I’m recording this late at night, and I’m recording it on a Saturday.

Everything is crazy.

Everything is crazy in Your Daily Lex world.

I missed two episodes in a row, and now it’s a weekend, and I’m doing it, and who even knows anymore?

Your Daily Lex.

I have to sleep right now.

I can’t go to sleep, which is annoying because I was also up early.

Sierra had to go to her school to go to a school function, not at her school, 90 minutes from her school, in fact, but she wanted to leave the house at 6.40 in the morning.

I thought that was a little too early, but a dad’s got to do what a dad’s got to do, so I took her there, and then, of course, we were about 25 minutes early.

She is my kid, and I’m like, this is pretty early.

She’s like, oh, I didn’t know it would be this fast to get there, and I’m like, bro, it’s 6 o’clock in the morning.

Of course, there’s not that much traffic, but then she was at this acapella thing for school all day and can’t be picked up until about midnight tonight, so she’ll have been gone for 10,000 hours, and then when I can go get her, I’ll leave my house in another half an hour or so, so I had to stay up all day, as did she, I guess, but she’s with friends and doing fun stuff.

I’m with two of my other kids, and I love them, so that’s been okay, but man, oh, man, what a freaking long day for her and for me because I would not have gotten up that early nor would I have stayed up that late if I didn’t have to, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll sleep in.

That’d be good.

Did a lot of app work this weekend so far, and I’m apparently speaking like a robot, so I’m hoping, I’m hoping I’ll be able to ship the app this month.

It’s a self-imposed deadline, so if I can’t, I won’t, but it’s enough time that I’ve put into it now that you’re like, I want to get this out into the world, like I’m building it for a reason.

I’m building it for people to play and use, and so the longer I don’t put it out there, the worse it is.

Luckily, a bunch of people signed up for games today on the web, and the app is better than the web.

It will be.

It has to be.

There are some things for which apps are better, but anyway, I’m excited.

It’s really coming along, and I just had this thought that I shared on Mastodon, and I thought, hey, I’ll share this on the podcast, too, which is I’m not building an app, right?

I’m building like nine apps because all these different freaking games, and now I’ve learned about the haptic engine and how to use that.

I’ve learned about sound.

I have this music loop in the app.

A lot of people, I think, use their phones in silent mode all the time, but some apps have background music, and my buddy Greg was like, you should put some background music in there, but it had a loop perfectly, and it loops so well that my son Liam, who was a musical prodigy, can’t hear where the loop is until I show him.

Man, oh, man, it’s pretty good, and of course, there’s a little jingle if you win a puzzle, and of course, I sing it because that’s how it goes.

I also had something really cool happen on the improv front, and I don’t know, I think one regular Your Daily Likes listener already knows the story.

You know who you are, dear friend, and I’m not ready to share it all yet, but some cool stuff happening with improv for me, so that’ll be fun, too.

More on that later as it develops, and if you didn’t see the news online, the Black Ink app from Daniel Jalka, the great app for solving crossword puzzles, it now supports my crossword puzzles, so you can play my minis, which are available free in the app, or if you have a subscribe, I can figure out a way to make this end work, or if you have a subscription, if you are a subscriber, if you subscribe to my games, then you can play the full-size puzzles in Daniel’s app, and coincidentally or not, I’ve been working on my own crossword puzzle integration for my app today.

It’s the last major thing I’m working on for the app because I knew it would be the hardest one, and it is.

It’s like a nightmare, but I was thinking about it as I was working on it, and I’m just starting the very skeleton of it thus far, but I’m not building crosswords to compete with Daniel.

I’m building it because I feel like I have to to serve games players and will not stop supporting Black Ink, which first of all, the support just started, but people should play crosswords where they want, right?

Crosswords are a personal thing, so if people love Solvent and Black Ink, they’ll keep doing that, but I also have to be able to cater to people who don’t use that app and who are like, hey, I paid for Lex’s games.

Where’s the crossword puzzles?

So man, oh man, I really have been dreading it, and today, I finally started.

I did get mind control into the app today, so that was good.

I started today, and I finished today.

Maybe I started yesterday, finished today, one or the other.

I guess I started yesterday, but yeah, I’m making progress, and I don’t know.

I now only have to stay awake for, well, I have to stay awake for a long time, but I have to wait at home before I can start my drive for another 20-something minutes.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, or if you waited to listen to this until the week, I hope your week is off to a good start.

You just deserve greatness.

That’s all I’m saying.