I wasn’t supposed to have rehearsal on Wednesday this week.

The rehearsal schedule has come out for the rest of Elf and I wasn’t on it for Wednesday, November 8th.

Great, no problem.

But on Monday, November 6th, the director was like, Alex, we can look at this more when you’re here on Wednesday.

I was like, oh, but I’m not here on Wednesday.

He’s like, you’re not here on Wednesday?

And I said, no, I’m not here on Wednesday.

And then he thinks about it for a minute and he says, could you come on Wednesday?

Of course I can, Anthony, anything for you.

So I went on Wednesday.

It was not bad.

Your Daily Lex.

And here’s why it wasn’t bad.

You know, Wednesday, yesterday, was a dance rehearsal.

And I have to do some dancing in the show.

And that’s not my strongest suit.

It’s not the easiest thing for me.

But I will put in the time.

I will learn.

And there was a rehearsal a couple weeks ago where we learned the dance for the finale.

And man, the dance core team had already learned that dance.

And so they’re plugging some of the principles into it.

Like, okay, you just pick up this dance.

Here’s what they’re doing.

And then they showed it to us a couple times.

And then like, you’re trying to do this dance that people have already learned and spent, you know, a couple weeks learning.

And I’m not a dancer and I’m trying to do it.

And boy, I can’t, I cannot do it.

But I can put in the time.

Sometimes I have to motivate myself to put in the time.

Like, listen, I’m not going to dance poorly on stage.

I’m going to learn it.

But there’s times where you’re like, I don’t know if I want to do this.

Like, I have to dedicate time of my own time at home to work on this dance.

And I don’t feel like doing it today.

Because it’s really hard for me.

I have to break it down into microscopic pieces.

And then, like I’ve talked about before in the show, like understand how to make my body move.

Fine, whatever.

But so I was added to this dance rehearsal last night for some songs in which I am prominent.

But it’s okay.

So there’s a song in Elf, the musical, called Just Like Him.

Where Buddy, my elf son, is singing about how he wants to be just like me.

Of course, my character is a total horse’s ass for most of the show.

And I’m huffing and puffing through my office.

Buddy is dressed in a suit that day to look like me.

He’s not in his typical elf costume.

And it’s kind of funny just to see him dressed in a suit.

Because we’re seeing him as a goofball in the elf costume.

And, you know, I’m saying, morning, so-and-so.

Morning, so-and-so.

And Buddy chimes in, oh, good morning, person.

You’re dressed very purply today.

Or I say hi to Jim.

And Buddy grabs Jim and puts him in a giant hug.

And I have to tell him to put Jim down.

Every time I say put Jim down, I think that Buddy should then insult Jim.

Like, you smell, Jim.

I’ve been putting Jim down.

You get it.

Anyway, but so I loved being at this rehearsal last night.

One, because it’s good for me to know what’s going on and to understand the number.

But I don’t have to dance.

I huff and puff through the dance.

And I don’t, not huff and puff because I’m dancing.

But, like, my character storms through and yells at people.

And then flies through again.

And then they all peek and make sure that Mr.

Hobbs, that’s me, that he isn’t around.

And then when they confirm that Walter isn’t there, then they’re like, hey, let’s break out into dancing for a little bit.

This is also the same song slash scene where I get to do a spit take.

I tell my assistant, played by my wife, I tell my assistant I need coffee now.

And Buddy says, no, no, no, let me do it.

And he starts making the coffee and pours a ton of sugar into it.

Like, way too much sugar.

And then the coffee gets handed to me.

And then I take a sip.

And then I get to do a spit take.

And I have let everybody know there’s going to be a splash zone.

Because I’m going to go crazy on this spit take.

I even think I’ll have a moment where I can, like, the audience knows this coffee is horrible.

They’re curious.

Is he actually going to drink it?

Especially, like, because he’s going to, I don’t know what it’s going to be.

But he’s pouring stuff into it.

It’s on stage.

The coffee is made on stage.

You can see it.

It’s definitely not going to be coffee.

I don’t know what it’s going to be.

And they’re going to pour gross sugar or something else into it.

And then, oh, my God, is he actually going to drink it?

And I’m going to bring it up to my lips and not drink it because that’s when I yelled and put Jim down.

And then, after that moment, oh, I guess he’s not going to drink it.

And then, boom, I do drink it.

And then spit take.

Man, I can’t wait.

If I don’t hit somebody in the first row, I’m going to consider it a disappointment.

I want to get somebody with my spit take every time.

All 11 shows and all, I don’t know, million tech and dress rehearsals.

Can’t wait.

Anyway, this weekend I get to see my kid.

Sierra is in the Addams Family, so I get to go see that.

Originally I was going to see it Friday, but now I’m seeing it Sunday.

So I’ll see the last show instead of the first show.

So hopefully by then they’ll really have worked it out.


And, yeah, that’s my plan.

And then I guess, of course, there’s Friday.

I’m a little bit confused about days of the week right now because I have mostly off today, although I have three calls.

And I have mostly off tomorrow, although I have two calls.

Because the kids have off.

And if the kids have off, I try to have off because that’s the Lex Freeman Consulting Guarantee.

That’s not the Lex Freeman Consulting Guarantee, but it is the Lex Freeman Consulting Philosophy.

Yeah, there you go.

Anyway, happy Thursday.