This is going to be an episode about puzzles, again, you’re welcome, and about a musical, which I haven’t, I think, mentioned at all on this podcast.

Your Daily Lex.

I, uh, I’ve mentioned musicals on this podcast, just not this musical.

But so first, on the puzzle front, slash the app front, um, I, you know, every night when I remember, which is most nights, I check out the next day’s puzzles for all of my games, for the ones that are, you know, editorial, uh, to make sure that there’s no errors, typos, mistakes, whatever.

Uh, and one out of every 20 times there’s a mistake.

Uh, I’ve designed the app to be able to, you know, have the puzzles cached locally, uh, but also to check to see if I’ve made any updates on the server.

Last night when I was checking, I saw that I had the same word twice in today’s collections puzzle.

That doesn’t work.

I had circle twice.

Uh, that’s no good.

And it’s like, Oh no.

And so I fix it.

Uh, and I had to fix it in a way that still made the puzzle good and creative, which was fine.

Got it done.

And I was like, well, I guess we’re going to have to really, you know, road test the app and see what happens.

Uh, I cannot explain why for some people, the app picked up the new version.

And for some people it didn’t, I do not know why I have not actually fixed that yet.

Um, but I saw, Hey, this is going to be an issue for some people.

I actually saw it too.

That was weird.

My app just stopped recording.

I don’t know why, but I saw it at two o’clock this morning.

I was having trouble sleeping, which is very uncommon for me.

Uh, and for whatever reason, I checked my phone, which I never do when I wake up in the middle of the night and already people from overseas were, uh, you know, who are awake, uh, were writing me in various places to say that, Hey, collections wasn’t working for them in the app.

Uh, so I knew I couldn’t just fix it, right?

I can’t magically make the app work for the people it wasn’t working for.

Uh, but I, uh, um, posted a news update within the app, uh, saying, Hey, if it’s not working for you to do this, like go to the website or update the app.

Um, updating the app does fix the problem.

Um, but I don’t know.

I I’ve now pushed out a fix that just corrects the cash diversion.

But obviously what I really have to do is fix the app’s consistent ability to pull fresh versions.

I really am flummoxed.

I went through the logic today, uh, and it’s doing everything right.

It’s like, Hey, load the local one.

After you have it, uh, check the web and see if there’s a newer version.

If there is loaded and show it, uh, update it in real time.

Like sometimes when I’ve seen it work, you can watch the word change, which I’m fine with.

Like that’s a solution.

Uh, I want to show it right away from the local version in case you don’t have an internet connection or you have a slow internet connection.

I want you to have to wait for the puzzle, but like correct it as quickly as possible.

And sometimes it’s just not working and I do not know why.

Uh, it’s, it’s, it’s too often for it to just be the server to respond.

It’s something else.

I’m trying to puzzle it out while I do this podcast.

Isn’t that good on the musical front?

Uh, I’ve been waiting for a show that I’m really excited about.

There is one coming up that I’m excited to audition for.

I’ll be auditioning for later in June.

Uh, um, uh, Groundhog Day, the musical.

Uh, but, uh, I had friends saying, Hey, should I show this one or that one?

I was ignoring them all.

Not ignoring the friends, but I was saying those shows weren’t for me because I’m trying to be picky.

And, uh, then, uh, a person in the local New Jersey theater community who reached out saying, Hey, would you Lex come to callbacks for this show, even though you didn’t audition for the show?

And I was like, well, I mean, if you need me that badly and you need me to come to callbacks, even though I didn’t audition, you already know I’m worthy than sure I could come.

And I am indeed cast in that show.

It’s a show called.

I love you.

You’re perfect now change.

Uh, it was the longest running off Broadway show of all time.

I believe maybe the second longest running one of those.

Uh, and it’s a show that chronicles, um, love stories, but it’s not a story.

It’s a series of vignettes.

Uh, and it goes like kind of an order of dating and then proposal and then marriage and then parenting and then divorce, you know, the common story, uh, and aging and all those things.

Uh, and it’s very funny.

It’s very inappropriate.

The updated version, which I believe was updated in 2018 is very, very inappropriate.

And it includes a song that I am one of the singers on.

Um, the song is called picture of my penis as the kids call them, uh, warning, uh, dick pics.

Uh, so there’s a song about that, uh, song about like they mentioned Netflix and whatever.

And I’ve also noted the show got more cynical.

So even songs that they didn’t modernize, like the references or whatever, uh, they have just made it darker and more cynical about life, which I guess is fair, whatever.

But the show is really funny and I’m excited for that too.

Uh, and it’s a paid acting gig.

So way to go me.

Um, but, uh, literally as I’m talking to you, I think I maybe have figured out a way to fix the bug in my app.

I think what happens is, uh, Xcode or really, I should say Swift gets really, um, cash happy.

It thinks, Oh, I visited that URL.

I know what’s at it.

I think I have to put a cash buster on the URL, uh, that it hits so that it knows to always get a fresh version and never take a cash version when I’m pulling to see if there’s an updated, uh, version of the puzzle.


I think that’s the answer.

We’ll see.

Uh, anyway, have a great day.

I love you.