Last night was both an Elf Rehearsal and the rematch of the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles visiting the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City.

And I was watching the game on my phone when I wasn’t in scenes.

And for a long time, for at least the first two quarters, the Eagles were pretty bad at making me grumpy.

Which was really helpful when I had to be a grumpy character on stage.

Like, they really contributed to my grumpiness.

So thanks to the Eagles.

Especially since, you know, then they won.

Your Daily Lex.

I just want to note that for your benefit just now, I said then they won right before the opening theme song.

You can rewind and listen if you don’t believe me.

I said then they won.

That’s not how I really pronounce that word.

That’s how I fake pronounce that word.



I pronounce it Juan.

The way some people pronounce W-A-N.

I say, oh, they won the game.

I also say things are comfortable.

Various people, notably my spouse, hate it when I say those things.

So over time, I learned to say one instead.

But I don’t consider W-O-N a homophone of O-N-E.

I consider it a homophone of W-A-N.

Which I understand most people don’t.

But I think many Pennsylvanians do.

But anyway, we won that game.

But for your benefit, I said we won it.

And by we, I mean the Eagles.

Because they need my support.

And are grateful for it, as far as I can tell.

Ah, man.

And so I was watching the game on my phone in between scenes.

I had my phone in my pocket.

Like, I was wearing a hoodie.

So I had a front pocket.

And it was actually a very elegant hoodie, for the record.

Like, not a t- Anyway, it was a fashionable hoodie, is my point.

Um, but, so I had my phone in that little kangaroo pouch.

And then I could look at it.

And, you know, there’s enough downtime that I didn’t miss a ton of the game.

It was, uh, then Lauren was kind enough to drive home.

So I could keep watching the game on my phone.

And then I got into the house and went right to the basement to watch the fourth quarter.

Uh, which was dramatic and exciting.

So, good stuff.

Um, I mentioned at the tail end of yesterday’s Your Daily Lex that I have already scored my next role.

Which will be the, the main guy, Paul.

The James Conn originated movie character.

Uh, Paul from Misery, uh, in the play.

And that’s really a, it’s a, a three person show.

Mostly two folks and then a third person who appears from time to time as a police officer.

Uh, I’m really excited about it.

Um, when I auditioned, I, you know, read with a couple different women who were auditioning for the, uh, Kathy Bates role in the movie.

Annie, Annie Wilkes.

And, um, there was one who was there kind of also dressed up as Annie.

Um, you know, she, she had the costuming stuff done right at the callback.

And, uh, she was really tense and scary.

And I thought, boy, this lady’s intense and scary.

And she is indeed the one who got it.

Uh, turns out she’s a, you know, a, a, a lovely human.

Um, but, uh, there was a moment during the callback where, um, I actually, uh, upset her a little bit.

I didn’t, that’s probably overstating it.

Where I thought that I had annoyed her.

And that’s a much better way to say it.

The director was, we were about to do this scene together, a really scary one where she’s literally about to, um, you know, take the sledgehammer to my ankles.

And, uh, the director’s giving her some advice and she’s taking it in and he’s like, this is how you’re feeling about, um, Paul in that moment.

And she turns and looks at me.

Uh, and we haven’t started the scene yet.

But she turns and changes her face from, you know, normal or nice face to, uh, evil Annie face.

Uh, hey, that’s my doorbell.

The exterminator, uh, has been handled.

Uh, Cody’s still mad about it though.

But anyway, he gives her this note.

She, um, you know, looks at me and gives me an Annie face.

And it was like really, like it was an intimidating face.

She, she went from normal, neutral, nice face to scary face.

And I was like, uh, intimidated by it.

And I laughed.

Like that was my human reaction.

Was I laughed a little bit to ease the tension I was feeling.

And then she was annoyed that I laughed at her face a little bit.

And so that only made me more intimidated by her.

But I think it was good because it made her mad at me and it made me intimidated by her.

Which is exactly what was supposed to be happening in that scene.

So I really think that I was doing us both a favor.

But anyway, uh, here’s a fun, awkward thing.

A really good friend of mine who I did, uh, uh, Avenue Q with.

He played Trekking Monster.

Um, and he’s done a variety of shows in a row at this theater.

Um, and he’s in Elf as well.

Uh, he also auditioned for this role of, of Paul.

I got the notice on Monday that I was in the show.

But the, uh, notices for people who didn’t get into the show went out today, Tuesday.

So last night when I saw him, I didn’t want to be the person to tell him, Hey, you didn’t get cast because that’s not my, my job.

That’s not my, uh, that’s not my role.


Like it’s, uh, he deserves to have his, you know, news about the show come directly to him.

It was how I felt.

Uh, so I didn’t say anything about it.

And then near the end of the rehearsal last night, the Elf stage manager, who is also going to be the stage manager for Misery, uh, comes up to me.

It’s like, so did you, did you hear from the director today?

Guy’s name is Gary.

Did you hear from Gary today?

I’m like, yeah, but I don’t think everybody heard.

So I’m trying to be quiet.

And she’s like, yeah, but you heard, right?

And I’m like, yeah, yeah.

But, but, but, but not everybody heard yet.

And he’s like, yeah, but, but I’m like, I’m finally getting to meet you now.

And so I was asking about this woman who I, uh, had read a lot with at the callback, who I thought was good.

And I was like, so is, is it going to be Pam?

Uh, is she going to be Annie?

And he says, no.

And I said, oh, really?

Who’s it going to be?

And he says, uh, I can’t tell you.

Uh, I’m like, okay.

And then today, I guess now it is public news.

And he said, I can’t tell you.

It really was Pam.

So I guess to, to put me off the scent or to not confirm, he simply said no and lied that it wasn’t her, but indeed it is.

Good stuff.

Uh, man, theater people are crazy in all the best ways.

Anyway, happy Tuesday.

Uh, yeah, I think that’s all I got.


Um, there’ll be an episode Wednesday, but then I’ll probably take Thursday and Friday off.

Um, even though I’m very thankful for your listening.