Customer support.

I need customer support So I called customer support and I got customer support Let me explain Your Daily Lex There was no music involved I simply felt like singing to celebrate So, yeah for days and days I’ve been having internet outages and I wasn’t contacting my internet company because every time I had an internet outage.

I saw that my modem was just fine Now I use Eero routers and I love them and evangelize them to others I know that some folks have had issues including friend of the program Dan Warren And I know there are other options out there But I’m so invested in the Eero platform that I’m gonna use it for as long as I can Because we have a variety of Eero base stations throughout the house to ensure coverage in a variety of different places and it works great One day I will have to replace it and I will undoubtedly go to another brand not owned by Amazon But right now that’s what I’m using.

It’s working pretty well At some point I switched from using just you know I also have a ring alarm both of those companies now owned by Amazon and At some point ring started making a ring alarm base station that has an Eero Router built into it.

So I switched to that.

So when the internet started failing You know how to reboot this ring thing and when you reboot the ring base station You can’t just unplug it because it’s got a built-in battery backup So you have to like press a special button to get it to reset and if you press the button for too long at factory Resets which they constantly warn you not to do but you know, I did that once and you know, I came back great No problem, but then it happened again and then it happened again.

Sometimes it would happen 45 minutes later And so I knew I had a call tech support because clearly there’s some kind of hardware issue happening It is not my actual internet It’s something going wrong with this and then I had to debate who do I call the thing says a ring on it It doesn’t say you’re on it.

So I called ring.

I spoke to a very nice person for whom English was not the first language, but whose English was great and We spoke at length and initially she wasn’t properly characterizing my problem Despite my using the actual name of the product and explaining exactly what was going on.

She thought that I was saying that my ring Was disconnecting from the network and like no my ring is is losing the internet entirely Which is affecting the whole home because it is also the euro base station and she’s like well No, you would give it internet and she was just not getting what it was despite again my using the official product name Eventually, she did to get the problem and we diagnosed some things and she’s like, well, let’s try power cycling.

I’m like great I and you know I never want to be one of those jerks like I already did all those things to think sometimes people say they tried all the Things they haven’t tried them like great.

I’m doing this again.

It will work because every time it happens it works I was only trying to lay the groundwork of like don’t think that the problem is fixed just because it will come back when we Do that, but it does come back and bubble and she’s looking she’s like, oh, you know This is really a problem for Eero.

So I’m gonna connect you over to Eero customer support Great.


I have this panic the whole time I’m on the phone with these folks because the setup is in the basement And they want me to go be in front of the device But I’m worried about losing my cell phone call when I don’t have Wi-Fi on since my phone also can use Wi-Fi for phone calls I have this fear about losing the connection And so I had made the ring person promised that she would call me back and we got disconnected She connects me to Eero as soon as she connects to Eero She starts calling me again because she hung up But I let it go to voicemail and she’s like, I’m so sorry I promise you I’ll call you back, but I disconnected when I connected to Eero I’m like, I don’t need you anymore lady.

I’m talking to Eero guy now and Eero guy Matt at Eero great guy He really got the problem right away and He wanted me to try what I wanted to try but had been nervous to try on my own Which was basically what happens if I move it what happens if I take the ring base station and put it where one of my other routers from Eero is and make a different Eero thing my gateway So he stayed on the phone while I did it and he’s like I also want you to unplug the modem for three full minutes And I did although I did not think it was necessary And everything came back online the way it should and he’s like listen, I can’t promise you this is gonna work I can’t promise you that your ring alarm is gonna work, but your house is online again And so he’s like I would just recommend you monitor all your connections for the next 24 hours I’m like, but I don’t have any choice.

Of course, I’m gonna monitor my connection My whole house will know if it goes offline a thousand things will report it not least of which is my family But we’ll see how it goes So now the ring thing is where the garage Base station was and the base the garage base station is now the gateway base station So if you wanna, you know know how my network topology works then now, you know, we’ll see if it works But I always I really and I’ve talked about this before I’m sure but like I want people on a tech support call to understand That I am a technical person, but I don’t want to say it and I don’t want to be a jerk So I will always follow their steps I will just try to give answers that show that I know what I’m doing and I guess like I’d like you to what he’s Saying he wants me to swap the things like great.

I think I can do that pretty quickly And I believe that the rings power adapter Uses more wattage than the regular one.

So I should take his power adapter tuners like yes You know, they’re both USB see you can’t swap those cables and like excellent But like it was around then that I think that he got that.

I at least knew something and Then he was he’s like what you already switched both of those routers out like yes Yes, I did and I think he wasn’t sure if he should believe me But I think many people might not do it as quickly as I did I also got a lot of extra steps going back and forth between the basement in the garage over and over again So that was very exciting Anyway, the internet works if I post this episode if it’s posted by call at 5 15 p.m.

Eastern Time then my internet stayed up So here’s hoping anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday Lex