Oh the games people play sometimes they’re my games, which is wonderful.

Sometimes they give me feedback on those games, which is also wonderful mostly your Daily Lex If I sound different to you today, by the way friend of the show in front of the Lex Dan Morin was giving me some feedback on my mic settings my audio settings for this podcast, so I’ve done some tweaking and And yeah, if you hate it, feel free to tell me and you and Dan can fight it out Dan was giving me some feedback on some of my games today, which I appreciate it He is objecting to an answer to the May 29th collections, which I understood his concern on But then he also he didn’t have an objection to mind control He had just you know how to use all of his guesses in mind control today, which is reasonable But then he also objected to a mini crossword clue And he was right on that one.

I He’s probably right on the connections ones to the collections ones, too but I was happy to leave that answer the way it is, although he was right that it it lacked a little bit of finesse, but Yesterday I got one note from somebody who complained about the full-size crossword for just one clue And then from a regular listener and player Who objected to six appeal only one person complained about six appeal yesterday the answer in six appeal yesterday Tuesday, May 28th And this is a spoiler if you listen to this podcast before you play yesterday’s game The answer was abscess Problem is the answer is abscess spelled wrong And the the hook of six appeal if you haven’t played or don’t remember which game is which is It’s a lot like wordle except it’s a six letter word that you’re solving a and B You don’t have to guess real words, but real word guesses are worth more points All that said the answers are all meant to be real words So how does that work it works by you get a giant database of a bajillion words?

and Then you can sort the ones that are just six letters long and then you can start going through them and I’ve talked about this Tool on the the podcast before but I made a tool that goes through It shows me one word at a time and I can say that’s a common word.

That’s a not common word That’s common.

That’s rare rare rare rare.

There’s way more rare ones than common ones And at some point either I or one of the folks who’s helped me out doing this which includes My pal Brian Warren my pal Liam Friedman, but I have done 92% of the words.

So it was almost certainly me But at some point somebody gave the thumbs up to the word abscess my hunches It is me because I didn’t even notice anything was wrong yesterday.

I Didn’t notice the typo, but it is true that Yesterday’s solution was ABC ESS That’s not how you spell abscess Sounds like it’s here ABC ESS.

That’s not how you spell abscess a localized collection of pus That has built up within the tissue of the body anyway abscess gross Is spelled with a C a B.

Well, yeah I think I had a C in my bad spelling, but it has it’s an essay a BSC ESS So you could rightly fairly legitimately ask the question.

Why was misspelled abscess in the dictionary at all?

That’s trickier and it’s because of the way that these dictionaries are assembled But yeah Once the word was out there and once people had started solving I didn’t know well I did know what to do what I did was nothing I just let it lie Most people either didn’t notice that the solution was spelled wrong or they didn’t care that was spelled wrong Maybe they thought it was intentional.

Maybe they certainly thought it wasn’t worth complaining about but to be clear I had no objection of the person playing but I wouldn’t have known because when I solved it yesterday I didn’t even realize that it was misspelled Hence again my approval of the word at some point in the past But yeah a misspelled abscess and I was like, well, I can’t change it now One would be a little bit tricky because of the way the app works Changing the word would be a challenge But then to some people had already solved it with that misspelled word If suddenly there were two different words for May 28th, that’d be crazy and confusing.

So whoops but it is nice I get fewer scores sent to me that I used to because now that the app has scores and the website has You know a leaderboard and the games have been around for longer Not everybody sends me their scores.

You say I kind of miss it I miss when people were sending me their emoji grids, but I do get feedback each day, which I appreciate So that’s exciting.

Anyway Those are the games people play.

This is the new audio I was gonna tell you something totally different in this episode, but then this happened.

So now, you know Happy Wednesday And yes I did have to just glance up at my screen to see what day of the week it was that happens on these four-day work weeks here in America, I’m sure it happens in other countries too.

It’s easy to get confused about days of the week I Was thinking about making a pun involving WB AK, but that felt pretty hard to do in audio Anyway, let’s end this episode right now Lex