Today’s three topics are drama, music, and headspace, drama and music are not about musical theater.

It’s about other stuff, but those are the three topics.

Let’s do it.

Let’s do it right now.

Your daily Lex.

Months ago, my buddy, Andy, friend of the podcast, Andy, uh, had asked if I wanted to join him in adult rock shop.

That’s where it’s all pornographic.

No, just kidding.

So Liam does rock shop and, uh, it’s where he has as much as a kid bands, but adult rock shop you’ll never guess is when it’s adults doing it.

And I was like, Andy, I don’t know.

I don’t know if I want to pay to be in a band.

And he’s like, well, uh, it’s fun and we do good stuff and they work with us.

And also this was the actual exciting thing.

Uh, they won’t charge you, uh, basically because we signed all of our paychecks over directly to, uh, the place where a rock shop happens since Liam does all kinds of lessons and rock shop things there.

They’re like, no, we just, we would like love a keyboardist.

So if you can just come and help us out, that’s fine.

We won’t charge you.

So I joined a rehearsal.

I practiced for a week or so before I joined them and I joined them and then, uh, then the band broke up.

Um, I don’t think it was because I had played with them, but it’s still what happened.

So, uh, time passes and he’s onto other things, uh, and then Andy’s back doing adult rock shop again.

And then he mentioned, say, we can kind of use a keyboard player.

And there had been a little bit of turmoil with the group that he had been part of reassembling.

Uh, but I came in, I practiced some stuff and came in and joined a rehearsal.

And then the following week drama, people, people quitting people mad.

One person was mad because, uh, a song was cut.

This guy really wanted to have Beatles songs.

One person was mad because it felt we weren’t rehearsing enough or it was too disorganized or whatever else.

And he was like, we’re not ready in time for this gig in seven weeks.

And, uh, Andy and I were like, we’re still going to rehearsal.

This was last night.

And, uh, two others said, yeah, we’ll still go to rehearsal too.

So there were four of us of the seven or so that it’s supposed to be.

And we actually had a great rehearsal.

And since one of the two singers, the male singer had quit, I had said to the guy who runs rock shop, Hey, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll sing today.

I’ll sing his songs.

And the guy, I think, didn’t know if I was serious or not, uh, cause he hadn’t heard me sing.


He knows me as Liam’s dad.

Uh, and so I was like, let me be shot.

He was like, Oh, this is good.

You can sing.


Sing these songs.

So for one of the songs, that was great.

The middle.

I know that song inside and out for another song.

It was good.

Um, eight days a week.

I know that song.

You all know that song.

Everybody knows that song.

However, the lyrics of that song are really stupid and barely change.

So keeping track of which lyric you’re on is a little bit tricky.

It’s one of those things that I find hard to memorize because it’s basically the same thing over and over again.

I’ll be able to do it, but I haven’t done it yet since I only learned I was singing it yesterday.

Uh, the next few songs, I don’t know at all.

One is by eagles and I think it’s not the eagles.

I think it’s just eagles the way it’s Ukraine.

Um, um, but eagles have a song and not the football team, but the band, uh, called victim of love.

And, uh, I’ve heard it exactly once before yesterday, which was the week before I rehearsal.

Um, so that was a little tricky to sing just because I don’t know it at all.

And the other one is a Rolling Stone song called wild horses.

And I keep thinking it’s called slow horses, which is an Apple TV show that everybody loves, but I’ve never seen, uh, Andy was shocked that I didn’t know those songs.

I think especially socked that I didn’t know wild horses, but I don’t and didn’t, uh, anyway, I have to learn that song.

And that one, when I listened to it, it doesn’t even sound like a song to me.

It just sounds like Jaggers needs a nap, but, uh, uh, yeah, so I got to learn those, but it’s fun to be in a band and play some music and we had a good time last night, so I was glad I did it.

Uh, so that’s, that was the, uh, drama and the music, um, cause now I’m in a band, uh, which is good.

Cause I haven’t been cast in any shows in a while.

And then, uh, the third time I go headspace, yeah, I had my first Xcode dream last night.

I’m sure it’s normal for, uh, developers.

Uh, but yeah, I mean, I don’t know the, uh, uh, the Xcode is the, the software they use to code apps for Apple’s ecosystem.

And I’ve been spending a lot of time in there recently.

And last night I showed up in my dream a little bit, which was hilarious to me when I woke up and that, but it was the kind of thing where last night I could have stayed up really late coding.

And this morning I wanted to work out, but I was like, Oh, I couldn’t get a headstart on this one bug that was bothering me last night, which is probably why it infected my dream.

And I forced myself to do the workout, but I could very easily see the world where I was like, you know, I’m just gonna start doing this app instead.

Uh, and then even today I had a very explicitly put on my work calendar, do these five things for Lex Friedman consulting before you can start doing any coding you monster.

Uh, but once you get in that headspace, you just kind of want to be in it.

You just kind of want to get the coding stuff done.

Uh, so it’s just a little bit funny to me to get back in the headspace.

It’s been a long time since I was right up in there, but there I am.

Uh, I want to get these apps done.

Um, I, I’m pretty close to having a test light ready for at least some functionality.

So that’s exciting.

Anyway, happy Thursday, everybody stay out of trouble and you know, keep your band drama to a minimum Lex.