So, much of my day-to-day decision making relates to sleep in some way.

Some of it is, am I going to have a second cup of coffee or a third cup of coffee on a given day?

And on the days when I know I get to sleep in the next day, then sure, because I don’t mind if I go to sleep a little bit later, which potentially the third cup of coffee could help me do.

But on the days where I know I have to wake up earlier the next day, then I want less coffee.

Which also makes sense because the days I’m going to have to wake up earlier are also the days where I have gotten to sleep in, if you do that logic.

So today, for example, is Monday, Lauren gets up with the kids on Monday.

So I slept until like 7.30 today, 7.20 probably.

And I still wouldn’t mind having that third cup of coffee today, but knowing, knowing that it’s already two o’clock as I record these words and that tomorrow I have to get up at 6.13 to take kids to the bus, I’m choosing not to have that third cup of coffee, as joyful as I think it just might be.

Anyway, let’s do this podcast.

Your Daily Lex.

As you know well, because you are a regular listener, I’m guessing, I keep this Apple Note, Apple Notes note.

Let’s go with that.

I keep this Apple Notes note of all the of random topics that I could talk about on this show.

And it’s funny because, as you might know, the show is roughly daily and that ends up meaning I get, you know, I go through a lot of topics.

So sometimes this document has just hundreds of topics and they’re all checked off.

And then every once in a while, I get annoyed at seeing this giant list of checked off things and I delete a whole bunch.

So now I have like eight topics and eight feels like so many.

But of course, a week and a half from now, if I use one of those topics every day, I’m out.

I’m out of topics again.

That’s fine.

It’s all fine.

Some updates, the treadmill continues to work following my incredible fix of using strength on it.

My hair continues to be way too short and people sometimes say complimentary things about it, but they are wrong.

It is too short.

Anyway, I thought I would talk today.

Look at all these different topics, I’m going to talk about Nintendo Land.

Nintendo Land is a video game for the Wii U.

The Wii U is an older Nintendo console.

They’re currently on the Nintendo Switch.

It’s been around for a while and the Wii U came before that.

It was a slightly souped up version of the Wii.

I don’t I couldn’t even enumerate for you the differences between the Wii and the Wii U.

Other than that, the Wii U came with a goofier controller that has a screen on it and whatever.

I don’t know.


But anyway, the Wii U, we had a game for the Wii U called Nintendo Land and Liam especially really loved it.

All three of my kids loved it.

And it’s a bunch of kind of mini games based on stuff from Nintendo franchises.

So there’s a game where one of you plays Mario and the other of you are toads who are chasing Mario around a maze and you’re trying to catch him.

And there’s a thing that uses the Pikmin characters and there’s a thing that uses Zelda stuff.

And it was a fun game.

And then at some point it simply stopped loading on our Wii U.

And you can Google and see hundreds, maybe thousands of people who have the same issue.

And there’s all kinds of steps that people recommend on how they fixed their Nintendo use inability to load Nintendo Land.

And it’s it’s hard to understand what the problem could even be because it’s a CD.

It’s not like it got corrupted on the CD.

And so some people will delete the local memory on your Wii U or delete your save files, delete everything.

So we eventually backed it all up and then deleted everything.

So it was this naked as the day it was born Wii U and it still didn’t work.

And eventually, you know, gave up and Liam never stopped being bummed.

And it’s been years since we successfully played it.

And then one day he started Googling it again.

And he said, I found this other solution that involves setting the console’s language to English and that fixes it.

And the funny thing was, you can’t do that anymore because to set this, you had to log into your Nintendo account, which took a very long time to get done on the Wii U.

But then to the area where they wanted you to set the thing to English was like, I don’t even know what they call it, the Miiverse or something.

I don’t know.

Some online area of the Wii U, which is no longer open.


Nintendo shut it down.

So you can’t get to the screen because it’s like, oh, sorry, we shut down this whole Wii U Miiverse.

So you can’t access these screens to edit the language.

And we’re just frustrated at that point.

We do what we can.

We do some of the steps, but it still won’t load.

It plays this beautiful loading music, but you just get stuck on the loading screen.

And then we took the disc again and cleaned it again for the millionth time and put it in.

And the son of a bitch worked.

I don’t know if it was all the steps we did.

I don’t know if it was the cleaning of the disc.

Now we have cleaned this many, many times.

But it suddenly worked and we couldn’t believe it.

We were shocked and we’ve been playing it a ton.

And then we wanted to take it out because we wanted to play an old version of Madden since, as I continue to grump about, there is no Madden for the Switch.

And when we took it out, we were scared.

Like, will it ever work again?

And the answer is yes, it now just works.

But we waited years to get this thing working and now it it works again.

And Liam is very happy and I’m happy when Liam’s happy.

Plus, some of those games are pretty fun.

Oh, there’s a great Luigi’s Mansion one, too.

It’s a good game.

Anyway, if you haven’t, if you don’t, if you have a Wii U and you don’t have Nintendo, you should get it because some of the time it works and when it works, it’s really fun.

But I was proud of him because he wanted to fix it and he did fix it and he didn’t give up.

So way to go, Liam Friedman.

This podcast episode is dedicated to him.

Happy Monday.

Happy Tax Day.

If you’re in the U.S.

and, you know, you pay your taxes.