We have a couple different topics today really to which is a couple.

Topic one is this Friday.

Topic two is your latest update on my Avenue Q audition.

The saga of this podcast that will never end or will it?

Your Daily Lex.

Well, okay, that saga will end, but it’s not going to end today.

Lauren is in a show or the show that just ended a production of Hello Dolly, whose sound person is also the producer of Avenue Q.

And Lauren mentioned to that person during their shows this weekend, boy, Lex is still waiting to hear what’s going to happen.

And he’s like, yeah, we’re not going to give any updates to anybody until Monday.

Actually, Lauren said that she had various friends who had auditioned for Avenue Q who are all waiting to hear.

And he’s like, yeah, we’re not going to be until Monday.

Now it is Monday, 9 to 7 a.m.

So I record these words, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

I assume I will hear today.

I am back to being convinced I am not going to get cast in the show, which is sad, but it’s fine.

And I’m excited to be able to wrap up this saga of the podcast.

Listen, I’d be joyful and delighted if it wraps up with, hey, I got into the show and then I can have some stories about doing the show or whatever.

But my assumption is I will not.

But I’m appreciative that in theory, I should know by end of day today.

So good.

Let’s talk about Friday.

So many months ago, I have three kids, as you know.

Many months ago, Sierra didn’t go to school because her school was closed unexpectedly due to a water main break with no water pressure in school.

They couldn’t have school because I guess they couldn’t ask kids to hold it all day, nor did they want it to become a wasteland in there.

So this Friday, other kids, all the other schools in the entire district have off because it was we had some snow days built into the calendar, but had no snow accumulation this year, so didn’t use any of the snow days.

Thanks, global warming.

And so many students around the county, almost every student around the school district were given this Friday off, but not Sierra, whose school has said we’re going to make it a half day to make up for the day we missed.

Thanks or no thanks to that water main break.

Sierra has lobbied the household to say that she shouldn’t have to go on that Friday half day because some kids won’t be going.

Their parents won’t be sending them.

Maybe they have other plans, and it’s near the end of school year, and since there’s not going to be a lot of kids there, she shouldn’t have to go.

My instinct is she should have to go.

It’s a school day, right?

Like she got a different day off.

She got the gift, and now she has to get some of the right analogy.

I was going to say she’s got the gifts, and that’s just to pay for it.

That’s not the way gifts work.

That’s what it gives work.

That stinks.

But she got a bonus, and now she’s got to pay it back like she earned it.

She earned it.

She received her day off, and now she’s got to make that day up.

But she’s like, we’re not going to do anything.

There’s no point, and I’ve had perfect attendance.

I’m like, that’s right.

You’ve had perfect attendance.

Why should we screw it up?

I can really argue this one either way.

My instinct, though, like I said, is you should go.

It’s a day of school, and it’s a half day, so it’s not even so bad.

And it’s a half day, which is an advantage because the day that she missed was a full day for everybody else, so she’s still coming out ahead.

And Liam made that argument, too.

He’s like, she missed a full day but only has to go for a half day, so she should go.

I really can’t decide because on one hand, I think it’s a school day.

You should go.

On the other hand, I think they’re not going to do anything.

It’s not going to be a useful day.

It’s not going to be educational.

On the third hand, I’m an octopus, but on the third hand, I would certainly expect to go that day where I had the student, and I would kind of imagine there could be a world wherein you get some advantages from the teachers.


Like, you’re here, so here’s…

It could be a lot of like, let’s watch a movie or other crap or like, hey, goof off on the computers, or it could be like, hey, here’s an extra thing.

Like, here’s an extra thing to give you extra credit, or here’s a study guide for the test that I’m not going to give other people.

Like, there could be some advantages to going, and it could be a cool way to get a tiny bit ahead.

I don’t know.

On the fourth hand, she’s going to be grumpy if she goes, and it’s almost inevitable no matter what.

If she goes and then she comes home, she’s going, oh, it was such a waste of time, I can’t believe you made me go.

That’s not the reason not to send her, it’s just a thing to anticipate.

So I’m curious what people’s take is, or what people’s take are.

I’m curious what people’s takes are.

I’m also curious about how the English language works and why I’ve lost my ability to speak this morning.

This isn’t the first time I’ve struggled to get phrases out.

This is my 19th take of this episode of the podcast.

That’s not true.

But anyway, feel free to write to me on Mastodon.

It’s at lexfry at hackaderm.io.

If you want me to spell hackaderm, at this point, just go to a website and find me.

If you go to lexfry.com, you’ll find a link.

But anyway, you can write to me there.

If you know me well enough to text me, feel free to do that.

But let me know, what would you do with your kid?

Were you in this situation?

Should Sierra go to school on Friday?

Anyway, I hope you have an amazing week ahead.

I don’t think I said that word right either.

I could rewind it, but no, let’s leave it.

I hope you have an amazing week ahead.

And I hope that by tomorrow, I can at least have some kind of key informational update to the saga of my audition.

Happy Monday, everybody.