’t have any anticipation for it yet, I’m open and willing to the idea.

I’m open to the idea and willing to experience the idea that maybe I will like it.

Maybe it’ll be great.

Who knows?

And so there’s that.

And I also think that I will appreciate having seen it, even if it’s not for me.

And thus far, my impression is it’s not for me.

Without going too deep into spoilers, but spoiler horn, if you want to protect yourself from knowing what’s going to happen when I’m not playing later this season, I’m not a huge fan of older movies, and I’m not a huge fan of Westerns.

And this movie, I believe, qualifies as both, I believe.

And so, I think it’ll be nice to be able to say, yeah, I’ve seen that one.

I can recognize that piece of popular culture, or even just culture.

And here’s what makes it workable, you guys.

And this is now just turning into a love letter to Dan, but I get to watch it with my friend Dan, so that’s fun.

So that’s actually not playing as part of the Incomparable Podcast Network.

As is that other movie podcast that I mentioned too long ago, Sorgen and It, where my pal Brian and I watch the films of Aaron Sorgan.

This week, he and I are watching Moneyball.

I’ve already watched it for the week.

And a fun thing about that one, much like a fun thing about not playing is, I don’t know what, sometimes with not playing, I kind of know what Dan thinks about the movie at a time, or he knows what I think about it at a time.

Like, that’s why we’re making each other watch these things.

But with these Sorgan movies, I don’t always know if Brian’s gonna like it, or how he’s gonna feel about the movie that we’re about to discuss.

So that’s been interesting.

You can listen to our episode about Malice in early Aaron Sorgan film to find out.

Yeah, neither of us really liked that one.

Anyway, today I’m watching an old Western, so hold a good thought, and hold an even better thought for tonight’s callbacks.