Hey, yesterday was a big day for me.

I released the Lex games app for iOS and several updates to it as well But yeah, if you haven’t yet gotten Lex games for iPhone you or iPad or any, you know Major iOS slash iPad OS device you should and I could give you a long app store URL But just go to Lex dot games slash app Lex dot games slash app That’s a fine way to find my app and of course if you’ve installed my app or you do go and install my app a Great idea would be to go to the App Store and write a five-star review.

I’m told it really helps Available wherever you get your apps if where that is is the app Your Daily Lex By the way, if I sound a little bit different I apologize New version of logic and some of my audio plugins look like they’re having a small fight So if I sound a little bit odd Hopefully that’ll be corrected in the next couple of days when some of these plugins get updated to support the new version of logic Anyway Yeah, go right review the app.

It’s kind Lex dot games available in the App Store So yesterday was meant to be a celebratory day for me in my mind like hey now I’ve got this going on Got my app out.

It’s finally out in the world.

It was just shy of one month from First line of code in the app to releasing and I was proud, you know exciting.

Here we go Except yesterday wasn’t as good as I wanted.

Here’s why so also a couple days ago the pool was open and When you start the pool season you start by cleaning the pool because it’s gonna be gross.

It’s not horrible It wasn’t it wasn’t bad We have a pretty good cover that does a nice job of keeping the winter grossness out of the pool But there’s still work to do and I got to work and that work typically consists of you know running the vacuum and obviously running the filter on the pool and Running the vacuum again and running the vacuum again and running the vacuum again And it’s a robot vacuum or not, but it’s a robot vacuum and I am you got to hose it out You know, you clean out the filters over and over again and you put it back in and let it do its thing again So I had to go out and hose out the vacuum and I came, you know I can’t make inside and I can still hear the hose going Why do I still hear the sound of the hose going when I’m not using the hose?

And I mean, I still had the hose spigot on but I wasn’t you know, squeezing in the hose thingy So it should be silent at that point So I go back out and I turn off the hose and I now the sound is gone But like why would it like what why would I be hearing it?

I think about it for a little while and I come into my office I’m thinking about it and all of a sudden I have what I like to call an oh-shit moment and I called that because I Said oh shit And I went to the basement And the reason why it sounded like the hose was still running was because it was Until I shut it off again.

It was running in the basement.

I Had properly winterized my hoses I had, you know shut off the water to the outside hoses for the winter time But it still appeared that something had burst or broken in a bad way Because there was a lot of water in my basement now You might remember that many months ago.

I had water in a different part of my basement from a leaking air conditioner situation And that was the gym part of the basement and that was corrected So the silver lining the bright spot is When I got the floor replaced in the gym They couldn’t perfectly match the floor that was in the rest of the basement because they didn’t make that floor anymore So I had to get a slightly different style, but now it’ll all match because now The water remediation people said nope, we’ve got to rip up all the floor And you have to replace it Insurance is covering it But yeah, they’re literally here right now.

In fact shortly after I started recording this episode I had to stop To let the water remediation specialists in.

Now, I don’t know if they’re right.

Do they actually have to rip up all the floor?

I don’t know Their point was you know We don’t know that we can fully dry it out and there’s gonna be water trapped between this cement base and the floor And we can’t get it all so we have to instead rip all your floor out and have you put new floor in It’s fine, right?

My deductible is not horrible I’ll pay 500 bucks And the insurance company will you know replace it and then I guess my homeowners premiums will go up because they’re gonna be like what the Hell is happening in your basement?

It’s really just a little stretch of bad luck But yeah, the worst so today they’re in there ripping up the floor and then they’ll set up all their dehumidifiers and Soon, I’ll have the floor guy come and put in more new floors in my basement What a treat so anyway, I Yeah, what a bummer it’s just I mean it’s just such a bummer Lauren refused to even look she’s like I don’t wanna see it So she has no idea what is and isn’t in the basement, but man at least it was clean water, right?

it was, you know fresh water coming in the house or Literally coming into the house as it turns out the worst.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a drier day and I Hope you’ve installed the Lex dot games app and that you’re having a ton of fun playing all the games.

You are a champion Also because it’ll make him so proud that I mentioned it.

Congratulations to Dan Warren for Tripping a bug on the website for like stock games when he would solve the mini crossword faster than my server could keep up and I have now fixed that bug Dan.

You are a monster.

Goodbye Lex