Once a month I send a newsletter out to your daily Lex players and it’s not your daily Lex.

That’s this podcast I send it to Lex games players.

I guess when you name everything after yourself, it gets confusing But when I send out that monthly newsletter, it’s very stressful because if something goes wrong it’s email and you don’t like accidentally email the same message 15 times in the same person or Accidentally send an email the typo or a mistake or an error.

It’s just stressful and today I sent it I sent it first to the paying subscribers and it kept saying it was sending but it really didn’t look like it was sending So I asked a buddy of mine.

I shout outs below and I’m like, hey, did you get it?

He’s like no testing eventually I was just testing with him instead of testing with you know Hundreds of subscribers and eventually went through and I’m like, okay now you got it.

He’s like, yes.

Yes, I did And then I thought I was gonna just spam him because I thought I would send the whole email again and not take him out But then I felt bad so I took below off when I sent it officially so he wouldn’t get the email twice Anyway, I sent all my newsletters out and it’s um, it’s it is it is stressful while I was doing it Two different people texted me with screenshots of email that had nothing to do with my email But each time I was like, oh god something went wrong and then neither time had anything gone wrong Your Daily Lex Anyway, it’s the time of the year when I hate owning a pool because the ramp up to getting the pool usable is always a It’s especially a pain because I traveled out of state for a couple of days and nobody else took care of the pool in my Absence, so it got worse.

So like it went back.

It went back probably more than two days was the whole thing It’s almost under control.

It’s cleaning up but cloudy like it’s the right color was a little cloudy So I got to clear that up Anyway, that’s all you get today because my son just came home and apparently got a dramatic haircut and I want to say so Happy Friday and happy long weekend.

If you’re at a place where you get one.

Goodbye Lex You