First off, I apologize for yesterday’s audio, which as many of you noted only came through one of the two stereo channels Which I know is unpleasant to listen to There’s no easy way to update audio files on micro dot blog.

I would have to delete the episode and it would be a whole thing And it exposed a problem.

It exposed itself to me.

It was really terrible.

It exposed a problem That I mean, I’ll take the blame it’s my fault, but it’s also Apple’s fault Largely my fault, but largely Apple’s fault.

Let me explain Your Daily Lex By the way, I’m not recording this in logic right now, which is where I typically record all my podcasts So I just pause for the theme song where usually I hear the theme song at this moment when I’ve done that pause But I’m recording separately now.

We’ll hopefully bring this into logic later so there was a new version of logic and the Mac App Store helpfully updated to the new version of logic and It was cool.

I played with it.

I did stuff where it’s got, you know the new stem separating tool where you can give it a recording and it’ll break apart the bass line of the vocals and Something else not guitars maybe guitars But it’ll do it’ll break it all up into different tracks Which is pretty host the drums the bass line the vocals and drums and then everything else and it’s very impressive works really well and I enjoyed playing with it and then it was time for me to record some stuff and I noticed that all of my Plugins were family.

So I use a lot of audio plugins.

These are made by third-party companies Apple also makes them of its own but I use a variety of third-party plugins with logic They also work with you know, other tools like Pro Tools and whatever else Bone Apple updated logic these games stopped these games these plugins stopped working properly and When I saw that, you know the first one I was playing back my podcast recording yesterday It just sounded horrible like it was buzzing and horrible sounds So I was muting turning off different plugins until I got to a semblance of sounding Okay, and then for some reason it only chose to play one channel Just related to a plug-in not working properly So I understood the problem I understood how it happened and I contacted Apple and I was like Hey, how can I download the earlier version of logic because I need my plugins to work for my job Not just for the podcast stuff I do So I don’t need it for your daily legs But like for my job for my consulting work there are people who I help with podcast editing from time to time There’s people who I help with you know Improving the audio they have from various things.

But anyway, I need my I need logic to work with the plugins that I’ve paid for So, how can I downgrade which gets pretty tricky with the Mac App Store?

The guy I talked to at Apple’s like yep get a lot of these calls and He’s like do you have an older Mac?

That’s running an earlier version of Mac OS because you can run the App Store on that and download logic there And it’ll download the latest version that that Mac can support and you can you know, copy that over to your active Mac He’s like, yeah, I recommend people turn off automatic updates for the Mac App Store And I also recommend that you know when you’re gonna update logic that you zip logic first that we don’t update your original version you can still have the old version to all of which I get those are fine workarounds, but This is stupid, right?

Like if nothing else Apple could very easily offer a way to download the prior version I get that they want you to be on the latest and greatest but this is pro software and I’m even pro tools But not the app pro tools, which is a competitor logic.

Anyway, it’s dumb.

So I take some blame I had automatic updates turned on on my Mac.

I like having automatic updates turned on so I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do but It sucks that the automatic updates can just kind of screw me over So I’m currently downloading an older version of logic on my son’s ancient iMac That he loves because it’s really good at minecraft and then I have to copy it over And we’ll see how that goes I don’t even know what version it’s downloading because the Mac App Store doesn’t make that clear when it says hey you can’t download the Latest version to what the latest version that works with your Mac So it could be like a version of logic that only does mono.

I don’t know Anyway, I hate that it was in mono or not even but I hate that was in half stereo yesterday, that’s horrible Several of you expressed concern about my basement’s gonna be fine insurance is covering it We have a new fancy hose bib thingy on the inside piping to winterize so it can winterize even more powerfully blah blah blah and Yeah, it’s gonna be fine.

It’s just stuff.

It’s just time and they’ll put a new floor soon The floor guy promised he would call yesterday and while I was recording he texted me to promise He was in fact going to call today.

So we’ll see.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend I hope your basement stays dry If you don’t have a basement, hope you just build one Even if you live in an apartment, you know, just build one for yourself And I hope that by the time I put this episode out I’ve successfully gotten logic off that old iMac onto my laptop and things are going well.

We’ll see Lex If you stayed after the program and you’re like, hey, I wonder if all that stuff worked when he runs the logic no, I Copied over an older version of logic, but it was too old.

So it won’t run on my Mac I have some Different Macs that I could potentially try and see if I can download the most recent logic Prior to 11 with them that are my kids max, but I don’t know their passwords So I have to wait till they come home from school.

There’s only so I did my best with without all my magical plugins And I hope it sounds okay to you.

I love you.