My pal Dan and I kicked off a new season of not playing at least on the recording side And I’ve now seen the movie bull Durham I can’t tell you what I thought about it because you got to wait for not playing to start the new season before you can get that answer but Boy, our our watching of bull Durham was fraught But a lot of Apple community nerds have been helpful to me this week in different ways.

I’ll tell you about it Your Daily Lex I think I talked a bit yesterday about how the crosswords on my gaming site were really bothering me and I found somebody via mastodon Who fixed it for me?

You know, I paid this person and you know took an hour and a half of His time and we got it done and I’m so happy that the site is better and that’s like that’s an Apple nerd Who’s not as well known in Apple nerd, but he’s a nerd who followed me for a reason and Apple is that reason?

Okay, so thanks Apple take that Justice Department But of course my buddy Dan I’m hopefully gonna get to see in person next week, which will be good because I was spending a very short amount of time in Boston but Dan also got me to see this movie bull Durham and I Boy, we it was fraught he had to leave halfway through our initial watching because of some family stuff and then we had some internet issues that befell our Resumption of that movie resumption.

Is that a word?

We’ll go with our resuming of that movie And it got really hiccup II and bad and painful.

How about we got there?

I still don’t know why it’s called bull Durham I get that.

They’re the Durham Bulls, but that’s not the same as bull Durham The Philadelphia Phillies, you wouldn’t say hey, hey, let’s move.

We called Phillies, Philadelphia.

I don’t make any sense.

So I don’t really I don’t get it my buddy Casey bliss has been helping me out as I enter the world of Xcode and I I don’t know how long it’ll be until I actually can put out an app but You know, I at least understand a little bit more about Xcode than I did before so that’s good And Casey’s been very patient when I ask questions also very patient has been Ben McCarthy they’ve been really Helpful both with Xcode and with a couple CSS issues that I had going on with the gaming site So thank you to Ben for that and then my pal and co-host Brian Warren I was telling you Brian is an expert in design and I was like I don’t know what to do because I keep as I keep adding games to my site.

There’s not enough room in the nav and he’s like, well, you could do this and he whips out a design in like 60 seconds and like man that does work and I didn’t do it nearly as well as his mock-up design But I stole his colors and I stole the idea of his layout and I’m already happier It’s been like 20 minutes later the guy who had done the JavaScript fix for me.

He was like, hey, I saw you I think the header it looks great.

I was like, yeah, it was all my idea.

I didn’t I Also did that fun thing of putting out a kind of survey yesterday and asking people on the Internet What what would motivate them to pay for Lexus games if they haven’t paid for Lexus games yet And it was interesting because I guess unsurprisingly everybody has different answers some people were like, you know what I I Don’t want more games if you made more games available to me because I paid that’d be bad because I’m I have too many games I’m doing already Some people are like no a crossword puzzle every day a crossword puzzle every day would be a chore Others are like yes, I would pay for a crossword puzzle every day I’m always ready to pay for a crossword puzzle every week, but I haven’t seen any so my god I have to think about trials, which I do have to think about I had one person Tucker unmasked it on Thank you so much Tucker who was like, hey, I Don’t want to pay for games, but I I don’t even care about your games In fact, I leave your games related posts muted but I don’t mind that you post them because that’s your right and I like your podcast so much this very podcast that I was thinking of Buying a game subscription just as a board the podcast Tucker.

That’s very sweet.

You don’t have to do that Some folks like hey, I have subscription overload, which I totally get So, I don’t know.

I did appreciate one one person.

I’m answered on Jeremy who was like As a completist if you added more games that were just for me It would add a terrible stress to my Lex Puzmo not words free New York Times and Guardian quick life Which I totally get And then one listener was like, hey, you could put ads on there I don’t know if I’m gonna put ads on listen I made you know a decent part of my career involved ads, but Any ads I put on my site aren’t gonna work like people are there to play the games out there Look at the ads, but I’m still thinking about it.

Anyway, that’s Thursday.

My kids had a half day today But I have a whole day today.

I have one more meeting.

That’s about 20 minutes from now I hope you have a great Thursday I’m working tomorrow too because I’m taking a couple days off next week for college tours.

Yay, hence the Boston trip Anyway, enjoy your day Lex