Listen, you know what you’re waiting for.

I know what you’re waiting for.

You’re waiting for the update on the endless saga of Lex’s audition for Avenue Q.

Here we go.

Your Daily Lex.

There’s still absolutely no goddamn update.

Honestly, I can’t even believe it.

Yeah, they haven’t written to anybody who was at callbacks and here’s the bits of information that had been given right in person.

They said we’re going to let people know within the week.

And again, that callback was last Tuesday within the week to me meant by Sunday.

They told Lauren in person when a producer was involved with the show that Lauren was doing.

We’re going to get back to people by end of day Monday.

That was yesterday.

That was Tuesday.

Haven’t heard.

I am feeling reasonably confident that I will hear a verdict on the show today.

I remain unconvinced that I’ll get cast in the show, but I would still just like I’d like to put it in bed.

I’d like to know, but that hasn’t happened yet.

And so by the end of the day, if it’s around 9 p.m.

I haven’t heard anything.

I am going to email the stage manager who said to me in writing, we’re going to let people know by end of this past week, meaning in my mind Sunday at the absolute latest.

I’m going to email her.

Hey, just checking in.

And I will tell you, that’s very controversial.

It’s very it’s considered truly bad form to to ask that question of production teams.

That’s how actors think about it.

Anyway, I know if you do that, if you write to them and ask, hey, what’s the deal?

Like when are you going to update people?

Then they think you’re high maintenance or then they won’t cast you.

I have a hard time believing that if you send an aggressive message, if you send it like, hey, jerkies, what’s the problem?

You dumb, dumb heads.

Then sure, I can imagine they wouldn’t cast you.

But if I write a note tonight being like, hey, I know you had mentioned Sunday.

It seems like maybe it’s taking longer.

I just wanted to confirm.

Was I not cast or have you simply not made casting decisions yet?

I think it’s reasonable.

And if they don’t like that, OK, I’m willing to, I suppose, not get cast in a show.

I already think I won’t be cast in to advocate for myself.

Like I think it’s I think we’re in a slightly unfair situation now, but I think it’s I think it’s not great.

I’m sure they would rather it not be going this way.

There must be some other holdups at play.

And I could guess as to what those were.

But the thing that I wish theater companies would do that they tend not to.

And honestly, this is part of why I don’t audition for more stuff.

Also, because when you improv, you don’t have to learn any lines.

It’s way, way easier.

But I think that what ideally they could send out a note saying, hey, by the way, everybody who’s was at callbacks, we haven’t made our decisions yet.

Or there’s a slight delay and we’ll get back to like our new revised date when we expect to tell everybody what’s happening is X.

I just wish you could stay informed.

You know, it’s fine.

I’m sure they mean no harm and they’re doing their best and whatever.

Fun fact about most community theater, the actors are volunteer, but at many community theaters, the crew are not right.

The production team is not they’re not getting rich off this, but, you know, it’s a paid gig.

And then certainly if it’s a musical, then there’s a pit.

The pit gets paid.

But there are so many actors around that they don’t need to pay them.

Occasionally, you might run into an issue where like if you need, say, a role must be played by an Asian woman or something because of how the script is written and they don’t get enough or they don’t get any in auditions, then they might, you know, pull in a ringer from outside and that actor might get paid.

But 98% of the time, actors in community theater aren’t getting paid, even though everybody else involved is, which I think is fine.

This is not a complaint, just interesting.

Like I, I, in my head, since you need everybody for the show and if there’s actors who aren’t going to get paid, like I want to just go out of my way to be kind to them.

I’m feeling I’m feeling not that I was gonna say I’m not feeling slighted on the outside chance that people who are casting the show start Googling me before they cast me.

They find the right me and not the other guy.

And then they’re like, hey, let’s check out his daily podcast.

And they see that I’m talking about the audition process.

I don’t want to hear me saying I’m feeling slighted and then choose not to cast me.

But I think I’m okay braving that potential sequence of events because it is frustrating, right?

Like it’s been more than a week now since callbacks.

It’s crazy to go dead silent in my opinion.

So, and I get, I think they’re all nice people who are trying to do the best they can.

But my advice to them would be, Hey, next time you’re in this situation, feel free to send people a note saying, Hey, thanks so much for coming to call the hex.

Here’s the revised date of when we think we’re gonna get back to people or here’s what we’re gonna get back to people or we’re just sorry for the delay, whatever.

I don’t know.

So now, you know, still no new information.

I’m already a four minutes and 20 seconds into this episode and I have no update.

My update is there is no update, so you’re welcome.

But anyway, I, uh, I, I do have my puppet Arlo here in my office with me.

So if I’m not cast, I assume he will console me.

And if I am cast all credit due to him, because he really did a great job at his audition.

Another fun fact side story.

I needed to run an errand this morning and right as I got in the car to drive to do that air and I was like, I wonder if the store opens at 9am or 10am.

And I looked it up and I was so proud of myself for looking it up because they don’t open till 10 and it would have been sad to go there and not be able to get in.

So shout out to me.

I mean, I waited until I was sitting in my car, but still I saved myself the round trip bonus drive for no reason.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

Maybe I’ll have an update on Wednesday.

If not, we’re gonna have a totally different topic.

I promise.