How do you handle the shows you watch now, particularly if you’re binge-watching, how do you handle watching TV in 2024?

Your Daily Lex Here’s what I’m really asking so I just I don’t know a couple months ago started watching Fargo and Then after I got through the first three seasons I had this itch to watch nurse Jackie, which I’d never seen so I switched to watching nurse Jackie whenever I was watching TV and as soon as I concluded nurse Jackie Which I really liked Then I went back to season 4 of Fargo On the recommendations of several friends, especially and mostly Dan Warren.

I’ve been trying out sugar on Apple TV I don’t know if it’s for me, but I’m doing that But so it’s weird because I have to decide like when am I gonna watch one versus the other?

And now there’s the new season of the bear and I could just plow through season 4 of Fargo and then finish the Sugar on Apple TV and then go to the bear or I could watch like you used to just watch TV He was on and then you watched all your t-vote shows He was just kind of catch up on all of them, but it’s really just kind of very I tend to find the one show and go through it and then go to the next show or the next season and then go Through it So I’m curious how you dear listener handle it Do you mix and match your shows or do you go through one and then another and then another?

That’s thought one thought two is Man a year ago almost exactly 11 months ago.

I saw a podiatrist in July in September I don’t remember actually in July August is to do it.

I don’t remember why I was seeing the podiatrist at the time Oh, yeah, I do.

I had this weird thing on my foot, which I guess was some kind of fungus great.

Very classy and They treated it successfully wonderful Insurance covered most of it, but I had to pay a total of $29 and 87 cents.

So they send me a bill and They say you can mail us a check or you can call our number not like go to our website and pay call this number So I would call The office is open insane hours.

They’re open Thursday nights Saturday days And one other day.

Oh and one afternoon and that’s it And so every time I call they’re not open and they say leave a message and I do say hey Here’s my name a number.

I would like to pay my $29 and 87 cents because I’m not gonna send you a check I don’t say that part, but I think that part Then they never call back but on occasion they send updated bill reminders Hey, you still owe us this $29 and 87 cents And so I get it and I call and I hear they’re extremely long voicemail and the thing that really gets me about the voicemails it’s the doctor himself who does the voicemail message and He misspeaks in it a couple of times and it’s funny to me.

That doesn’t just rerecord it You know how you call every doctor’s office like if this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 9-1-1 He does that at the end of the message which is funny to me because if you had an emergency and you waited that long like how where’s it really gonna be but at first he says if you have a Podiatric emergency and that’s how he says it.

Maybe that’s the right way to say it I’m fine with that pronunciation if you have a podiatric emergency You can hang up and call this number which is our emergency line and leave a detailed message there And if you have a medical emergency, hang up and call 9-1-1 And he also lists their hours which are always crazy It says otherwise leave a detailed message and we’ll call you back so I do and they don’t Haven’t gone to collections yet on it.

I guess I could mail them a check.

I guess I could go to the office and Slide a check under the door.

I just don’t feel like doing either of those things I want to pay it by credit card.

I want to pay it over the phone And I’ll keep trying.

I left a voicemail again today.

We’ll see I Even said by the way, this bill is nearing a year old and I keep leaving voicemails So I’d love to get this settled.

So we’ll see if that helps.

I don’t know I was polite, but yeah, you get it Yesterday.

I also helped teach an improv class of kids kids who were at a sketch comedy slash improv summer camp program thing for a week and the director of the show that I’m in is also the person running that class and he asked if I would come by his Camp class which I did and I definitely don’t want to be a teacher But I’m a pretty good improv teacher those kids liked me And I got some of them who were a little bit more nervous Which was nice, I don’t know why they were locked in those shelves in the first place, but that’s what happens It was magic shell fudge anyway Those are the things that are on my mind.

I definitely don’t want to be a teacher But yeah, I could teach improv.

Okay Not a lot of money in teaching improv.

I don’t think but still Let’s see.

I covered bills and TV shows and teaching and not wanting to teach.

Yeah, I think that’s enough I think it’s a whole year daily Lex, don’t you?

I do.

Anyway, I hope you’re having just the best Thursday ever and Yeah, let’s outpace it tomorrow I don’t have any idea what I’m saying.

I am simply babbling at this point.

You’re welcome Lex