I had this weird feeling going in to the end of the weekend, I guess, or going into the start of the work week, which is that I was excited for the weekend to be over.

I had a good time this weekend.

I did multiple fun things, but it was an action-packed weekend.

It was a busy weekend.

And so I knew going into it that I couldn’t wait for it to be over because I had to get through a lot, which I now have done.

So way to go me.

And here we are.

It’s Monday.

It was Apple event day.

The Apple event happened.

I feel smarter just because I’ve heard of Apple intelligence now.

So that’s great, right?

Anyway, here’s today’s episode of your daily Lex built entirely by Apple intelligence.

That’s not true.

Built entirely by me, Lex Friedman, your daily Lex.

One of the things I did this weekend was attend a bat mitzvah that I had to attend with just two of my kids because the other kid and my spouse had to go to a dance recital.

And first I was at the service, all five of us were at the service and I had been asked to fulfill a special role at the service of Gabbai.

If you don’t know what that means, in this case, it meant that my job was to call people to the Torah.

There were seven guests invited to bless the Torah.

And then the bat mitzvah girl herself.

And when they asked me if I would do this, I said, why?

I said, well, first I said, yes.

And I said, well, the reason we picked you is or asked you is because we think it’s great when the Gabbai calling people up to the Torah has a lot of personality.

Uh, and I’m like, oh, great.

That means I have to call people to the Torah with personality.

Sounds fun.

Uh, and then they’re like, also when you call the bat mitzvah girl up, make sure you do that with like something even extra.

And I was like, okay.

Uh, and they had sent me everybody’s Hebrew names written out in transliterated English.


And so I had looked them over and was prepared to print it out a little sheet for myself that had everything I wanted to do.

And then when I got there to the bat mitzvah that day, they were like, by the way, here’s an updated sheet because, um, you know, we had one of the Hebrew names wrong.

I’m like, okay.

But now I had a cross-reference with my sheet, which had more details on there.

I don’t know.


Uh, so, um, but I pulled it all off and went fine.

And then afterwards I had people, Oh, first while, while I was up on the Bema up on the, the, the stage, uh, the, um, the rabbi was like, wow, you’re really good at this.

Uh, it’s too bad.

We can’t have you work here.

And I was like, ha ha.

And then afterwards, various people asked me like, if I went to yeshiva or if I had trained with rabbis or something to be able to do it.

And, uh, the answer was no.

Each time one person also asked if I was the other Lex Friedman.

So that was fun.

And then, uh, but then the reception, you know, like I said, it was just me and two of the kids and that was tricky, uh, because I didn’t even realize that, um, I hadn’t thought ahead of time about the fact that that would be a significant change to how the party experience went.

I had, you know, an old college buddy there plus the, the hosts themselves who I knew, but there weren’t that many other people who I really knew.

Uh, and without, um, you know, a partner there, it’s just a weirder way to do a party.

Uh, and it even affected my seating, I think, cause I ended up seated with my two kids because they didn’t really know a ton of the other kids.

Um, they knew the, the Bat Mitzvah girl and her sister.

Uh, so it all worked out fine.

Um, but it was just a different way to do a Bat Mitzvah party.

Um, more fun to go with the whole family, I think.

Um, anyway, let’s see what else.

Oh, and I had a band concert yesterday as did Liam.

Liam was really great.

It was, it’s kind of hilarious to watch Liam now, uh, hilarious in the sense that, you know, now he’s got this much lower voice and like it was yesterday besides being his rock shop show was also the anniversary of rock shop show he did several years ago where he sang, uh, sounding like Elmo and Mickey mouse had sucked on helium.

And now he’s like, where I am Liam.

And it was just kind of funny to note the difference that just a few years can make.

Uh, plus I had a rock shop show yesterday and, uh, it went fine in some songs.

I even went better than five.

Some songs went well, some songs went fine.

Uh, and that’s that.

That’s how it goes.


Um, let’s see, I got a new robot for my pool besides the vacuum robot.

I have a surface robot.

Now it’s very cool.

It’s solar powered.

It just runs around the top of the surface skimming stuff.

It’s great.

Really exciting.

My pool will eventually be all robots soon.

Only robots will sleep in the pool and that’ll be, uh, artificial intelligence bringing a full circle.

Anyway, I hope your week is off to a great start.

Uh, people in my field, we are counting down till a school is over, uh, either as teachers or students.

And I keep pointing out, I don’t have any school.

So ha ha.

And they keep pointing out, but you have to work in the summer, uh, which is why I murdered my family.