I have an objection to a nice thing that happened was specifically the nice thing that happened is You know, I live in a development.

It’s got a couple small streets.

They’re all side streets.

It’s pretty low traffic and they fully Repaved one of the streets which you know was a pretty beat up.

I don’t know when the last time it had been done But they they peeled off a whole bunch of I don’t know how they do this stuff, right?

But they feel like a whole bunch of road They smoothed it all out and they made it look beautiful and it’s it’s perfect After being really pothole ridden on a secondary side street in my development They didn’t do that, but they did at least fill in all the potholes and then on my street specifically Which is a very small cul-de-sac they did nothing And you know, there’s folks on the cul-de-sac who are pushing the township to do something on my street But they haven’t done that yet, but I’m really mad that they did all this beautiful beautiful work and I’ll tell you why your Daily Lex Here’s why so now I’m a person who when I’m on those roads thinks wow They really did a nice job smoothing out this road or wow.

They did a nice job filling in these potholes Wow, this road is so much nicer.


This road is great.


I think about these things I think about these things every time I drive on that road and I think to myself at the same time I can’t believe I’m a person who thinks these things and sometimes even verbalizes them I’ve said it to my kids I said it to Lauren and I cannot believe that I’m a person who thinks about and appreciates the pavedness of smooth roads This is an aging milestone as much as like my back hurting sometimes like wow, this is great It reminds me a bit of my dad who I guess used to mock his dad by commenting on all the gas prices Wow, it’s down to you know Whatever gas used to be X cents per gallon or X dollar or it’s up to X dollar per gallon Whatever and my dad commented on it so much that it became part of his personality I do not come on I don’t even know the price of gas the vast majority of time because I haven’t had any gas cars in a couple years but Yeah That was a big thing for my dad was that he would do it to kind of Make a joke about his dad and then it became a thing that my dad simply did My version of this is my own father-in-law who had an expression that he would say a lot a thing is happening on account of because another thing is happening on account of because was the way he would pronounce it and the thing that he would say and I would quote that all the time.

But now I sometimes say on account of because I don’t say it like accidentally exactly It doesn’t happen where I don’t know that I’m gonna say it I wouldn’t say it in a normal conversation But I say it in front of him or in front of other family members a decent amount of the time And it’s gone a little bit beyond parody to self parody, which is never ideal But yeah, I keep thinking about how smooth the roads are.

I’m gonna segue into a tech topic So if you’re bored by tech topics, feel free to just press stop.

I have no idea what else I’m gonna talk about but I Was having issues with my logic plugins and I saw somebody suggest on the Internet that if I ran logic in Rosetta mode so like Intel emulation mode basically on my m1 Mac or m2 Mac I mean, I think it’s an m2 Mac, but then if I did that that it would make all my plugins work again It’s an m2 Mac, which indeed it did So I’m currently running an older version of logic in Rosetta while I have the newer version of logic that still runs you know built for The Processor that it’s running on but anyway, that’s the least I can use my plugins while I wait for the plugins software to get updated So that’s exciting And I’ll also give a special shout out to a listener who wrote in over the weekend Talking about how much she likes to show and likes my games boy If you like the show and my games, we basically are best friends as far as I’m concerned So thank you to you Stephanie.

That’s very kind of you to have reached out.

And yeah, thanks for listening and good luck on the games Anyway, I think those are all my updates I’m not exactly sure what the your daily like schedule will be this week because I have some work travel coming up But we’ll figure it’s also hilarious me that I have work travel because I work for myself, but I do have work travel So there will be anyway, have a wonderful week and um, we’ll talk more this week.

Don’t worry You’re not you’re not rid of me yet.

But wow the rudes the broods the roads are really smooth I think I try to combine the words road and smooth the rudes the rudes are smooth So anyway, don’t be rude but enjoy my smooth roads not a euphemism Lex