I love and I’m always so grateful when past me takes care of future me And I’ve done that I do it all the time actually It’s a part of my reality is that I work to take care of future Lex and I’m so grateful to past Lex So, uh, let’s talk about it Your Daily Lex I thought about it this morning We just had the the pool opened yesterday.

And of course when you open the pool after the offseason, it’s gross.

And so I have to run the vacuum in the pool a lot and then you have to clean out the vacuum with the hose but to use the hose I have to turn on the hose and Man, when we finish the basement the guy who did our basement did a great job of putting in access panels So we could get to all the various things need to get to in a basement when you finish it Except the shutoff for the rear hose the backyard hose He did not have an access for and so I learned that some months later and brought him back over and he’s like, okay I’m looking at it outside and I see exactly where it’s gonna be Let me cut this panel here and no we could not get to where that shut off was So we had to cut a second panel.

Yeah, here it is It’s just reach way up here and then you can get it So we have two access panels to get towards the hose shut off none of which neither which is in the correct place One of which is closer than the other and Historically at the starts of some summers.

I have struggled to find exactly where that hose shut off is I can’t remember which of those two things to check and then when I’m checking them both I can’t figure out where the hose shut off thing is because it’s hard to find so two summers ago, I took a moment and wrote right on the I can’t think of the word Framing the house frame here around the frame work in a permanent marker with arrows pointing to where the hose shut off was I don’t mind writing on the house itself because it’s you know behind the access panels and stuff.

It’s behind the walls It’s inside the walls And so this year I knew exactly which one to look at Because I remembered it and then in terms of finding where that valve was I could just follow my own arrows and I was so grateful to past me Past me also often fills up my water bottle at nights when I come down Motivated and ready to go for my workout.

I don’t have to fill up the water bottle then because past me already did I’m grateful to pass me for putting notes in my your daily Lex note Including the notes for this episode which as I wrote them I was like, hey, this is funny in the future future Me is gonna be grateful to pass me which at the time is present me for writing this very note and indeed That’s exactly what has happened.

So past me was correct That guy is really smart future means even smarter because I’ve had all this time to learn since I was past me But yeah I’m grateful when I can take the time to set myself up for success One of the ways past me sometimes takes care of future me is I like to leave out my contact lens thingies I wear disposables daily disposables So you you wear them and then at the end of the day you throw them away But I leave the little tiny little contact lens packages out Because it’s a little reminder to me at the end of the day to take my contacts out again because sometimes I forget I mean, I’ve forgotten to take my contacts out twice or three times ever since I started wearing them Which has been many years but those little thing you serve as a reminder when we first had cats They liked to play with those so I had to stop leaving them out I just throw away my garbage first thing instead of throwing my garbage in the end of the day But now the cats are more mature I guess so I’m allowed I’m allowed to leave them out without fear of my cats messing with them and I just I appreciate that extra reminder Like I said, I just about never forget to take my contacts out But I like that past me is taking care of future me at all times For no real reason other than I think it’s fun.

I’m gonna share with you now a little composition I made in logic except to say that I made it is stretching credulity.

I mean I did make it but the new logic has Session musicians you could for a long time.

You could have virtual drummers in garage band and logic, but now logic also has session musicians for the bass and for keyboards, so I took my song the real Lex Friedman or I’m the real Lex Friedman and Asked them those instrumentalists those virtual session instrumentalists to play some of it And it took a little bit of doing to get them to do what I wanted But here is just a little instrumental snippet of that with a couple verses and choruses None of which I play on I I told them what to do and they did it So here’s that here’s that that’ll be the end of the episode.

Enjoy You Lex