There was a hair incident you guys I had a whole Topic for today and tomorrow and the next day and honestly for yesterday, but yesterday never released episode I had a whole thing and it’s all pushed back a little bit because first we got to get into the hair because there was A hair incident.

There is a hair incident.

There’s an ongoing hair incident in oh hi as we call it in the biz your Daily Lex You Even before I left the haircut place I had been making a mental note that I was gonna do a haircut episode because I was just thinking about how I Don’t know how bizarre haircuts are in general if you’re not just getting a trim like communicating to another person I always rely on photos the place I go.

I loved to go to a place that was right by my house It’s like two minutes away, and I’d like to Gus who was the owner then Kovat hit and so I stopped going for a long time and Then you know when people started going to get haircuts in person again, I called was like, hey Can I make an appointment with Gus and I mean do you mean Joe and I’m like, no not Joe.

I mean Gus I’m like, well, well Gus retired three years ago.


Well, then I guess I don’t mean Gus Joe was the only one who I don’t like there He has the world’s worst comb-over and hair dye job I’m like, I don’t need that guy touching my hair and he once gave me a bad haircut And so if I go in without an appointment He is inevitably the guy who they want to give me to and like you can either say, okay Or you can say no, I’ll wait for somebody else which is pretty hard to do like there’s a lot of things I’m confident about when there’s three people working and I’m saying no, I don’t want the one who’s available I want to wait for the other two who are mid cut.

It can be awkward Especially since I don’t know any of their names, but I usually don’t go to that place anymore for precisely this reason I instead go to a place that’s maybe 12 minutes away and I like this place a lot and you can book appointments online and I have gotten many good haircuts there I’m not picky about which person there cuts my hair The only thing I would notice that everybody who is there speaks Russian Most of the time they also speak English and every once in a while a translator You know somebody who just works at another station will come over and help you with the communication.

I wasn’t worried though.

I went Listen, I my whole adult life has been a mix of going back and forth between two hairstyles I mean there was a time when Liam was young when I had very long hair that I called Sayeed Burns after the character sayeed on lost whose hair I loved Frankly might never looked anything like his but I tried And actually that got cut off in an unfortunate hair cutting incident where I said I wanted to take about an inch or two off and the woman goes you want me to cut it to an inch and then She just cut it.

This was at a mall haircut place that I’ve never gone back to I cried But you know most the time I grow my hair a little bit longer So they can find its curl and look a certain way and then eventually I find that the curl gets annoying or disappointing or too Flat and no matter what I do to it my hair it disappoints me So I cut it all off and get kind of like a glorified Caesar And let it grow back out again until it’s curled again I often forget that I have this pattern but photo evidence supports it which was helpful So I had taken with me on my phone I had favorited specific photos to show whoever was gonna cut my hair photos of me Not only hey, you make me look like George Clooney, which I mean, frankly, I don’t need any help doing but like here’s photos of me With a hairstyle I want and ladies like totally get it And then she starts cutting it and like listen when you’re doing a dramatic haircut Which this was like it was going from pretty long to pretty short you can’t always tell how far along in the process they are and She’s going for it.

And Then she’s like, okay.

What do you think?

And I’m like, no Because she had left the top way too long.

She had buzzed the sides down pretty short, which was fine But she had left the top pretty long like no we got to do shorter on the top He’s like, I don’t think so I’m like no like look at this picture is like yeah, but you can’t really do that I’m like, that’s me.

Of course, I can do this like well No, like your hair’s been going back You can’t do it forwards because that’s the other thing right when I change the hairstyle it goes from kind of Combing it backwards with my hands to combing it forwards with my hands and like no I like She’s like, I’ll go a little short.

I’m like great So she comes a little shorter and somehow it gets even worse and she’s like, okay, there you go And at this point I’m like I’ve been there much longer than I’m normally there for a haircut Even when I’m doing one of these, you know big hair shifts They’re probably press the 40-minute mark when I usually have like a 20-minute haircut tops and I’m like, okay, because I just I can’t anymore.

My thought is maybe you know in a couple days It’ll be all right, or I’ll figure it out or whatever So I go home and I look at him like no this is terrible and I want to be clear This is not like self-deprecating like what I had been left with was It wasn’t a mullet because it’s not long like that at all But like the the top was one style and the sides were another style and it was terrible She had me at the top short at all, which was the real problem And I’m like, well I can go I can go to that guy Joe with the local haircutting place local The 12-minute one’s not local I go to the guy who’s even closer and see if he can fix it and like, you know I’m just gonna take measures into my own hands and I had a Remington razors that I use for beard trimming That’s also meant to be for giving yourself a haircut I’m like, I’m just doing it because I can’t I can’t look at this for one second longer and I took its longest guard Which made my hair now very short It was much better than was right like getting rid of the disaster that the haircut lady had left was important What I’m left with is not great because I do not like my hair this short I feel like I look like I could jump into the military at any moment There’s a lot of growing that has to happen It’s gonna take too long.

It’s sad I’ve been wearing hats all the time because I don’t like seeing my head and you can forget about it, right?

It’s on your head so you don’t notice it and then your hair gets You don’t notice at all and then you see yourself in the mirror like oh, right that so I’ve been doing a lot of hat Wearing I’m giving a talk on Thursday this week where I can’t wear the hat and I’m very annoyed because I do not like this Look for me at all.

I’m confident I will mention my hair during that talk because I am me and I will say hey by the way Cuz there’s a photo of me in the talk where I have normal hair not this so I’m very disappointing.

I gotta wait it out It’s just so weird.

Like I communicated so clearly what I wanted and this lady was just Yeah, I don’t know when she said no like no I can’t cut it shorter like that wouldn’t work like you can’t do that Okay Okay Anyway, it’ll grow and no you can’t have pictures.

Goodbye Lex