I’ve talked in the past about how sometimes actors don’t talk about auditions They’re gonna do Because you don’t get every part you audition for and then it’s awkward when you get asked about and you have to be like oh No, I didn’t get it.

In fact that happened to me kind of recently.

I was invited to audition for a show I did audition for that show I didn’t I could cast in that show and then 10,000 people asked me about it over the past couple of days locally Which was fun except not that fun But it’s fine.

It’s fine.

Everything’s fine But yeah, I typically tell people when I’m auditioning for stuff if I’m excited about it because I’m just open and if I don’t get cast Yeah, sometimes it’s because you just weren’t good enough.

But oftentimes it really is not a direct reflection on you It’s there’s so many factors, right?

It’s all humans casting and directing these shows so it’s are you too tall which can sometimes be a thing or are you too young or Are they looking for a non-white actor to play that part or do they want you know, they’re good friend to do it So there’s a million reasons.

I typically well, I was gonna say I typically don’t take it personally when I don’t get cast That’s not true.

I always take it personally when I don’t get cast, but I think it personally and yet also Don’t take it Usually as a reflection on my own acting ability.

Anyway, that’s not even my point.

My point is There’s a thing I’m working on that I wasn’t gonna talk about because I don’t know how it’s gonna go But I think and I probably already referenced it on the show because again, I’m open and transparent But I think we’re talking about a little bit, but it’s scary.

So scary thing post seems on Your Daily Lex I am attempting I’m attempting to create life using only dead body.

No, that’s not true I was just I think what could a scary thing that I’m working on me But you know the game stuff has been going well, so I I really think I need to build an app So people who want to play my games can play my games in app form if they so desire I think it makes sense, right?

You can play the New York Times games on the web, but you know if you’re more into it Or you want better UI, whatever you play it in the app because it’s more fun that way I don’t know You don’t use a web browser tab You can get notifications from the app.

You can switch back and forth to the app and web stuff more easily Oh, it feels like I should have an app Of course, I’ve never built an iOS app.

I’ve never built an official Mac app I built Mac apps thousand years ago using like true basic that could compile to awkward Mac apps But I’ve never really built official Mac platform apps or Apple platform apps.

So I asked a couple trusted developer friends How do I start like I know?

Certain kinds of web development really well.

I know various, you know programming languages I’ve never started with any of things that Apple Uses so I asked a couple trusted friends.

I asked my pal Ben.

I asked my pal Casey.

What do I do?

And They both said Have somebody else make it for you.

That’s the easiest way or And then Ben suggested read hacking with Swift’s guide to developing Swift apps in a hundred days or something like that, and I think that’s what it’s called 100 days of Swift.

Maybe that’s what it’s called and or hundred days of Swift UI so I started that and I’ve built a couple apps.

They’re not not my game apps, you know following all the instructions that You go through with these different days of self Led teaching I’m very impressed with Paul Hudson who wrote it all.

I’m sure many Apple nerds already knew Paul, but I did not I’m going through his stuff and it’s it’s really impressive and it’s really helpful and there’s moments I was texting with Casey yesterday I’m like, there’s moments where I just have absolutely no idea what’s going on But I almost feel like I do and then there’s moments where I really do understand it and It’s I don’t know.

It’s been bizarre But I built a couple of the demo apps and I was very pleased with myself So that’s been fun and I don’t know I think I’m still days away Maybe weeks away from even starting work on an official app for my games and that I have no idea how long it’ll take to build set up The nice thing is I have the game logic kind of already done in different programming languages And so I get to think about how to adapt it So, yeah, I don’t know it’s scary because like what if I just give up at some point like what if it gets too hard And I can’t do it.

I don’t know So it’s a little embarrassing intimidating whatever to talk about in case it doesn’t work But I don’t know I’m feeling optimistic I’m feeling we’re gonna we’re gonna get it done so we’ll see I Have no more songs to share with you from a new album because you’ve heard them all I did realize yesterday That some of the songs I played I screwed up the audio for you as you heard them I’m not gonna make you listen along again Don’t worry But some of them got like Weird EQ settings on them because they were set to a track in logic that had my voice Settings instead of just a neutral track so you can hear the songs as intended But anyway, if you really want to hear the album, you know what to do Actually speaking of I finally found a good trick for Alexa and Siri and stuff because as I’ve talked about sometimes you can say You know play this song by Lex Friedman and it’ll try to play weird tracks Attributed to the other guy But I found if you just say play a song name of mine or album of mine By Lex and you don’t say my last name then it does the right thing.

So I’m just Lex now That’s I’m Madonna, but Lex Lex You