This is my third shot at starting this episode because I got so mealy-mouthed I got like three words in but just wasn’t saying any of them correctly and I I couldn’t make you suffer through that So instead you get to hear that I did so on Yesterday’s episode I promised, you know after I shared the story of my howering tale of surviving choking by self-administering the Heimlich maneuver I Promised a story related to both Father’s Day and driving I don’t know what I was thinking because I don’t know how good a story it is, but let’s find out together shall we?

Your Daily Lex Honey is a camp counselor this summer at the camp that I attended for nine years and that honey, Sierra and Liam all go to Swanee is spending six weeks at the camp And what honey’s done?

That’s when the other two go to camp.

Excellent, but The school year in Pennsylvania ends earlier than the school year in New Jersey or New York so Ani had to go to camp on Saturday and Then come home from camp late Sunday And then go back to camp this coming Tuesday, which I’m sorry today.

So this is the Tuesday so today so I Couldn’t do the drive Saturday because of I had a have a gig choking to death at Manalapan day Luckily, I avoided the death part So Lauren had to drive Ani and Lauren hates doing a long drive and especially hates doing a long drive round-trip so we debated all the different ways to do this and we were meeting up with another kid who also goes to camp summer and It’s summer camp, yeah, I’m sure summer deals with all of it but anyway we had to get summer and We arranged a meeting point where summer’s family would meet us and then Lauren was gonna take Ani and summer to camp Then the plane was Sunday.

I was gonna go get somewhere not even camp and now today We’re going to the meeting point and summer’s parents are taking Ani and summer to camp Huh, so the options were Lauren could have stayed over somewhere at a hotel in Pennsylvania on Saturday Problem is the kids weren’t done with their training at camp until 6 p.m Sunday, so then Lauren would have to find some place to hang out all day Sunday You can check out of your hotel, you know at 11 o’clock in the morning Maybe get a late check out of noon, but then what do you do for the next six hours?

And that just seemed kind of miserable It’s possible.

It’s what we should have done It’s also like the nearest decent hotel is probably about an hour away from camp.

So that’s the whole thing, too Maybe it would have made more sense.

I don’t know but we ended up Lauren came home and then Sunday afternoon Father’s Day.

I Made the drive myself now.

I don’t mind a long drive Especially because there’s so much fun stuff to listen to I could listen to podcasts I can listen to my tracks that I make for myself to practice for shows I could Rehearse for different auditions like it was it was fun I had no problem with the drive and then I get the kids.

I was a camp for all four minutes and We know we’re gonna go to the Tannersville Charger in Tannersville, Pennsylvania to charge up the car and go home and have dinner Have dinner first then go home and we get to this Tannersville supercharger area, which is at a mall and Every restaurant in the mall is closed I see another supercharging family of I think five and they’re looking at a different restaurant mall We’re looking at the food court where we’ve gone many times and they’re like, oh we looked online and only the pizza place is open I’m like, well, I just left the food court at the pizza place is definitely closed They’re like what and they go and check him every single restaurant in this place was closed So some quick googling and Lauren texting and we find a nearby pizza place.

That’s not at the supercharger So I let the car charge for a little bit and then we headed to this lovely pizza place.

That was New York style pizza So, of course Ani was saying to summer who is from New York.

You have to tell us if this is really New York pizza Summer said the New York pizza means so many things that the answer was undoubtedly.

Yes, which all grantor seems fine but so On the drive home, of course We had one very intriguing experience, which was maybe 10 minutes from camp.

I announced to my two passengers There’s a bear in the road And the reason I said so is because there was a bear in the road like a full-on bear I’m not a bear expert, but this was I don’t look like a brown bear to me.

It was round and was a bear And we had to wait for the bear to leave the street and then it did but I have never seen that on the street before that was That was crazy Also for Father’s Day.

I was given two things one a Basically a grill Roomba a little robot that cleans your grill for you I’m very excited about that and I’m referring to an outdoor grill not my teeth and I was also given a Funko pop of me and I love that.

I have a Funko pop of weird alley.

I give exterior me right now.

I have one of former Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz What I can’t decide is do I leave it in the box or not?

My instinct is to take it out of the box, but the box also has my name on it Maybe I save the box separately, but I think I’m gonna take him out of the box.

But anyway That’s my day from Sunday I don’t intend to keep on regaling you with tales of days from like two days prior So tomorrow who knows what the topic will be?

I’m not setting it for my future self.

It’s future Lex’s job to figure it out Thank you Lex