I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking today, finally, today’s the day when I’m going to find out what happened with Lex’s audition.

And I will tell you exactly what I know from Avenue Q right after this.

Your Daily Lex.

Okay, here is what I have heard from Avenue Q.

Absolutely nothing.

Still just nothing.

I do know of some people who auditioned and who were told, hey, thank you, but no, thank you.

You’re not in this show.

I believe none of those people who got that message were called back.

So yeah, it could be a sign.

Oh, that’s a good sign.

Maybe, but it could also mean nothing.

Like they just cut the people who they already knew they weren’t casting for having not called them back.

So yeah, as far as I know, they haven’t gotten back to anybody yet because I know several other auditioners.

They haven’t gotten back to anybody to say you’re in the show.

So good stuff.

Just waiting and waiting.

Some follow up on non wrinkled clothes or de-wrinkling clothes.

Two things that I didn’t cover.

One of which I discussed with my buddy Dan Morin, who talked about how he’ll run the shower hot and hang up a shirt in a hotel bathroom or something to help get the wrinkles out.

I’ll definitely do that.

I’m not averse to using the showers steam to help de-wrinkle something.

I have two problems with it.

One, to do that, you have to close yourself in the bathroom and that seems with a mirror and I hate a fogged up mirror.

I think it’s really fogging and annoying.

I don’t love that part of now I’m in a super hot, steamy, gross bathroom and I have to wait 20 minutes before I can do my hair or shave and all that annoys me.

So I do that.

But I don’t know.

I don’t love it.

It doesn’t work that great.

But my emergency situation that I can do in a hotel if there’s something that’s really wrinkled and I got to figure it out is this.

I take some water.

I flick it onto the wrinkles of the shirt and then I bust out the hotel hair dryer.

And then I definitely wonder about the grossness of the hair dryer.

But I bust out the hotel hair dryer and I start air drying the thing that I just sprayed water on and it really works.

I have removed so basically making a makeshift iron but it really is effective in removing wrinkles.

So it doesn’t work as well on my face.

I’ve tried to get rid of some of my old person wrinkles with an iron and water and that doesn’t happen.

So basically I’m just being hilarious.

But I can’t help as I talk about clothing wrinkles also thinking about human wrinkles or whatever.

And I’ve discussed this a little bit in the past on the show but it is funny to me how especially I think this is truer of men in the US at least but how men don’t think about skin care and then over time start to a bit.

I’ve mentioned how my time I spend at the bathroom counter only ever gets longer and slower because I got to do the face wash and I got to do the lotion and maybe the other lotion.

Now I have a lotion that I put on my stubble which actually really seems to help.

But it’s weird to put on all these lotions and things and not actually know if they’re doing anything.

I’m putting on a lotion each night and each morning to keep my skin better in some way but I have no idea if it’s doing anything or if I’m just wasting my time.

So that’s fun.

Anyway, who knows what I’ll hear.

The show again did promise on callbacks that we would get responses this week.

It’s been such a long time now it feels like to me that I can mostly be pessimistic and then I’ll have flashes of incredible optimism even though there’s no reason for either of those feelings.

There’s no new information from waiting.

It’s just waiting.

But man, I’m annoyed having waited at all the time I’ve spent waiting.

I checked my inbox a bunch of times already and now I know in retrospect they weren’t going to email me on Wednesday or Tuesday or Thursday.

Tuesday wasn’t actually, they weren’t going to email me on Wednesday and they weren’t going to email me on Thursday.

So I spent all that time checking for those emails and now it’s Friday and they still didn’t email.

So why was I checking last thing before I went to sleep if they weren’t even going to have emailed?

I mean I get why but I’m annoyed at the time that I spent anticipating it then now knowing in retrospect it wasn’t going to happen.

I have no idea if that point makes sense but it was important to me.

Anyway have a wonderful weekend and if you happen to be my parents happy 50th wedding anniversary today.

We’ll talk Monday.