you’d be forgiven if you didn’t remember this because it was a long, long time ago.

But, uh, uh, I’ve, I’ve been off by one on my contacts for a bit.

I had a right contact.

I have an extra right contact, uh, versus my left contacts because the left contact one got lost at some point and or damaged or ripped.

Yeah, it was ripped.

And so then I was just off by one because it’s annoying because, you know, you have the same number of contacts for each eye one per day, as it turns out.

And, uh, today there was an incident where I went to take out my right contact and put it in and, you know, take it out of his container and put it in.

And I dropped the contact and I could not find it.

So I put in the left one and I’m still looking.

And I had this part of my brain that was pretty active.

That was like, it’s an active brain.

Good job, right?

But it was like, Hey, you’re off by one.

You have an extra, right?

Let’s just let this missing one be missing.

And then we can be back to having matching numbers of contacts again.

Uh, but then a louder, angry part of my brain was like, no, we don’t just forfeit a right contact simply because we’re currently off by one because of necessity.

This contact could be found.

And I’m really looking everywhere, looking everywhere.

Finally, I find it.

It’s fallen against the side of a bottle on my bathroom counter.

I take it, I put it back in its little container so we can be in the saline solution or whatever and get clean.

Uh, I really scrub it on both sides.

And then I’m like, okay, now let me put you in.

And then I dropped it again.

And then I went through the whole cleaning process again.

And then I put it in my eye, but the good news is, uh, um, I don’t know why that contact was so slippery today.

Cause I never ever dropped them.

But, uh, although I was willing to be lazy and not find the contacts that I could go back to having matching numbers of contacts, I didn’t, I, my better, my better something prevailed.

So way to go.

Your daily Lex.

Well, exciting contact stuff, right?


This is what you tune in for.

Um, boy, oh boy.

It’s a, it’s been a busy week cause I’ve got my regular job.

I’ve got the regular Lex games side hustle.

And then now I’ve also been working on the Lex games app.

And that’s just, uh, I still have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to using Swift and using X code.

And if you’re not a nerd and don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s fine too.

But man, I just have no idea what I’m doing.

Although it’s slowly working and luckily various nice people are helpful to me and answer questions when they come up, which is good because otherwise I’d be totally lost.

And, uh, I told you my contact story.

I told you about this hectic week, all of which is stalling while I, uh, look for my list of topics here.

And I have to pick one that won’t take too long.

Cause I’ve already used about half my time.

Uh, I’m going to talk about, uh, which of these is not boring.

Uh, I’m going to one of these, I don’t even understand, uh, what my note means.

So I’m gonna have to think about that one, but I’m going to talk about Brandeis, uh, where I was somewhat recently when Ani and I went on college tours, but I’m gonna talk about 2002, the year I graduated from Brandeis and we had either Ted Koppel or Tom Brokaw as our graduation speaker.

And I literally don’t remember which one it was.

I truly don’t.

I could look it up.

Maybe I will look it up while I’m recording this, but I genuinely don’t remember which one it was.

What’s funny about that to me is that before, uh, um, he came to speak at Brandeis, whichever one it was, Ted slash Tom, uh, I, uh, wrote a column.

I had a column in the, the Brandeis justice, the university’s newspaper, the student ministry was called the justice.

Now there’s another student newspaper.

I don’t know.

But, uh, I wrote a column when he was coming, um, and said in this column, like, how does he tell which he is meaning, uh, can Ted Brokaw, Tom, oh my God, can Tom Brokaw, this is a classic episode of your daily likes.

Cause I cannot get any of my words out, but can Tom Brokaw and Ted Koppel tell themselves apart.

That was the point.

Uh, cause I certainly can’t, when I picture one, I picture both.

I picture like an amalgamation of both.

And these are two different humans.

They deserve better than I’m giving them.

But they’re also, uh, you know, old white guys who sat in front of TV cameras and they don’t look the same.

I’ve just Googled pictures of each of them.

Uh, but yeah, I don’t know.

It’s, uh, it’s crazy.

Um, because I wrote this column saying that I couldn’t remember before he came saying like, how do you tell yourselves apart?

And do you know about the sketch on SNL?

Cause there was this classic SNL sketch that Dana Carvey hosted or was the face of where they were either Ted or Tom was going on vacation.

I think it was I’m Ted Koppel.

I think it was Ted Koppel.

And he was going on vacations.

They were making record headlines, uh, in advance so that if he was away, they could cover them.

Like, uh, you know, I forget who it was.

Somebody died today, the age of 74, maybe it was Richard Nixon.

I don’t know.

Uh, Richard Nixon actually at the age of 74.

And, um, it was a various things like a shark attack or of, um, falling off a building.

And then he’s like, Richard Nixon dead today at 74 and I’m gay.

And he’s like, wait, why am I saying this?

Like, well, what if you come out on the same day that, you know, and just the idea that the conceit of this sketch was so funny to me, I really enjoyed it.

And that’s what I wrote about in my column for the justice.

And I literally, while I have been Googling haven’t found, uh, who the speaker was.

If I were a betting man, I would say it was Brokaw who came to speak at my college graduation, but no, I’m going to cobble.

I think it was I think Ted Koppel or a betting man.

They would kick me out of the casino for indecisiveness.

I think Ted Koppel spoke at my graduation.

I’ll do some follow-up at some point tomorrow because they don’t remember which goodbye.

I love you.