I’m thinking of rebranding Your Daily Lex as Max.

Not Your Daily Max, just Max.

Is that name available?

Your Daily Lex.

A lot of people reached out with nice things to say regarding Avenue Q, so thank you for that.

It’s funny, some folks didn’t know exactly what to say.

They’re like, congratulations and I’m sorry.

I’m like, look, there’s no negative to this.

It’s very frequent that you get cast and it’s not the part that you were going for, excited about.

I’m still excited about this part.

It’s just not the part that I wanted.

But anyway, I’m very excited about doing Avenue Q.

I’ve been reviewing some of what I will be doing in that show and I encourage all of you to come to New Jersey in August to watch it.

And listen, it’s in a beach town.

It’s in Manasquan.

It’s lovely.

So you can just take a vacation there and then go to the Algonquin Arts Theater, I think that’s what it’s called, and watch it.

So highly recommended.

Maybe about half sold through because they sell these things pretty far in advance.

Anyway, a question, do you have crap in your office?

Do you have crap that you use to decorate your desk or whatever?

Stuff that, toys or just objects, objet d’art.

I certainly do have some and I was going to take you on a little tour.

This is the rare time where it’d be more fun if you could get the full visual, which sadly you can’t.

I’m not posting photos, there won’t be a video walkthrough, but I do want to tell you about just some of the stuff in the Lex Friedman home office.

So I’ve got a built-in desk situation and there’s a shelf directly above my monitor.

On that shelf is a poster, a framed piece of art that says, take her to the moon for me, okay?

With a silhouette of Bing Bong.

Who I’ve mentioned on this podcast in the past as making one of the greatest sacrifices in cinema history.

Then there’s an actual Bing Bong.

Bing Bong, this, well I mean, an actual replica of Bing Bong.

That Bing Bong is sitting atop a, I don’t know what you call this, like a loose site block I guess that commemorates Art 19’s acquisition by Amazon.

Maybe you don’t know this.

I didn’t know this until it started happening for me, but when companies get acquired, often somebody gets you a commemorative plaque of some sort.

So I have one from that and I have one from when we sold Mineral.

There’s a thing that indicates I’m a superstar dad, so you should all know and be jealous.

There are various Mailchimp figurines.

There’s a Build-A-Bear elephant doctor that Lauren gave me many, many years ago before we were married.

They might be Giants mug that’s too small to use as a mug.

Lego figures that I assembled of Doc Brown and Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

A small statue of Swoop, who is the Eagle’s mascot.

A Weird Al Yankovic, and I just lost the word.

A Weird Al Yankovic, what’s the thing?

A Funko Pop.

A Weird Al Yankovic Funko Pop.

Buddy in a Box, which is Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf.

You push the button and he pops out and shouts, does somebody need a hug?

In fact, let’s do it now.

Here he goes.

Someone need a hug.

I’m sorry, he says, does someone need a hug?

The only annoying thing about Mr.

Buddy the Elf is he’s a pain in the butt to put back in.

A tiny miniature Eagle’s helmet.

Two empty cans of Prongles, and if you don’t know what those are, I’m not going to tell you.

A plaque from when I was the volunteer of the decade for Samfund, the non-profit I’ve done a lot of stuff with.

An old vanity license plate, it looks like maybe two old vanity license plates that say Mr.

Lex from when I was a Pennsylvania driver.

Those are just one shelf, and it’s covered with stuff.

It’s not messy to me because it’s out of the way, and it’s a shelf that is intentionally full of all those things to display.

A couple of photos on there too, if I didn’t say that.

But man, I do like having that stuff, and it’s fun to look at.

It’s fun to take a tour of it with you, so I’m glad that we did this together.

There’s a whole second shelf.

That one has more photos.

It also has a Carson Wentz bobblehead.

He’s a former Philadelphia Eagle player, and a Diet Coke bottle from the Star Wars area of Disney World because they have cool robot-shaped Diet Coke bottles.

I think I paid like $8,000 for that Diet Coke, if memory serves.

It was a little overpriced at Disney World, which I know you’ll be shocked to hear.

So this is some of the stuff in my office that I get to look at every time I walk in, and some of it I can see while seated, some of it I kind of have to stand up to see.

I thought you would enjoy that trip down, not memory lane, but active presence lane with me, Lex Friedman.

Anyway, I can’t promise there’ll be an episode tomorrow.

I’m not really working tomorrow.

It’s the start of a long Memorial Day weekend.

So whether we talk again tomorrow or not, I hope you have a great weekend.

And if you live in a place that gives this as a long weekend, I hope it has a great long weekend for you.

So there you go.

Happy Thursday.


Thanks for watching.